jesus is still on the throne

When we were younger, we have an ideal view of life – family, work, church and love life. When all falls apart, Jesus is on the throne though the rubble, pain and sadness may be deep and dark.

Religion has forced gays to walk through the valleys of the shadows of death, but Jesus leads us to rest beside still waters, the burden and the yoke of the law of religion replaced by the light burden of expecting God’s grace to come in by faith.

He’s on the throne, With His mighy power extended, and within great joy He holds. Don’t despair be not afraid intercession has been made and today I’m glad to say He’s on the throne.

When thre’s darkness all around you, trouble is all you see. When theres no one you can turn to, and you need to be set free, then there is a way to walk on, through the blood of Jesus Christ. He’s is high and lifted up and He’s sitting on the throne

Jesus took your sickness, and Jesus took your sin, His blood was shed on calvary and He broke the power of death, He’s the lion of Judah, He’s the first born son of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He’s sitting on the throne.

We are really in a rubble. Many GLBT churches are places of spiritual wreakage claiming to the the body of Christ but standing on the small rock, Peter, on man centered religion. Those who pleged the return caused the rubble in the first place hiding behind their pastoral titles and bible school credentials. The works of the law is cheap grace.

Often, we forget that Jesus is on the throne at the right hand side of the Father, a position of power, authority and pre-eminence. He did not die nor arose metaphorically, but with power and affirmation of victory over sin and death.

It is sad that some pastors are even contented to die and go to dust without an assurance of eternity and salvation through Jesus Christ and bringing the congregation with them. Any thinking Christian would leave by the back door.

In a typical city of 3 million, with 150,000 gay men and women, we have a lot of work to do. With a futher 15% christian, our potential outreach is 20k.  There is a strong demonic deity and principality not letting the captives free coupled with LGBT churches whose faith does not go beyond human sight.

luke 15:28, 29 the older brother became angry and refused to go in. So his father went out and pleaded with him. But he answered his father, ‘look! All these years I’ve been slaving for you and never disobeyed your orders. Yet you never gave me even a young goat so i could celebrate with my friends.

In the return of the prodigal son, if Jesus is not on the throne, there would have been no way for the young son to go back to the Father. We are children of God some claimed, but the son knew better. There was no way that such capital sin be forgiven, no other way for God not to send the flood except by the rainbow, by God’s grace through Jesus Christ. All of us like the younger son have relinquished our right as children of God and have gone a long way from God.

Both the sons viewed God as a stern and judgemental God. They were right. Under the law, the lawless son deserved nothing less than being with the pigs. The older son was correct, under the law it was a heavy burden slaving as an Ox. It was a mere responsibility, not even a young goat as a reward.

Religion has no compassion, no grace, no love. The commandments say to love and serve God. The older brother represents religion standing on the works that he has done, on the many years he has served the father, the many years we think we have served Father God.

When we called upon God as the divine, the creator, and the source of love, we often do not reflect the other side of God in the bible as seen by the Pharisees and the younger son, God of the flood, God who destoyed the nations worshiping pagan gods. God is a God of justice and righteousness.

By religion, by the love commandments, which they recite daily, the younger son has failed to love God. By the law, he should be a slave of the household. He doesn’t deserved the celebration nor grace from God. By observing the law, by observing the love comandments recited daily as the shema of Israel did not change the older brother. There is no change of the heart under the law, only a deep sense of self righteousness and not an ounce of mercy nor grace.

Jesus calls us to a celebration. The Father heart of God, the door back to the Father, the door of Gods grace and mercy is only opened through Jesus Christ.

It is not about being right or wrong or even doing theology, because there is no other salvation or return apart from the Cross of Calvary. By religion, the younger son could not have done more works – to love more, care more, or even return to the Father apart from Jesus. Reconciliation is not with each other but through Christ. Grace and mercy is only found in Jesus Christ. Instead of judgement and condemnation, when we return to Jesus by faith in His finshed works, He holds a celebration anda big feast for us.

By religion, the younger son would have to keep repenting and live together with the pigs just as we confess our sins weekly to God in our religious communion. The younger son has denied his heritage, relinquish his birth right, and is no longer family. It is a picture of Israel who rejected Jesus, their Messiah.

But by grace through Jesus Christ, there is not even time or opportunity to do the continuous repenting whether we are liberals or conservatives.

Jesus told the story, to change the narrative and announced the change from the law to the dispensation of grace. Under the law, there is no grace, and those who failed suffers. Under the law, they wouldn’t even get to meet the Father. It is sad that GLBT churches still proclaim the law and be no different from religion of man which had hitherto put them in bondage.

The walls are broken. Faith in Jesus has been replaced by a new kind of spirituality in the divine creator God seen as love. Yet whatever the ways of man before and after the flood, we live after the Cross where Jesus is on the throne.

The walls are broken by man and man made religion and spirituality, but Jesus is on the throne. There will be a new GLBT christian movement out of the ashes which belives that Jesus saves, and Jesus heals for the Gay community is looking for Jesus as our recompense for we have lost everything, our lives, our dignity, our freedom to love and be loved.

The early rain when there were small quiet witness of Christianity to the gay community is about to be over after 5 decades or 50 years from the foundation of MCC in 1968. The days of small predominantly liberal churches in the desert lands are almost over. The old wine skin based on liberal and conservative law based theology will not be able to hold the new wine.

The latter rain is coming with new gay churches where Jesus heals and saves, where the power, annointing and presence of the Holy Spirit will move like never before for the least shall be the first in the kingdom of God and churches from the lands will wonder how could God’s grace be so great, deep and wide. There will be great celebrations in the kingdom of heaven but the elder brother of religion and law will again look on from the outside proclaiming his own righteousness rather the righteousness in Christ. After 2000 years, will the older brother finally joins in the celebration?.