faith and history about Jerusalem

It is often mentioned by some that faith and authentic christianity is about love. This is half the truth, for true christianity is about the centrality of Christ, the hope of glory, producing the fruits of love, peace and joy. Without Christ, faith per say led by good works and self righteous morality would lead to harming others directly and indirectly falling either into far right or left.

The real nature of the people of faith is seen in the fight over Jerusalem, because it is a fight for legitimacy to be considered as people of God, for Israel was the chosen nation. It is not that God has favorites, but because God chose the least of the nations, that the wise and the proud be confounded. In a way, God also chose the red dot, the least in Asia, and now the Pink Dot.

Indeed religious faith is about conformance and doing away with the personal responsibility by justifying our actions based on religious law rather than our conscience and common morality. The condemnation of gays is based on fear because it brings us back to the religions of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah where the pagan religious practices demanded the men to have sex with the priest to join themselves with demonic beings.

The big elephant in the room is that faith is an entry point to a spiritual world, where we can connect with God but also with demonic principalities. The battles on earth also reflect a battle in the heavens. Many theologians are living in denial of a spiritual reality which they are afraid of and can never understand nor comprehend.

In 1990, the Christian Conference of Asia criticised Singapore Anglicans as only interested in “internal growth”, and being “inward pagan group” and being heretic. But God had other ideas. For the next 25 years, there was a massive pentecostal Holy Spirit revival from Singapore that shook Asia. They were willing to come and pray against the demonic principalities that controlled the land, the very spiritual entities denied by CCA in the name of ecumenism. The real “heresy” was the denial and distortion of blibical christianity by some so that they could be one with the world.

The marching religious army in Iran looks the same, all with the same beards. Their women in the streets all fully veil losing the sense of the person within. They kill gays in their thousands in Iran and Saudi Arabia yet only few whispers from the liberal christians who claim that faith is about love. The refugee crises in Europe is not about Europe not loving their neighbour, but the root cause of pure religious violence in the different faith sectarian groups in Syria which sojourners will not condemn as being caused by faith.

History revolves around conquest by people of faith intertwined with power, domination and wealth. Modern day Catholic Christianity established after AD312 fought hard for survival facing the rise of the Mullahs of Arabia who started their invasion of lands from 634AD onwards by first destroying the Byzantines empire in the east. Essentially, their theology is similar to Isis. By AD711, they had conquered northern Africa and invaded Gibraltar in the West.

When faith justice groups such as Sojourners talked about justice and peace by people of faith, they are not being entirely truthful, for much harm rather than good has been caused by law based religions. When it is by our faith efforts and works to reach that mark we deemed necessary to reach heaven, then the end justifies the means. This is marked by the targeted torture and killing of gays by Isis, Arabia and Iran in their thousands whom we seldom see any liberal response.

The current Syrian religious war crisis is so complex because it has historical roots in the conquest by the Arabian caliphates, to the Ottomans of Europe and their different religious sects. Syria and Antioch were the entry points. It also has a lot to do with Jerusalem as the battles are only a doorstep away, with Damascus only 220km away. There is a spiritual battle in the heavenlies as much as a battle on earth.

When Jesus refused to defend Himself when the Jewish religious leaders came to arrest Him, and chose to die at the Cross rather than call upon a thousand angels to smite the pharisees, this is true Christianity. He did not defend Himself, because he chose to die at the accursed cross, to bear our curse so that we can be free and not be under condemnation for the judgement on our sins. Authentic christianity is looking to the Christ for the power and strength to love, and not love per say.

Historically, the expansion of nations from the East after the Romans and before AD 1600 were substantially motivated by the extension of faith. They killed, murdered, and slaughtered in the name of faith. The assertions by liberal theologians that ISIS is a fringe group and a rarity goes against both the current and historical reality. Indeed, the faith landscape we see in the Middle East today is shaped by history starting with the conquest of Levant by Arab religious forces in 634 ad which is Syria today. Any fringe religious group would not have conquered the nations.

History in the middle east is about the establishment of power in the name of religion, hence the confusion and conflicts we have today. Ironically, Isis stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, for they are actually trying to re-enact history with the first religious conquest of the 634AD. They are not something peculiar in terms in terms of their religious ideology despite what some theologians are trying to tell us.

In the west, the caliphate invaded Spain starting in 711AD at Gibraltar. The battle raged on for next 1400 years with the last emirate of Grenada falling in 1492 by the Spanish Castlian forces.

The recent battle in Palmyra, Syria in 2016 where it was liberated from Isis is ironic. It was also the site by the Byzantines lost to the Arabs.  Indeed, soon after, Jerusalem fell in 637AD by the Rashidum Capliphe. The Crusaders re-captured in July 1099 killing all the inhabitants including the left over Jews. But Jerusalem was recaptured by Saladin in 1187AD. It changed hands a number of times, until it was finally taken over by Suleiman of the Ottomans in 1517AD.

The British defeated the Ottomans in World War 1, and on Dec 11, 1917, General Allenby took back Jerusalem and allowed for the return of the Jews which was denied to them for the last 1000 years. The time and period of the gentiles over Jerusalem was counting down for the return of her rightful inhabitants, the rightful descendents of Abraham for which God gave the land to. The people of faith, have been trying to stop the Jews from returning because of the prophecies and the return of the Messiah where the kindoms and kingdoms on earth shall be no more. Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the temple is the end time clock.

In the West, Christianity begin to spread from the 4th century onwards after it had state sanction. It started with the battle of Milvian Bridge in Rome where Emperor Constantine has a great victory in 312AD, making Christianity an institution. The theological battle and insistence of the supremacy of Rome caused the East-West split of the church in 1054 AD with the power centers at Rome and Constantinople.

Much of the narrative is denied by the liberals and conservatives, of the mullahs arising from the middle East for the next 1400 years and the battle for the survival of Christianity in Europe. The Holy Roman Empire was full of disunity and political intrigue and the split between Roman and the Orthodox resulted in the last crusade being an attack by Rome on Constantinople in AD 1204 forever weakening it causing the fall of the Byzantine empire. Therefore, the fall of Turkey and Europe to the ravaging Arab religious forces, was due to the Roman Catholics in Rome.

The cruelty of the crusades are often over emphasized, but little of the massive religious army and invasions of Europe through Greece, Romania, Hungry, Yugoslavia, once Jerusalem and later Constantinople fell to the mullahs. The European invasion by sword wielding religious mullahs came after Constantinople fell in 1453. By 1529, these people of faith were launching a massive siege of Vienna. The Holy Roman Empire had prevailed and survived which is why we have the European Union, Great Britain and the United States this very day. The last state Greece was liberated from the Ottomans in 1829.

In conclusion, we have a denial of history by the religious elites in the West, who claims that the core of religion is about love when it has a very long history of motivating grave harm, hatred, violence and death of the innocent. Denial is the hallmark of the elite intellectual. These theologians could not see into a spiritual dimension of great powers in battle between angels and demons. The real love, the great I AM is coming back in a white horse to proclaim judgement on religion on self effort to reach God.

History is His story. Jesus is coming back. He is the alpha who created earth, and the omega where this current earth as it is will end with His new creation of a new heaven on earth.  We have two thousand years of grace, the time of Gentiles over Jerusalem to play religion is coming to an end. Jerusalem is the portal and the gateway.  When Jesus comes back in Jerusalem, He will join the two realms into a new Kingdom on earth as is in heaven.