Grace actually

In a city of 5 million, say 1 million christians and catholics, we have 50k gay christians who may not be readily attracted to churches who offers a welcoming door but still the same old law based religion, whether of doing work of love or doing moral self control. Our conscience convicts us of our sin, and that sin is not because we are gay. Our conscience condemns us.

We are moral creatures made in God’s image. We know it in our conscience that God is not only a God of love but also a God of judgement for He is a righteous and holy God. The mainline churches are so vehemently anti gay because their law based theology condemns them and they are putting their own sins on the gay gentle lambs.

God is calling for a gay church where God’s amazing grace reigns, and this grace is Jesus Christ apart from the law of love/inward morality. Without grace, there is no rest for our conscience nor forgiveness of our sins/ assurance of salvation. Five decades of gay liberal churches and their exgay counterparts are seemingly coming to an end with gay marriage legalised in the US.

The love commandments and the moral laws are based on the OT law, given to the Jews so that they could see the futility of the law. Indeed, they are futile not getting us closer to God, until we realised it is all by God’s grace in Jesus Christ. When we do church based on the love commandments we will toil and sweat with few results and lots of conflicts with detours.

In the Jewish faith, Love could not negate sin, nor punishment for our sins. Praise and worship to God wasn’t enough. The fact that they were children of God as descendents of Abraham did not suffice. The innocent lamb needed to be sacrificed on a yearly basis at Pentecost with the priest putting on the sins of the people on the lamb. Love alone was not enough, grace through the lamb was needed.

The greatest sin was not in not loving others but in not loving God, for God is One and not the many spiritual deities and gods that existed in Canaan from the days of Nimrod or Baal till today. When we say all faiths lead to God, we are worshiping other gods and deities and there was no grace in the yearly sacrifice of the lamb to negate spiritual adultery then and today. It was when Israel was engaged spiritual adultery, that judgement came not because of any injustice per say.

When some Christians mentioned the name of God, they actually meant God the creator from Genesis and then claim that all faiths worship the same God totally negating God’s revelation of Himself through Israel, as the God of Israel. This spiritual adultery was not forgiven. Just as God left Israel in her spiritual adultery, in many churches today, God is far away even though they repeatedly claim that they are of the body of Christ and have the outward sacraments.

When we pray to God in the name of Love, we are praying also to a God of righteousness who flooded and killed entire humanity apart from Noah, and the same God who destroyed entire cities in Canaan who worshiped pagan deities. Our prayers are heard not because God loves us and overlook our sins but because we are close to God in Jesus Christ if we indeed put our faith in Christ as our redemption. When we pray in the name of love, our love fails us.

For the spiritually discerning, in many churches even as we weekly confess our sins, there seems to be a deep gulf until God is a mystery spiritually. Often God seems far away as if His love is not within reach. In Israel, there are two temple walls made by God’s hands, to protect us from God’s righteous judgement. In the wall to the outer court, we have no entry other than by Christ making us adopted into the seed of Abraham, and the inner wall of the holy of holies that can only be entered when we are holy and righteous by identification with Jesus as Lord and Saviour through His death and resurrection.

The loud wailing of our prayers at the wall of religion calling upon the God of love may not help if we are on the outside because God cannot contradict Himself, nor can we be fully loving to all people. Jesus did not come to build bridges betwen different faiths, but to declare Himself as God, and that His death and ressurection being the way, and the truth that the church is to be founded upon. It is only by His grace, that love can flow through the hardened heart.

At the end, we don’t belong to ourselves really. This world and the kindoms within belong to the devil in part hence even where there is religion, love, Government, and justice, it is often perverted and undermined by sin and corruption. By our own, we can’t save ourselves even with love and are destined for hell together with the devil and the angels of darkness.

Our repeated denial claiming that we are instead children of God gives us no lasting comfort nor rest, our conscience leading us to religious extremism in God’s name. Jesus has won the victory at the Cross as the new Adam so that in Christ, we will not see death. It is grace really by which we can truly love for we who were undeserving of love receives the greatest gift of eternal life.

The devil hates gays and the jews so much, because we belong to the rainbow after the flood when the light of the Son of God shone through the judgement of the falling rain. It is this light of God’s grace through Jesus Christ that is needed to shine forth to the gay community vary of religion and her hypocrisies.