Why RZM cannot be saved

When the pharisees saw Jesus their Saviour, their biggest problem was not sin but self righteousness steeped in hypocrisy. RZM reflects the current state of Christianity. Just as the Pharisees did not bring themselves to accept Jesus, the Ravi Zacharias Ministry could not be saved.

The rampant and prolific adultery of Ravi Zacharias whilst being the loudest anti gay voice was well known with all allegations being rejected.

In 2008, the allegations of Zacharias being seen with an unrelated woman was reported to the head of the Singapore RZM board. And the response from the then chair of the board was

“Directors agreed that degorative remarks of any kind by any parties must cease immediately as they do not glorify the Lord… We are of the same conviction that brothers should reconcile where there have been misunderstandings… The work of RZM is making great impact on unbelievers and any public dispute will bring irreparable damage damage to parties concerned and the organization”

Ravi held hands in public with another woman. No action was taken yet the Singaporean Gatekeepers attempted all out to ban gays with incredible zeal. They had the same problem with the Pharisees. They were greater sinners because they were wearing white, their own self righteousness and blaming others for the smallest spec of sin.

The Christian charismatic Evangelicals in Singapore cannot be saved to reach the point of grace in Singapore for the Antioch revival until they realised the greatest sinners are not gays but they themselves because their sin is hidden and blamed on the poor gentle lambs.

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