The Red Dot Army fails to land at Padang

The attempt by Faith Baptise Community Church (FCBC) to hold an anti-gay rally on June 28 at the Padang (main public square) in Singapore where we have had national rallies have been denied. “I am puzzled by MSF’s restrictions on TOUCH to organise and also confused with their position on family.” Said Pastor Khong. But I guess, the hidden agenda and ulterior motives were found out. It was not meant for their own national day padang rally against gays.

Disguised as a pro-family and pro-morality event, it would instead make gays the scapegoat as a rally call for Christians to unite. Strategically, this was on the same day as the Gay affirmative Pink Dot event planned at nearby Hong Lim Park. It was a political rally for power and influence by Christians. The participants wearing Red in the Red Dot family movement, would rally against their Pink counterparts in the Pink Dot.

The intention to hold it at the Padang, underlines the agenda to make it a rising call for Christian unity with gays as the target. This unprovoked attempt to use gays as the wedge issue to come into politics, and into the secular society is part of the Dominion agenda to Christianised Singapore.

The Red Dot reminds me of the Communist Red Army with their hordes of ant like army and superior numbers fanning the public sympathy. We have an Apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) in Singapore. NAR is a foreign entity based in the US. These are God’s generals for the kingdom battle whose main purpose is to gather the army for battle in the guise of lofty terms such as “Love XXXX”. They have come to our shores.

Hitherto Christianity in Singapore has been consigned to the mountain of religion with non-interference in other aspects of society. They found that traditional evangelism and witnessing of the Gospel would not make Singapore a Christian country anytime soon.

The hidden agenda is the Dominion theology or the Seven Mountains theology. Hence, their intention is to bring the battle into the other mountains of society or what they termed as Secular culture.

1) Arts & Entertainment

2) Business

3) Education

4) Family

5) Government

6) Media

7) Religion

They called it the 7 mountains of cultural influence. It is based on Deu 7.1 where the Lord would give Joshua the seven mountains. The term “Dominon” comes from Gen 1:26 where it is said that Christians will dominate the powers of the world.

Not unrelated was City Harvest Sun Ho’s attempt at Hollywood because it was all part of the entry into the mountain of media. Her failed attempt even with unlimited funding backfired with China Wine being loathed by many and some say unchristian. One day, we will see the Red Dot as unchristian.

Gays are unfortunately the key to access the seven kingdoms. It is the wedge issue to rally Christians together under the pro-family, pro-morality banner, battling the imagined gay agenda whom they see as having influence over these kingdoms.

As some pink Christians sit together (me included) in their cosy heaven talking about grace, reflective theology and a god of many names and many genders, the army of locusts will come. These are trying times with zealous people of faiths with hidden militant agendas exploiting the weakest to further their goals.

We are to respond with Grace, to love our enemies, to bless those who hate us. They have their right of free speech, and even to hate and tell half-truths. Their free choice is the freedom to cause harm.

Ultimately, the Lord is our banner. The Lord Jesus will fight for us. I can’t see a group of gay queens marching into battle or having anything they will agree upon. We are not that organized or have a single religious motivation or agenda.

We are just not that kind of people of faith causing harm and justifying the means as an end. Our motto is love, to love God, and to love others as ourselves.

The Red dots have become Red giants camping around us, their arrows pointing at us killing Gentle lambs. We can only bring a pink statue of Jesus to the Pink Dot holding the bible with pages opened to the Love Commandments. If they want to shoot and kill who can stop them, lest the arrow pierces Jesus pink heart and pink body over and over again.

Ultimately gays are not the target but only a means to achieve domination of the land.

Rest. For the Lord Jesus will fight for us. The battle is won.