Joel’s army coming soon

The Christian group Love Singapore has links to foreign Christian movements including the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Pastor Lawrence Khong is an ordained apostle since Year 2000.

It’s not that Singapore is becoming more conservative, we are the target along with African Countries for a Christian conservative transformation and domination using covert means disguised a moral defence, and pro-family. Gays are the wedge issue for army mobilization.

Singapore is the Antioch of Asia. When it is transformed and dominated, so do the rest of Asia. They are playing politics, media, and business but hiding in white religious garments of priests.

Key figures in NAR are Peter C Wagner and Ed Silvoso who have frequently visited Singapore invited by Love Singapore, FCBC, and City Harvest Church for the last decade under the guise of Festival of Praise and marketplace ministries. The International Coalition of Apostles of NAR actually first met informally in Singapore in 1999.

The NAR theology for transformation/domination follows after the exploits of the Catholic Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola and Reconstructionist theologian R.J. Rushdoony who had obsessions for burning gays at the stake. The same is repeated in Uganda under the banner of Christianity.

They are making their heaven on earth, by cleansing earth of gays. Pro-family and pro-morality is just a disguise. It’s plain animosity against gays. They would start in Singapore as the new Antioch and expand over all Asia.

Social transformation is through the Dominion Theology where they influence all power structures in society to their agenda. The term “Gay agenda” is often repeated to hide their own Dominion agenda.

Essentially they want to take over the secular powers which they succeeded in the US in the 2000, and 2004 where anti-gay marriage legislation was put in place under George Bush. Gays were the wedge issue to mobilize Christian to the voting booths.

The cell group / cell church concept developed is for control, power, and authority, and adherence to strict control and theological views. It’s like the old communist cells.

The means of genocide against gays (as in Uganda) justifies the end purpose of their new heaven on earth. Gays must be gotten rid of in their theology for the new heaven on earth to be established.

A “Christian” army is coming, it is Joel’s army like an army of locust eating up all aspects of life, and taking away basic freedoms. They are doing that in Uganda, putting gays to death.

The symbol of Christianity is a Cross, and not a spear, nor a sword. When there is no more the Cross, Christianity becomes another religion, and causes harm and bondage instead of bringing the Gospel of Good News.