Religion vs Christianity

In Brunei, the King in Brunei has just mandated the death sentence for gays under the religious laws of his faith. In Malaysia, a national newspaper made a ridiculous spin that the massive rally against the GST in Dataran Merdeka might be infiltrated by gays to become a Gay pride. This is the state of religious faith.

There is no outrage by progressives because they still believe that religion is about love. Religion is about religious laws required to go to heaven and to define whose a sinner and a saint. Gays of course are the worst sinners and the convenient religious scapegoat we placed our sins on.

In Singapore, we have Pastor Lawrence Khong of FCBC quoting “The homosexual movement’s push for adult-child sex”, an extreme spin on one child-adult abusive affair. When we summarised a lie with the truth of the Gospel, we get half truths and the bible is discredited.

In Singapore, the magazine MyPaper has reported that a foreign banking firm, Goldman Sachs is holding a small recruitment outreach dinner specifically for gays. Christians were again agitated, and reacted to this apparent overseas interference.

However, a look at the churches preaching schedule shows the US Christian Right pastors such as Dr Jim Garlow speaking at the local mega church FCBC, to a congregation of a few thousand.

It is purely a business move by Goldman Sachs because there is discrimination against gays on the account that by law, they are not recognised unlike race, religion and creed. Indeed, there is a 2 year jail sentence being happily insisted by Christians.

With the tight market situation in Singapore, a reverse targeted employment referring to a discriminated group, gives a messaging that all are included. If the least is included, so would the rest.

Proclaiming that Singapore is a conservative society by people of faith in reply to the gay rights movement simply hides the 4,000 divorces and 10,000 abortions each year. Our red light district in Gaylang is equivalent to the best Thailand has to offer in Saladeng.

If Jesus can save the vilest sinner, so can the greatest saint be forgiven. We cannot appreciate the grace of God, until we see it extended to the GLBT community.

The reign of the ex-gay movement by Exodus and Choices by Church of Our Saviour is destined to come to an end. The harm perpetuated in the name of Christianity must end. Just as God closed the “door” in Noah’s Ark, that vile chapter of the church is closing.

I remember Kong Hee in the late 90s and early 2000’s pushing so hard the ministry of Sy Rogers and spoke highly of Canon James Wong and the Church of Our Saviour. I have also seen the harm it caused. The church will be paying a price because self righteousness hides our own sins.

The symbol of Christianity is a Cross and not a banner of arms, or a fortress or a cannon, or moon or stars, because it is giving up our lives for others and not causing harm. We are to die ourselves and not putting gays at the Cross.

We have become a Christianity that is self centered on our own righteousness, holiness, wealth, property, and blessings, when a ministry is about being salt and light to the world.

Being salt is to relieve the immense suffering of the homeless, the poor, the sick and the downtrodden. The light is to reflect the light of Christ, that they may see Jesus in us.

Hence, Christianity is not a religion that centers herself on religious laws and punishment, but a reflection of God’s love, grace and mercy in Christ Jesus death and resurrection at the Cross. We are to lead people to the eternal light of Salvation in Christ Jesus for a new heaven to come.