Pink Dot 2016

Romans 5:18-20

18 Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life.

19 For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

20 Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:

The Pink Dot event was celebrated in Singapore on the 05 June 16 with placards of messages of peace and love for all. The wear pink was a public event with major international sponsors including google. The capacity of the venue Hong Lim Park was already exceeded last year, hence this year the emphasis was on the message of love and truth. But I do miss last year’s pink dot where they had lit lights, each person representing a light in the darkness of condemnation facing the gay community.

Love Singapore led by FCBC wore white in response to the Pink Dot. Pastor Khong as the Chairman of Love Singapore is the like the high priest, representing the church against gays. Are the churches white by their actions? There are more than 15,000 abortions by straight people in Singapore every year. We have in the HDB heartlands, Geylang, one of the largest red light district in Asia. Yet, no protest through Geylang or at the abortion clinics by Love Singapore. Each year, the wear white seems to have less in attendance.

The real colour of men is actually red or Adam. The color white represents Jesus, total sinless perfection. Blue is the color of the heavenlies. When Blue is joined together with Red, you have purple or royalty, heaven coming down with Christ walking on earth being among men. When white is added to Red, we get Pink. God put the rainbow in the sky, not that He needs reminding, but to bring into focus His grace to the nations. When a nation accepts the gay community, there is rainbow grace given to the nation. One of the most freest city for gays in the middle east is Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. God’s heart is for gay people to come under the shadows of His wings, ironically now persecuted by the church.

Pagan worship of various gods are everywhere to be seen in Singapore.  In the bible, homosexual acts and pagan worship are synonymous because in the highest form of faith worship, the worshipers would have sex with the temple priests thus joining themselves with the demonic spirit. When the angels came secretly to visit Lot at night, the whole town seemingly knew and came together. They were all of one spirit, a very dark demonic spirit. Hence it was considered an abomination. This was not referring to natural same sex attraction. If they were so concerned about the morality of Singapore, and self nominate as the gate keepers, they would have condemned the pagan gods. Instead, gays are condemned which shows that it was never about holiness or morality in the first place.

Gays are easy target to be blamed for all the above sins of the community, even the church wearing white so that their own sins will be upon the gay community. But as the church wears white, it is proclaiming a holiness by their own goodness and actions. Biblical Christianity is instead about the righteousness of Faith in Jesus Christ proclaiming that we are the righteousness of God in Christ. Holiness is the fruit of righteousness. When we proclaim of our holiness by our effort, we let sin enter, we let our carnal nature take front stage and manifest the fruit of unholiness in our lives. This is religion, all about laws and condemnation.

As the spirit of condemnation takes over Singapore by religious faiths wearing white, it is contrary to the spirit of grace, love, mercy and goodwill to all. Instead, it becomes all about us instead of the other, our hearts filled with self righteous indignation. As Mary Magdalene poured the precious oil on Jesus feet, the pharisees knew she was a prostitute yet permitted the scene because obviously she was having a hit on them. They were likely staring at her bosom with saliva dripping from their mouths. No doubt Mary knew where the chief Pharisee stayed.

Even the bible, Jesus writing the 10 commandments on the ground did not perturb the pharisees who brought a woman caught in adultery to trap Jesus. They knew the bible inside out. But when Jesus stoop down to the ground a second time, writing each of their names to the commandments that they had violated, they left, one by one. We can bring stones to condemn gays whilst wearing white. But in the end, it is our names written by God Himself, on the ground, condemning us. But as Christians, when we see it is Jesus who made us righteousness, we would be the humblest of people, humbled by God’s grace.

At the end of the day, the prostitute was once a young girl. Perhaps, she was abused as a child, but more likely abandoned in the streets by her husband. She may not have a choice but to work as a prostitute. Religious people of faith see but actually they do not see if their heart is of the law of good works, even loving others where we make love, an idol and a god. Jesus saw and had deep compassion. Jesus saw gays from their mother’s womb as born eunuchs ie with natural disinterest in the opposite sex in the context of adultery and marriage. This was indeed consistent with the Jewish religious traditions. That was why the Pharisees didn’t bring a gay person to Jesus to be stoned, nor did God judged Israel other than for their pagan worship.

We are all sinners because of Adam. If we indeed believe that Jesus is our Lord and Saviour, it is by His obedience at the Cross that resulted in our salvation. We believe by faith what was already bought for us at the Cross of Calvary. This believing by faith is so difficult that we want to do something to justify ourselves and we chose gays whom we deemed are the worst sinners even though they are actually innocent. We have condemned and put to the Cross, the innocent.

In our deep sin consciousness, Gays have been made by the church to bear all the sins of the community, and one day gays will be a torn at the side of the church. For whatever hate we sow, we will reap. We have stolen the lives of gay people, taken away their rights to love and be loved. We have robed them to elevate our self religious self righteousness. In the end, there is a cry deep within their hearts for justice and truth.

When Pink Dot started in 2009, it was such a closeted event with very little local news coverage and no sponsors. By 2016, the park no longer fits and the message is going out to the community at large about a love so precious, and about truth that gays are so precious in the sight of God, the one lamb that was lost out of the 99 that Jesus will go out to find in the last days.