God’s imperfect Red Dots

When gay christian friends from Taiwan visited Singapore, they didn’t go to the gay church but straight to City Harvest Church to my annoyance. There was a revival in their hearts and they wanted to catch the spirit of City Harvest despite all the negative happenings.

Perhaps this is expected when gay christian pastors declare their manifesto of “I do not believe….”, indirectly denying God’s redemption through Israel and the Jesus Christ as Messiah. God is not perturbed by the false image of God based on self, nor the “I” repeated many times with many facebook “likes”. Nothing new. The entire Christian faith was actually usurped when Constantine took over even though the gates of hades never fully prevailed.

There is something new, a new move of God when there is great darkness where there is no Gospel presence in the gay community but a pseudo christian banner. The word of God, is to sing a song, a new song, for He is commissioning new churches in the gay community in Asia that will truly honour the name of Jesus Christ where He is exalted as Lord and Saviour.

Indeed, when greater sin abounds, there lies greater grace. In the midst of the dark ages, we have the reformation of martin luther, a return to blibical christian of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. When the America was created by the freemasons, it was not based on christian faith, but the progressive new age worship of pagan gods and their occultic symbols. But God always prevail to turn darkness into light with the US being the greatest missionary nation.

God chose Singapore the small little red dot, the smallest of nation in asia to bring the Gospel of Salvation through the nations that non may glory except in Christ. The very well made plans by WCC and the EACC/CCA to make Singapore, the liberal theological hub backfired in the most amazing manner. God is still moving in Singapore even through very flawed personalities such as Pastor Kong Hee and Lawrence Khong. The attack by the gates of hades is simple, make them wear white. Self righteousness always kills along with a theology of no righteousness.

There is an incredible move of God using the churches of Singapore for a massive revival in Asia, the flame that was started in the Clock Tower revival in 1972. Speaking in tongues was dangerous fundamentalism said the then Methodist Bishop, but the power of God moved on regardless. It’s not that the vessels were clean but some down right corrupt but having the heart for the Gospel of Salvation. God was not looking at clean vessels of the gospel houses of the 50s but of imperfect people willing to move by the Holy Spirit.

In the 1960s, in Singapore, when evangelical para church groups tried to enter into the private Anglican and Methodist schools, they were disdained not belonging to the exclusive liberal council of churches/ CCMS. There was a real battle between the mainline liberal churches and the evangelical gospel houses. Since, Singapore was then 2% protestant as was much of Asia, liberalism was the main trust of the formal colonial masters through the World Council of Churches founded in 1948.

Clearly, God had other ideas. Whilst men were pursuing a religious liberation theology to support the independence movements across Asia and Africa, a major event was happening in the middle east where Israel became a nation in 1948 and despite successive wars by the nations to push Israel into the sea, the time of the Gentiles in Palestine was over, and in june 4, 1967, Jerusalem was retaken after over 2000 years.

This was the ultimate justice in 1967, the return of an entire nation from the diaspora in Europe cruelly disposed by the colonial masters, the Europeans and the Jews murdered in their millions in World War Two ending two decades earlier in 1945. The bud of the fig tree has begin to flower for Jesus to return within a lifetime from 1967/1973.

The brutal slaughter of 1.5 million Armenian christians by the Ottomans from 1915 to 1923 resulted in another diaspora to the United States which God used to fuel a charismatic evangelical revival for the 50 years. Before the great slaughter, God moved in the hearts of the Pentecostals to move to the US. One such person was a young boy, Demos Shakarian, the founder of the FGBM movement. A hundred years later the movement is seen in Singapore with the prominent gate keepers trying to keep gays out.

In the midst of the evangelical vs liberals battle, came the charismatics with their holy spirit revival that shook the nations. God chose the most liberal state in the US, california, and the smallest nation in Asia, Singapore, only founded a few years earlier in 1965 essentially expelled from Malaysia. The ‘sia’ was kicked out because equality based on treating people as people and not by race or religion was not desired by some people of faith.

The charismatic evengelical renewal started in the liberal episcopal church in 1960 at St Marks church in Van Nuys, California in the diocese of Los Angeles resulting in the expulsion of the anglical priest Dennis Bennett. His teachings and writings eventually reached Singapore fuelling the ACS Clock Tower revival, and Holy Spirit baptism of the Anglican Bishop Chiu Ban It in 1972 ironically whilst attending the liberal WCC event in Bangkok.

The rest is history. In dec 1987, the CCA was expelled from Singapore, and Singapore moved out of the Christian Conference of Asia in 1989. At the 1990 CCA Conference, the charismatic movement in Singapore was singled out for denunciation by the CCA but alas revival was in full steam based on two decades of church and outreach from 1972. Singapore was never the same again with Christians rising from 2% in the 60s to almost 18% in 2016.

The Holy Spirit moved so mightily in 1972, and in 1978, God chose the small red dot as the antioch for Gospel revival in Asia. God uses the lowest and the smallest, for in the end it is not the declaration of “I do not believe…” of the intellectual elite that matters but the depths of God’s love, grace and mercy in Jesus Christ. God will use Singapore again, this time choosing the lowest community, the gay community within the tiny red dot.

O sing a song – a new song (billy graham 1978)

O sing a Song a new song of praise, Christ is the Way, He’s the truth and Life.