The Church of God’s Love

Acts 2.47 and they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship in brealking the bread and in prayers.

The church is a place where the apostles doctrine is continued in earnest that is Jesus is our righteousness, the Grace of God apart from the law, and the tremendous outpouring of power miracles following the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They continued to break bread, a reminder of Jesus body broken for our curse, and His blood shed for our righteousness. Our fellowship must be centered thus.

The greatest sin of gay churches is unbelief (John 3.18). It is not being gay. They could not believe that God is that good. We are not blessed as a church because we could not accept Christ as our salvation and our blessings. We are adopted into the religion of man, but not as a child into the family and the body of Christ. It is faith in the messiah that gives us sonship not merely religious good works.

If the foundation of our church is based on returning to the love commandments, we will exalt the law, and diminished the Cross of Calvary. We may even be whole hearted in our love. But we would not see the move of God. Nobody will receive salvation since we do not believe that Jesus saves, hence few will be added unlike the first church.

Hence, without power nor the presence of God as we do not believe in the Gospel good news of salvation for our sin, we are church only by name with no great commission except social justice activism. Really, the only miracle is that the church exist in the first place and continues to exist. This is so for many gay churches, whose numbers remain less than 100 even after a decade.

Many gay churches has a form of religion, a churchianity, but no power, presence, nor is there salvation as they revert back to the law in the love commandments. We can only love if we understand Jesus love for us. Our love for others is an overflow and not a commandment.

We are called to serve, but the spiritual gifts are not general giftings but founded on the five fold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers. This five fold ministry guard the church against going into error rather than a council of elders who doesn’t believe the good news, or a congregational approach. But we can’t have such ministry without Jesus as the way, the truth and the life, and the mighty move of the Holy Spirit.These are spiritual gifts for the spirit man and not the carnal man.

For example, there is no need for an evangelist if we dont believe in salvation for the lost, with our evangelism framed as supporting the needs of minority groups. We are no different from a charity rather than a church or a body of Christ.

Where are the bible teachers if we don’t believe that the bible is the inspired word of God and we instead consider gospel, the liberal readings from Brian Mclaren. We skip all the passages that doesn’t fit our thelogical construction or declare that we dont believe in the Pauline teachings because it is only Paul’s opinion.

One would not require the apostolic ministry to extend the Kingdom of God to convert unbelievers from worshiping pagan gods if we were only doing ecumenical service. We would dearly need Apostles if we intend to preach the Gospel message of the good news to gays that Jesus loves them and died specifically for people like us. Ours is not a Kingdom of God but a kindom of mutual supports.

There is no need for prophets to discern the mind of God and the move of the Holy Spirit when we have blashemped the powerful work of the Holy Spirit by claiming what is of God, common and the same with other gods… All religion leads to the same god we claimed. We worship our minds and intellect like the hardened wine skin of religion and are not open to the prophetic voice. Just like Israel we worship the high places of Baal.

The gifts of the five fold ministry are to build up the church if indeed we are of the Holy Spirit of God. It is for the purpose of the Great Commission if we do not take it up and satisfied with our small activist kindom communities will render all the giftings needless.

Numbers are not a spiritual indicator per say, but the Holy Spirit made mention that 2,000 were saved, 5,000 were saved. Converts from judaism were added daily. Ironically, many gay churches dont even believe in hell, nor of salvation in Jesus Christ. We will end up with religion, self effort, and a kindom community of faith in a distant God. They are like an empty desert, claiming to be a pool of water. That is why few attends such churches.

There is so much strive in Gay churches because ultimately the truth is not with us. The truth is a keen sense of the love of God, not a general love for everyone, but a personal love. We are loved because it all points back to the Cross which many gay churches have denied in preference for the law. The bread and the wine, the Cross are but precious token of this love. We reject the Cross because we fear that Jesus may condemn us. Jesus knocks at our hearts today.

Jesus chose to die for us. God created us to be loved by Him, not really to be his slave or to do works of the law. It is this relationship that is so precious of the high priest carrying the Ark on their sholuders rather than impersonally on oxen cart.

Gays are so full of fear, judgement and condemnation. The love commandments which is the law only brings us to greater condemnation. We need The Lamb sacrificed for us, the touch from God, the personal love of Jesus that there is now no more fear. Only Jesus can sooth our conscience and bring peace.

There is a back door in gay churches because unbelief robs us of our relationship with Jesus and the mighty wind of the Holy Spirit. But the love of God is so precious, so gentle and so deep. Our love for God and others fades away like the passing lilies, but if we allow Jesus to enter our hearts, the goodness of Jesus and His love endures forever more.

The church is where two or three gathers in my name, in the name of Jesus to honor Him and remember His finished works at the Cross of Calvary. It is not for own aggenda of an inclusive progressive religion. It is the name of Jesus, above every name, both on earth and in heaven. And the amazing love of God wants to enter our hearts today. Dont try loving God but experience the love of Christ today for He loves you as who you are, a gay person, and has forgiven you of your sin of unbelief.

When we experience the depths of God’s love, grace, and mercy in a very personal way through the daily presence and walk with seeing the goodness of Jesus, then we can love God and others naturally as an overflow of the living waters in our hearts.

Only believe, only believe

All things are possible, Lord I believe