Confess the blood of the Lamb

One of the most awful places to have a church service is where there is lots of death and cruel death. Satan chose whom he wishes to devour, usually the weakest group such as gays and he puts the church in a position to be blamed for the tens of thousands of lives lost. It was no coincidence that Hitler having the spirit of the anti-Christ targeted gays and Jews, so are many nations of faith. When blood is shed, there is a voice that speaks of vengeance. There is a voice against the church for the harm caused against the gay community.

We seldom see many big gay churches because we are in-between condemned by both gays and the body of Christ. There is a curse on the church, due to the pain caused. It is the blood of Abel calling out to God. When we represent the body of Christ to the Gay Community, we receive that voice which calls for vengeance and justice for the harm caused.

Eph 1:7 In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance to the riches of God’s grace.

When the angel of death passes through the children of Israel in Egypt, they had to apply the blood on the door using the hyssop. If the blood is still in the bucket, there is death, and judgement will come to the household. We have to apply the blood of the lamb, by speaking that protection over our lives and the churches.

Unfortunately, in many gay churches, all we need is love, and so the angel of death would come and judge the church. The big revolving door in many gay churches is caused when we do not apply the blood of the lamb on our doors. The sad fact in many gay churches is that we do not believe that Jesus saves nor bear the curse for our sins. Hence, there is no protection, and no redemption for the attacks of Satan, the judgement of God, and the blood of vengeance.

Indeed, often gay churches are naked because we refused to put on the bloodied skin of the animal killed by God in the garden of Eden to cover mankind. God killed the innocent lamb so that God’s judgement and wrath is not on us.  When we claim we are wise eating the fruit of the Garden, we become gods ourselves but we cannot save ourselves.

In many Gay churches, we confess to God to get our sins forgiven. But in reality, we should be confessing because we are forgiven in order to possess our forgiveness. Why should God hear our confession? God is love but God is also a just God. and our sins lead to death. Our confession alone can never lead to forgiveness, it is confessing the blood of the lamb that provides forgiveness and atonement.

Many Gay churches worship other gods especially themselves and their own wisdom. When Israel worship pagan gods, they neglected to sprinkle the blood of the lamb on the mercy seat. It was not that they were perfect before. But there was covering for their sins. When we run church rejecting the Blood of the Lamb, we can call ourselves part of the body of Christ, but we are open to judgement from God, and attacked from Satan.

I am reminded of the gay church service I attended (many years ago) which was held in an AIDS support center for gays. The voice was so loud of vengeance, they could hardly sing a hymn. There was oppression in the service. Our people are oppressed yet we have no leaders to discern. Gay people need the Lord and the protection from the Blood of the Lamb.

When gay churches reject the cleansing and the washing of the blood of the lamb (as bad theology according to their unbelieving mind), the angel of death, the demonic f0orces, and the voice of the blood of vengeance will oppress the church. Therefore, let us repent and be renewed in our mind and be humble for the cleansing and covering of the blood of Jesus Christ.