Is Chew Eng Han for 377a?

The 377a is the archaic law from the colonial times which makes gay sex a crime with 2 years jail time. Although not enforced, the National Council of Churches has been keen for the authorities to enforce the law. On the contrary, they should be stricter on those who had committed financial crimes against the good faith of those who donated money to charity organizations, especially church leaders who has been given such great trust and whose deeds impact many thousands and involves tens of millions.

The blog is apparently linked to the former CHC Board Member Chew Eng Han who is facing very serious charges of financial misdeeds and possible jail terms. In the latest blog entry dated July 11, 2016, on “cheating case”, they are coming out against the other leaders and ex-leaders of City Harvest church including Kong Hee and Sub Ho. This they said is a “warning to preachers not to be so daring in future to deceive church members…..”. But is the black pot calling others black?

Even in the midst of the legal and criminal proceedings, in a post on May 19, 2016, they still found the occasion to condemn the “Citi Pride” event scheduled on 18 May 2016. As they solute those who took trouble in closing their accounts because of CitiBank’s support of gays, it is pertinent to reflect the general attitude of law based self righteousness of the National Council of Churches mega churches.

Even in the midst of the mountain of criminal activities revealed in the courts against the accused, some still have time to claim they are less sinners than gays.  It is noted that the the blog commented that “although there is no more news about people convicted under 377a, this does not mean than homosexual activities are legal in Singapore”. Love does not need to be legal, to be real love. It’s simply love, no need to hide. In contrast, the financial transactions which came to light in the CHC trial with the outward appearance of being legal with the complex financial transactions in the night shadows also does not mean they are legal.

Gays are born as such from mother’s womb as not being attracted to the opposite sex. Whilst it is our decision to sin against God and men. There is a higher judgement from God for the pharisees rather than those who are humble and contrite heart, even tax collectors. Surely the tax collectors are guilty of cheating money and colluding with the Roman rulers? but what is the sin of gays, to fall in love.

There is so much harm done to the reputation of the Christian faith as a result of the City Harvest case, as the leaders of the largest mega church in Singapore are brought to court. The bible reminds us that we are to be beyond reproach especially elders and pastors. The seemingly lack of repentance is a reminder that our Christian Faith must be based on giving up our lives as a blessing of the common good instead of sacrificing the gay gentle lambs to bear our hidden sins.

The bible reminds us that all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. Let us remain humble and contrite, for the greatest is the least and the least is the greatest. For Christ even being the Son Of God lowered Himself and came to be one of us. Gays are the least in the community, and somehow when we give space and grace, God will bless Singapore.