Evolution, creation, our fears

The love singapore champion Pastor Lawrence Khong of FCBC has caused a strong reaction from some of my Christian friends when Khong calls evolution a matter of faith and unscientific, even demonic. Khong is not popular being an anti gay actvist no doubt evolved from the religious pharisees of old. Some of my progressive friends also no doubt evolved from the Gnostics and the mystical Jewish faiths.

Why the angst? Because creation deconstruct their theology about God being only a God of love, and a love from mysterious  distance. The creation story involves a relationship broken, a large scale death as a result of flooding due to the inter marriage between mankind and demonic angels. We fear a God of judgement, a God of righteousness. We are afraid of the day of judgement where God judge evil because our conscience condemns us.

We failed to love God, when we deny Jesus as God and Saviour, the great I Am from the beginning of time. We can never offer God, bread and wine in communion because we are to instead partake by faith the broken body of Christ and His blood shed for us. Our works, the work of our hands to bring bread and wine can never be accepted by God if we do not see Jesus but our own efforts. We are afraid of creation because we are afraid of God with no boldness in the day of judgement.

Evolution is man playing God. It requires more faith because it talks about an impossibility of a hanger of raw iron ore resulting in a 747 place being evolved miraculously. I like that. But more likely would be decayed, the 747 getting rusted and breaking down. Nature goes from ordered to disordered not the other way. We grow old not younger.

We hold onto evolution so tightly because we are afraid of life hereafter, and afraid of a spiritual realm of power and spiritual deities of angels and demons. We fear what we do not see and do not understand. We create a metaphorical faith based on God some how being involved in our evolution to create a better society. Our theology is focused on our effort, our love, but we are actually bronze serpents. The hiss of the serpent is in our blood.

Indeed, we have much to fear. We put on a Christian label in our church, yet for many Christ death and resurrection is metaphorical. We play church every week uncertain of our salvation in Christ due to unbelief. But as we grow older, the reality hits us that there might we a life hereafter in heaven or hell. Some liberal christians are even comforted if their destinity is in turning to ashes because they face hell fire.

The truth is that the opposite of evolution is happening. Evolution require what is disordered becoming ordered. We are decaying. The world and our bodies are breaking down. We don’t live as a long as Adam of a thousand years. We grow old and wrinkles appear by 40. By 80, we look totally haggard, our face folded, and hair all white.

The amazing grace is that God who created the entire earth came down to us in Jesus Christ. The resurrection power is found in first believing that Jesus is God incarnate and rose from the dead miraculously. Only believe is our calling.