The veil of God is broken

It is God’s amazing grace to enter into the throne room of God, our being on earth, yet our spirit in heavenly realms. It is the Holy Spirit that leads us on, taking us there, revealing Christ in the bible, the light of the menorah, the golden lamp stand pointing inwardly to reflect  Jesus Christ for He alone is worthy.

Rev 5.12 in a loud voice, they were saying “worthy is the lamb” who was slain to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honour and glory and praise

The amazing thing about Christianity is that it was a story foretold over and over again in the stars, in the religious sacrifices, and in all the setup of the temple. At the end only Christ is worthy, all others are imposters thinking that they are worthy. There are incredible deceptions and deep darkness even in churches, trying to undermine the holiness of God and the centrality of Christ. But the law of God will never pass away in that there will always be judgement for our sins and necessity for redemption. It is our conscience who will condemns us despite our intellect trying to tell us otherwise.

Is 64.6 All of us have become like one who is unclean.and all our righteous acts is like filthy rags, we all shrivel up like a leaf and like the wind our sins sweep us away

At the end, both the far left and far right churches are the same. They are both self righteous thinking that they are worthy and holy. Who is holy except God? yet the Pharisees did not acknowlege Jesus as God standing in front of them, so do many churches not accepting Jesus as God and Saviour. They preached freedom but there is only bondage and condemnation without Christ. We will grow tired and religious trying to save ourselves.

When Jesus Christ died the veil was torn, not by human hands but by the power of God, the righteous judgement of God satisfied. Only the lamb is worthy, not your theologian or your priests. The real sin is to deceive gay people who are so thirsty and hungry for God, by preaching a false gospel without christ where in the end they will find only darkness and separation from God. Without accepting, and applying the finished works of Christ in our own lives, the power of the Cross has no effect because God respect our free will. When we humble ourselves at the cross, we will be lifted up together with Christ as a new creation.

The priests did not design the temples with its walls, the outer walls and holy of holies separated by the veil. It was not  a deception by the high priest so that they alone can be considered worthy to enter. Indeed, it was a dangerous occupation that they could be struck down by God entering the holy of holies if the the sacrifices had not been acceptable. We should not be deceived even by christian pastors and theologians who taught that we can be saved by ourselves or are worthy without Christ.

We are all unworthy to enter, our good works by the love commandments fail to meet God’s righteousness. The sad truth is that many GLBT churches there is no power of the resurrection because there is no death nor resurrection. They still believed in their own righteousness and worthiness without Jesus. Despite putting on a religious gament or a white collar, our sins are still filthy rags before God. There is so much need for ministry to GLBT yet God will not exalt the proud and arrogant, nor enlarge their tents and ministries.

Jesus did not go to the temple and call out to the temple priest for putting up the veil or the temple walls. Because, it was Jesus Himself, God Himself who mandated the design, the outer courts for the Jews, the chosen people of God, and the holy of holies for the high priests once a year representing the nation before God after the sacrifice of the Lamb. The veil was God’s grace to the nation, limiting the judgement of God and providing a way for man to enter in by looking forward to the Cross of calvary.

When we declare the veil is somehow a form of deception, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. For the veil can only be broken when we accept Jesus death and resurrection as payment for our sins. We can of course tresspass into the Holy of Holies thinking that we are worthy, but we will find an empty tomb without the power and presence of God, for only Christ is worthy. Sadly, this is so for many GLBT churches playing the high priests but not even sacrificing a gentle lamb. The Holy Spirit will not tarry and the menora will not be lighted, only darkness in the temple.

The answer is not God, neither is the question about God for we do not create God. The answer is in Jesus who emptied Himself of His royalty and relationship to the Father to bring us back Home to heaven, to bring us in to become children of God, to bring us into the seed of Abraham so that the blessings of Abraham becomes our inheritance.

Heb 7.27 unlike the other high priest, he does not need to offer sacrifices day after day, first for his own sins and then for the sins of the people. He sacrificed for their sins once for all when he offered himself.

The veil is broken tonight when we are washed and forgiven by the lamb of God just as the high priest sacrificed the lamb once a year. Jesus becomes our high priest, our eternal sacrifice, once and for all. Asserting Freedom without the blood of Christ is a false and empty Christianity and of cheap Grace.

The power of the Cross and resurrection comes when we enter into the holy of holies, to the throne room of God, not like religious who thinks that they are worthy, but because we know we are unworthy and it is all of christ, nothing of us. Only Christ is worthy.

It is in the throne room of God where we will find rest, rest for our tired and thirsty soul. The yoke of Jesus apart from the law, apart from the love commandments is light. It is only believe.

Tonight, we pray because we can come near to God not because we are worthy or are children of God on our own account. We are near to God because Christ is near to God the Father and we are in Christ. So let us come boldly tonight to the throne room of God and return Home in the truest sense, where we will find freedom. If Jesus sets us free, then we are truly free indeed.