The Pink Harvest is ripening

Where the spirit of the Lord is, there will always be a gathering even in the desert. But when we dont see the lost, there is no real need for the church, the barn to bring the harvest in, neither is there a need for laborers.

In Apr 2016, my progressive friends reacted with glee when Singapore’s ambassador at large Mr Kausikan said that Kong Hee is a “disgraceful compatriot of mine” in response to the missions trips to Japan.  Perhaps they were perturbed when they heard “Sun and I were so stirred and moved in our spirits. We can hear the sound of revival in our hearts and sense that the harvest is definitely ripening” concerning Japan which has very few Christians. When Jesus healed the sick on sabbath, somehow the pharisees did not see the person but only wanted to condemn. It is sad when we progressed beyond seeing the lost.

Recently in June 16, my inclusive friends were again perturbed when Sun mentioned the stirring of a revival in South Africa. In his face book, Kong Hee said “What Sun has said in this video perfectly described all we have felt so far — we have EXPLODED inside of us… the revival that is happening here in South Africa is real and they are truly winning the lost”. Revival was not in their minds because they have included all gods as being the same god.

They were perturbed because how could God move with such an unrighteous person. Are my inclusive “Christian” friends more moral? definitely for sure. But it is by His blood that saves us which few of them believes anyway having progressed beyond salvation to ecumenism. It is not the lack of laborers but the word of man being preached rather than the word of God resulting in little fruits.

God could use the worst cheaters such as the tax collectors, or the most stubborn donkeys to speak His word when they take the step to climb up the tree, the Cross of Calvary to see Jesus. But God would sometimes only honor His Son, the mercy seat of the Ark, and no other God. When we think that we are wise,progressive and inclusive and include other godly deities in our “Christian” faith, God need not honor our worship. We have a world of anti-Christ, many with bible college degrees but not anti-god.

I believe that God is truly using Kong Hee for revival because he has been truly broken. Previously, it was more about Kong Hee, but now is more about God and His glory. True brokenness brings revival. No more would it be about our good works, our mind, our intellect, but all about Jesus Christ and His righteousness.

Mat 9:36 But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.

When Jesus saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion because they were weary and harassed under the yoke of the law. They were scattered, going aimlessly in the dark not knowing the love and the touch of God because by the law, even by loving God wholeheartedly, they could never see God. They have no good shepherd to guide them to the living waters but only religious priests who wants to exploit them. Jesus is the good shepherd to lead them home to rest.

Jesus had compassion on the lost souls. Do we have compassion on the GLBT community. They are lost without Jesus. There are very few Christians, and even fewer churches because gays feel that God has judged and condemned them just as the churches do. The very few churches that accepts them, do not offer them living waters of Christ, but of human intellect and progressive religious reasoning on loving others more to see God. They needed a shepherd Jesus and not more religion which is why gays are rejecting even such gay “churches” which are inclusive.

The compassion here is about caring that people will be lost and receive eternal judgement and damnation without Christ, and not live in a denial that there is no devil and hell. We don’t really love people if we don’t care about where they will spend their eternity. It goes way beyond the love commandments of the law because it points to the greatest love at the Cross of Calvary and not our limited love.

Matt 9:35 Jesus went on to all the towns and cities. He taught in their places of worship. He preached the Good News of the holy nation of God. He healed every sickness and disease the people had.

Jesus didn’t went around talking about inclusivity where all religions are included in this happy commune. He preached the Good news – that they can come into the Kingdom of God apart from the Law which nobody can fully comply. Do we love God all the time, do we do good to others and cause no harm? if we have failed only once, then we have failed all the time and liable for the curse of the judgement upon our lives. There was the move of the Holy Spirit to heal the sickness people had to give weight and witness that Jesus is the Messiah of God. Therefore, when Jesus had the compassion it was about the people not having the Gospel Good news.

Mat 9:37 Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. 38 Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

The harvest field of the Gay community, the last tribe on earth are truly plentiful. There are 20% Christians in Singapore. If 20% of the 5% of population of PR/Citizen of 4 Million are to be gay christians, we would have a mega church of 40,000!. But there are very few Christians, and many have back slide and fallen away.

There are some gay pastors who said that there is no lack of harvest, no lack of Christians, and no lack of churches but only lack of workers. This depends of what is meant by harvest. If our harvesting is unto salvation in Jesus Christ, surely the harvesting will result in new Christians and Churches and much reduced harvest field. Jesus didn’t promise that all will be saved, only those who believed that He is the Ark.

With churches and new Christians comes the workers to gather in the new fields. There are plenty of Christian workers, and missionaries with the likes of City Harvest churning out thousands for the revivals in Asia, and hundreds of new churches.

For the Gay community, we have a land untouched and unharvested. The word of Jesus remains true not the word of man – that the harvest is ripe, send the laborers to bring the harvest field so that they can become born again, to become new Christian believers into the Kingdom of God, forming new churches. If our harvesting is unto a progressive kindom commune of love based on self effort, this is not the Kingdom of God but the kindom of man with a form of church with no living waters but a mirage in the desert.

For the gay tribe, it is the last harvest field, there are very few Christians, no churches and zero workers. Because the work is tough. These people are full of self condemnation and vary of religion. They will not believe unless the Word is followed by the tangible presence of Jesus and the powerful miracles of the Holy Spirit. Christianity has caused too much harm and our preaching of the love commandments is self centered and opposite to God’s offer of love and grace apart from ourselves. But where sin abounds, as in the harm and damage done by the church to reject gays, the grace of God super abounds.

The barn where the harvest are kept is the church, and the workers will come from the barns. The farm is the Kingdom of God. We weep because the harvest is great and man made religion and word have taken over the Gospel Good news of salvation in Jesus Christ apart from the Law. But the Word of God can never be quenched forever for the gay community, and there is power in Blood of the Lamb to save, heal, and deliver. It is a blessed assurance that Jesus is mine because He has purchased our lives.

When we do service for Jesus the King, it is not really work, but joy and peace, for it will be well with our soul and a privilege to be commissioned into the great rainbow harvest. One day, this earth will be no more, the many kindoms within, and we will return back to heaven, to be Home at last with Jesus Christ in heaven.

If Jesus could use the corrupt tax collector or the stubborn and not so bright donkey, surely we can be of use. Because it is Jesus really, not our love for Him or for others but His love for us and His death and resurrection power. If we remain in His love, we remain in His grace and mercy.