All life is sacred

The season has so quickly changed from summer to winter as the Gay Marriage battles are effectively over in the US, turning to the next front – the abortion battles, and the rights of illegal migrants.

I saw a Christian pastor in tears as an anti-death penalty advocate shared pertinent stories about those wrongly accused. But are we consistent to respect all life?

We are reminded that Paul the greatest apostle of grace, knew the grace of God because he had killed so many Christians as a zealous Jewish legalist. We are asked to forgive, to give grace, to love and to restore. We cannot do grace without understanding the harm we caused, that we may be the greatest sinners.

Jesus considered the lives of those He came to contact with as sacred. Even the soldiers that came to capture Him was healed when injured by Peter. How much more we should be a church of healing rather than death!

Can we come against the death penalty yet support abortion of the innocent? Surely all life is sacred.

The doctored video against the Planned Parenthood was the first salvo, half-truths perhaps, but to a generation that kills the unborn without any conscience. We are reminded of the God of Molech in ancient Israel where babies are sacrificed for blessings of harvest from the deity.

The moral authority that Progressives had claimed in gay marriage now turned into denial of not causing harm in the case of abortion which is well supported by them. The Progressives now faces a losing moral battle.

The Episcopal seminary dean Katherine Hancock Ragsdale made an infamous cry in front of a Birmingham Alabama abortion clinic in 2007 that “abortion is a blessing”. When we call evil good, surely there is deep darkness in the body.

Recently, St. James Episcopal Church in Wichita, Kansas even supported a fund raiser for an abortion group – the Planned Parenthood which announced that it had performed 327,653 abortions in the year ending June 30, 2014.

The Progressives called this reproductive justice, confusing not only harm and injustice, but of murder condoned by the church. This is not an opinion where the church can come together and worship God. For when we lift up blood stained hands to God, are we expecting God to condone the grievous harm caused in the name of Christ? If this is how we love others, then we have failed.

When we eat bread in communion, we are reminded that it should be unleavened bread, without the yeast, without the yoke of hypocrisy in our Christian Faith.

Hypocrisy has become synonymous to Christianity. The church on the seven hills have asked to priests not to marry, because the church will lose power overnight, yet the amount of sexual abuse is a grave sin. The church in Europe is declining, not because it is not inclusive, but because it is tainted with yeast.

I am reminded about a mega church pastor talking about “unequal amounts, equal sacrifice”, extoling the church members who had downgraded their homes for the building fund whilst he quietly upgraded to the Penthouse at Sentosa Cove.

It’s easy to be a saint when poor, but not so easy when rich. We worship ourselves. We love ourselves too much – we have we not considered the babies aborted in our worship of self, our worship of the ancient god Molech.

The greatest destruction of the family is due to abortion, the killing of the innocent, yet the Christian Left supports it, and the Christian Right ignores it.

The number of deaths due to the death penalty is negligible when compared to those killed in abortion. Yet, no one cries in the church service for them. We wear white and blame gays, because there is blood in our hands.

In the Jubilee Day of Prayer for Singapore, the pastors prayed vehemently against the world culture in a 51,000 seated venue with the leaders of the Anglican, Methodist, Lutheran churches in attendance. But the world culture had already entered into the fabric of the church with the love of money and self, a deep self-righteousness indirectly blaming gays for the 10,000 abortions each year.

When the bible calls an abomination, it is about killing the innocent babies . It is not about gay marriage.

All life is sacred and beautifully created in the image of God. May Christ be reflected in all that we do. Let us do good instead of harm and be called the children of God.