the church at the crossroads

In the early 1930s, the churches in Europe faced a moment of decision, to support the facist/nazis. They chose to support fascism in Europe and socialism in Russia to maintain their own power. Today the church is at the Cross Road with an even great Depression looming. The problem is not Trump but the churches and the US is falling after five decades of living on credit, low interest rates, and a giant bubble of over prized stock exchange waiting to pop with devastating implications. How can the Christian stand in the gap? To prevent a descent into a civil battle between the liberal Socialist Marxist and right wing Facist? The world wide rise in the stock market for the last 12 years is really fake because it is driven by cheap money and credit just like the Great Depression on 1929.

In Singapore, the Red dot in the far east, a large anti gay poster hangs out in some churches with distortions about love disguised in the rainbow flag. A mega church pastor declared that discernment is the answer to Satan’s plans of deception. The answer is simpler, standing solely on the Rock which is Jesus Christ, our God, Lord and Saviour.

The plan of Satan is simple. It is called distraction. When members see the anti gay poster and they know the criticisms online by the general public, they would laugh at the church trying to change people from gay to straight. Gay people do not have a monopoly on sin. Their struggle is not finding straight true love, but like the straight community, all are sinners falling short of the glory of God.

By focusing on gays, the church has undermined the great commission, and because it is against an innocent party, the judgement is 4x against the church, ie the leavan of the churches’ sin against the gay community will grow out of all proportion. Therefore, if the gay community is 5% of the population, the voice and reach of the church may be hindered multiple fold. Eg a few churches may have an anti gay ministry, but the negative impacts the entire church.

The Holy Spirit sends us red lights of what not to do, forbidding us, but our flesh do otherwise. The anti gay ministry disguised as choices and true love should be forbidden because it feeds on our self righteousness and on the Law. We missed the mark by not even realising that homosexuality is not a Ten Commandment law carved on sacred stone. The Bible mentioned same sex activities in the context of the Baal worshippers were having sex with the temple priest as a matter of faith. They were all men.

When Paul later was so perturbed by the sexual activities at the temple of Aphrodites, he then wrote against women having sex with women. They were not lesbians but deep into the occult in temple faith worship in temple prostitutes.

The church doesn’t realise that if we misused the bible or use the wrong interpretation from the original language which then results in harm, the bible teachers are fully responsible and subject to the greatest of judgement.

In particular, the word homosexuality wasn’t in the Bible until the 1946 because of an interpretation error which set the stage for the exgay movement. Satan uses every single opportunity to undermine the bible by making sure that the church is deceived into fully emphasising wrong Bible translation of a particular verse because the Bible is the salvation of Christ.

What happened when the church is bewitched into the antigay path:-

1. It forgets about the persecuted church and the call of the Great Commission to the World. Hundreds of Christians are killed everyday for standing firm and for sharing the Gospel in Africa, China and the Middle East, yet not a news item broadcasted by any mega nor mainline church. This is contrasted to the worldwide response to an attack on a faith community in NZ by a white supremist.

2. The anointing and the Power of God is lost because the Holy Spirit is reconstrained by the blood filled hands of the church which has not been covered by the mercy seed.

3. It looses its moral standing with the public which is already weakened by the mega churches milking the congregation to become mega rich. The negative perspection will result in loss of special rights such as tax free etc.

The church is at a cross road. In the US, both the mainline churches and the evangelical mega churches will face great darkness and it is not because of the US election or because of covid but because they have chosen to reject the grace of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ and instead worshipped the gods of money and wealth dangled by Satan. The liberals have played the occult denying Jesus as the Way, Truth and Life. The liberal churches in the tens of thousands of very small churches will soon face the day of reckoning because their number of attendance per church are already small.

As the Great Depression is coming, these mainline churches will not have any room for support unlike mega churches. And yet these churches consider black discrimination and white privelege as the greatest of problems. The greatest fake news is not Trump but the liberals faking the state of the economy under Obama which stayed alive because of the Federal Reserve blood infusion due to QE which is living on credit by printing money. But the day of reckoning is at hand.

The liberal churches are at a Cross road. The liberals are talking about white supremacy and BLM, when their real focus should be helping people with God’s power and grace. A hundred times more blacks are killed by Blacks yet they blame a white policeman because it is easy to blame others for our own sins or not using the freedoms won by the black civil rights activist more than 50 years ago very wisely. These will further angst many opposing groups resulting in a civil conflicts of armed groups. The church has become a catalyst for harm by distorting the truth because the truth is rejected that they have failed to bring God’s freedom to the Black community after the Civil Rights freedoms.

The evangelical churches are at the same crossroads. Worshiping money and power as their God, and riding on the antigay banner will result in such a great backlash that will undermine the Gospel message and the move of the Holy Spirit, and result in laws limiting the special rights the churches had enjoyed. The churches will be persecuted because our faith has been used to cause great harm.

In the US, both the liberals and evangelicals are riding high and loud not realising they are at the Cross road of a great depression that will bring the churches down due to the seeds of harm already sown. Both sides see Trump as the major problem or main solution but both are wrong for the US has been living on borrowed time and on credit for the last 50 years. Obama didn’t save the economy. He just passed the buck to Trump.

The churches are at the Cross road and they should brace themselves like never before. It is not Covid but the bubble was blown so big and was just waiting for a disaster such as Covid to prick it. Sovereign debt crises, stock market collapse, hyper inflation, historical high interest rates are coming with the currency being devalued. It is time to brace ourselves and pray like never before.

When the great depression 90 years ago comes, external evil forces will make use of the pain and suffering of the common people to push into the socialist Marxist agenda or alternative the facist movements. BLM supported by liberal churches has the Marxist socialist core to spin the real cause of injustice to blame others. The facist are deep into the occult such as the worship of the Sun God. Instead of blaming the deep demonic occult, the liberal churches called it white privelege.

Judgement is coming, because the hand of God’s grace is lifted due to the coming against by the United Nations against the Jews in Dec 2017. US is standing at the edge where deep sins of financial greed and abuse of power have created a giant financial bubble. If it breaks, there will be a civil collapse not only in the US but it will be wave upon wave around the world where many will loose everything. May we pray for God’s grace and reprieve. The last 12 years economic and stock market growth around the world is the real fake news fueled by cheap money and easy credit of 1929. When humpy dumpty falls, it will not be repairable again because it is a far bigger bubble of 1929. Brace yourself and pray.

In heavenly armour well enter the land, the battle belongs to the Lord. No weapon that fashioned against us will stand, the battle belongs to the Lord.

We sing glory, honor, power and strength to the Lord. We sing glory, honor, power and strength to the Lord

When the enemy presses in hard do not fear, the battle belongs to the Lord. Take courage my friend, your redemption is near, the battle belongs to the Lord.

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