When God breaks the nations and churches

Zec 12.3 on  that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, i will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to remove it will injure themselves.

The mainline churches have won the cultural war in the US. As they and the European churches now lead in hindering the full return and control of Israel over Jerusalem and Judah, Israel will not be moved because the days of the Gentiles over Jerusalem are over. Hitherto, the Jews had lost everything including Judea and Jerusalem. They will not be vacated and loose everthing again on this 9th of Av.

Reading the jubilation of my gay theologian friends at the Pacific School of Theology and the Episcopal church of the decision by the liberal churches to boycott and condemn Israel for resettling Jerusalem and Judea, reminded me of my visit to MCC Sydney many years ago where the Pastor strongly condemned Israel totally negating God’s promises to Israel, and the historical ownership and events in the bible. There was only a dozen people in attendance in that broken mcc church, so too would be those churches who come against Israel.

In the recent months, we see a rise of strong boycott and official actions by left wing churches such as MCC, UCC, the Lutherans, and the Presbyterians taking their investments out, and calling for the ending of the rule and settlemnt by Israel of Jerusalem and Judea. The Episcopal church is likely to follow suit. Each time the enemies came against Israel when they first entered Canaan, Israel became stronger. So will this happen again.

The latest boycott comes in the declaration by the Lutheran Church condemning Israel for the settlements returning to Judea and disassociating Israel at their conference on 13 to 16th Aug 2016. Ironically, this coincided with the 9th of Av on 13 to 14th Aug 2016.

Essentially, some churches believes that God has no favorites, and since they rejected the biblical historical narratives of Israel and King David in God’s revelation of the Messiah through Israel, they have had to declare that one shouldn’t interprete the bible literally or that there are any absolutes.

The Ninth of Av or Tisha B’Av is the national day of mourning. The people cried when the spies returned from Egypt with news of the stronghold of Canaan. Later the First temple was destroyed on the 9th of Av in 429 BCE, and very same day, the second temple in 69 AD.

Ironically, modern tragedies followed the 9th of Av when the Jews lost everthing. The expelled from England this very day in 1290AD and from Spain in 1492AD.

In more recent times, on the 9th Av marks the formal approval by Nazi Germany in 1941 for the final solution for the hollocaust killing 6 million Jews. On July 23, 1942, begin the mass deportation of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto to their deaths.

The exgay movement is essentially over. But as gay churches now closely align themselves with MCC and the left wing churches coming against Israel, we will be hurt in the process. The left wing churches will begin to fall like never before, and gay churches too if we don’t distant ourselves from the hand of God’s judgement.

I see the Golden lampstand being taken away. We may have an outside form of churchianity. When we align ourselves with the boycott of Israel and claim God has no favorites, the Holy Spirit may boycott us. Our church may have a building and a welcome home banner, but broken on the inside.

God loved and chose Israel as a special and holy nation to reveal the Messiah. As a result, they had suffered much from the attacks of satan and colonial western nations. This suffering is remembered on the 9th of Av. If we love God, we would love Israel too and pray for peace where they can return to their own home. Nevertheless, the word of God has gone out and not return void to bring down the nations and churches against Israel.