After the flood – welcome back Holy Spirit


Gen 6:3 And the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not strive[a] with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”

Bishop Yvette Flunder, a Lesbian Pentecostalist Pastor said that as she got older, the less she was certain. In my journey of Christian Faith, the opposite occurred. In the mega churches in Singapore, I had many questions which often went unanswered as I read the bible or doing bible studies in cell groups. I had a questioning spirit with a seeking heart to know more because I sought the fellowship and communion with Jesus Christ.

Maybe there were no answers to many questions. However, in my faith journey towards accepting my sexual orientation, many questions and answers came because I had to humble myself to walk in close communion with the Holy Spirit. When you loose everything, it is when God becomes clearer. The bible was written not from a high places of society but by those at the edge of faith and society.

Faith becomes more certain and more sure through the valleys of the shadow of death. It is through swimming and half drowning in the flood of life and persecution, that the vessel of Christ came to rescue me that I might be saved in the ark of grace.

The flood in the bible had profound impact on religion and human life. After the flood, we seldom live beyond 120 years of age. In the midst of the evil in the days before the flood where there was corruption in the bloodline due to demonic in-breeding, the presence of God, the presence of the Holy Spirit left mankind.

As a people, we lost that intimate connection from the Holy Spirit of God which was there since the Garden of Eden. Religion by the people of faith is an attempt to connect back to the spirit of God. But the Holy Spirit is ever so sensitive and does not move by the will of men.

At Calvary, God connected us with the Holy Spirit. Let us enjoy that communion and fellowship with the Holy Spirit, the direct line with God made whole again because of the Rainbow of God in the heavens that made the rain of blessings from the heavens to flow down again.

The rain of the flood, became the rain of blessing, the rain of grace of the Holy Spirit.Let us give space to others, because God gave us all the space to be, for this last 6000 years.

After the flood God seemingly withdrawn from mankind. He worked not on a global scale but through the people of Israel that the glory and goodness of God may be shown far and wide. Israel was a showcase of the blessing and goodness of God.

The love of God was finally revealed in person through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. God came down in the very flesh that was once deemed as sinful and prone to fall. In essence, God was meeting us where were are to bring us into the kingdom of God, that we have a new body in heaven being of a new creation.

When Jesus Christ left for heaven, He didn’t leave us alone. He left us the Holy Spirit of God that we can be in communion with Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit that departed before the flood came rushing in at Pentecost. It was a long break of 4,000 years when hitherto we hear of His presence falling on prophets of old but not filling the saints of God.

What does the Noahic Covenant of Grace, and today the salvation covenant means to us? In essence, there is a connection back to God, a close communion, and a direct line where once it was through the High Priest. The relationship with the Holy Spirit is at an individual basis. Do we treasure His presence? do we acknowledge and be-friend the Holy Spirit.

As we let the Holy Spirit of God dwells and work within us, arise within us is a flood of God, the flood of grace giving hope and comfort, the living waters to those around us. The flood waters of destruction, have now been replaced by the flood of God’s grace.

Let us walk, move and have our being by the Holy Spirit of Christ. For through the waters of baptismm the Holy Spirit came upon us, reminding us of Noah’s Ark where we were safe in the vessel of God above all else. We become the modern day Noah’s ark, where the Spirit of Christ resides. Out of invidual vessels, now come the flood of God’s love, grace and mercy in Jesus’ Christ our Saviour.