Jesus, the love story of God

One of the greatest falsehood in many of our GLBT churches is to proclaim that it is love really, that the story of God is about love rather than the love of God through Jesus Christ. Our own love becomes the evidence of association with God, but it is His love really not our love. Our role is to accept Jesus, the personification of God’s love.

When it is about our love for others, it becomes self centered on us, and often repeatedly falling. When gay churches promote love and loving God whole heartedly, it will come from the strength of our flesh which is rather weak instead of the love of God in our hearts being the motivating factor. Hence gay churches can be the most unloving places because it is all self centered inward looking.

1 John 4 is often quoted as about love, but surely we are not to believe in every spirit that talks about that fuzzy man centered love. For 1 John 4.1 reminds us to test the spirit, and the test is not how much we love God whole heartedly. The test in 1 John 4.2 reads

1 John 4.2 by this you know the spirit of God: evey spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God

Many gay churches dont believe that Jesus is God nor that He is the way, the truth, and the life to God. In 1 John 4.3 every spirit who denies Jesus has the Spirit of the Anti Christ. They are not against God the Father per say but consider Jesus only as a man, a good teacher, rather than Lord and the resurrected Saviour.

We say that we love God but actually we have no love at all when our hearts are not touched by the pain that Jesus suffered at the Cross bearing all our sins and God’s judicial judgement. We have made the Cross of no effect and without the Cross, the love of God will never reach us.

In 1 John 4.7, the fruit of love comes when we are born of God and knows God. Knowing God is accepting the love of God manifested towards us by accepting His Son. It is not our love, it is not our love for God that really manners, but accepting and believing that God loves us so much that He sent His only begotten Son to pay for our sins. If we do not accept that we are sinners needing redemption through Jesus Christ, then we are not accepting God’s love and the love of Christ is not in us. We are playing church.

In 1 John 4.12 when we accept God’s love in accepting Jesus as payment for our sins, it is this love, His love that will be perfected in us. Ie we can only learn to love, when we are open to God’s love in Jesus Christ.

1 john 4.14 and we have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son as Saviour of the world. 15 whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.

In 1 John 4.13, we know we abide in God through Christ, because He has given us the Holy Spirit who will testify that Jesus is the Saviour. It is His blood that washes us clean. It is when we abide in God, we can truly change inwardly to love. It is not our confession of love really, but our faith confession that Jesus is God and Saviour that results in God abiding in us even though we have not seen God.

There are many anti christ even pastors in churches not because they have failed the test of love, but because they do not confess about Jesus rather their own man centered religious love for God. If it is about us, our love, then there is no need for Jesus nor the Cross.

The spirit of the Anti Christ is in the world. The mind is the place of battle, right believing is stolen from us in many gay churches and replaced by half truths and demoting Jesus and making Him metaphorical rather than crucified and suffering for our sins. For them, Jesus is still at the Cross and not resurrected.

In 1 John 4.4 when we are of God, we have no fear even though we are little children and will overcome them, not by our works of flesh but confession of Christ. As God abides in us and we in God, the love of God will abide in us ie our love for others will be perfected coming naturally because it is His love shining through.

Therefore, the big picture is beholding the love of God through Jesus Christ, the great I Am, God incarnate and becoming flesh dwelling with us. We can abide in God the Father even though no one has seen God, when we confess Jesus as the Son of God and Saviour for our souls redeeming us from the powers of darkness and curse of our sins.