IOF cape town declaration

The Cape Town Declaration against gays claiming that the marriage between one man and one woman is the “bedrock of civil society” and at the “heart of any just social order” is not really Christian or blibical despite being signed by Singapore dominion gate keeper Rev Lawrence Khong. This is set in Africa where deep poverty, wars, and corruption reigns despite racial equality and being people of faith. Are gays to be blamed of the failure of Africa to prosper? No longer having the colonialist to blame!

Jesus talks about marriage between one man and one woman to the heterosexual pharisees who were divorcing their wives at will whilst mandating the strictest compliance to the law for the masses. We are talking here about deep hypocrisy, about our hearts so hardened that we judged others on a scale far heavier than how we judged ourselves. We seem to have run out of God’s grace and mercy because we do not comprehend that in Jesus Christ, the goodness of God and His mercies endures for ever in the finished work at the Cross of Calvary.

Bashing gays are akin to David peeping on Bathsheba having nothing much to do because he had neglected his duty to lead the nation in the front lines against the pagan forces. When Christians forget that the Gospel is about God’s grace, mercy and love in Jesus Christ against the powers of demonic darkness, we begin to be tempted into sin.

The sin of Christians not understanding their kingdom role and destiny is to pick on gays, who is weak and defenceless. We have nothing much to do, wasting our time by focusing on useless battles and then blame God Himself for it. Gays didn’t even exposed ourselves unlike Bathsheba who took her bath in plain view. Our real enemy is the devil who is binding even nations to be deceived into worshiping other gods. The other extreme is to say that these are worshiping the same God as the God of Israel giving themselves double judgement against the Holy Spirit calling what is unclean Holy.

The declaration organised by the “Christian” group International Organization for the Family (IOF) is really another new front for what some have called the hate group World Congress of Families. If we were to really focus on families surely we cannot but tackle the horrendous infant mortality, slavery, sex trade, deep poverty, and lack of education of the hundreds of million of poor chlildren. In truth, family is only an excuse used.

In attendance was the Nigerian ambassador to South Africa Uche Ajulu Okeke whose country has jail terms of 14 years against gays, and have a poverty rate of more than 50% in an uncontrolled population growth of 175 million. They are so adamant, so harsh against gays even though there is rampant corruption, dictators, denial of religious rights, adultery and abortions because gays have become a scapegoat to the poverty hardship of the nations. Christians are persecuted especially in North Africa, India and middle East yet we have been deceived by focussing on the mundane.

Marriage between one man and one woman is not really blibical. David had a few wives, Solomon had many more.Yet, God did not insist on marriage between one man and one woman. Why? Because it is far more important not to be unequally yoked as we have a demonic environment where different faiths have joined themselves to the different pagan gods. There in marriage, they became joined to the pagan demonic god of their wives. As Christians, we have joined ourselves with the spirit of this world and have forgotten that we are to be the salt, the fertilisers of the ground, to be a blessing of peace to the nations.

If these Christians are so religious, they should be bringing down the religious altars of high places in the nations rather than blaiming gays for the sins of the nations. Yet, many people of faith worship other deities, instead of Jesus, the Kings of kings without even a whisper of complaint of the fearful judgement of God from Christians who blamed the love between two people of the same sex.

Africa is in deep strive. Deep poverty, sickness, wars, and corruption reigns despite racial equality and abundant resources . The western colonialists have left. Liberal Christians still blame the colonialists because they could not see that sin is within and that in many religions with its strict harsh laws causes much more harm than good because we often don’t see our own sins but magnify the sins of others.

Africa need Jesus, they need the Gospel of Salvation in Jesus Christ. There is no other name, no other God. Trying to gain blessing by righteousness in adhearing to the 10 commandments does not work because in failing to love God and others we will blame others as greater sinners to hide our own sheared conscience. Persecuting gays will not help but instead bring judgement because innocent blood are being spilled. Gays are a scapegoat for the majority under the guise of religious faith when it should be about causing no harm.

The Cape Town IOF declaration is a desperate act because the tide of history is moving forward in gay equality reaching now to the other side of the pacific in New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan. When we declare harm on the weak and the suffering, God will make those we war against much bigger and stronger. That is why gays, who are only 5% of our community seem so strong and impactful because God is in it. Ultimately, we are fighting against God and a brick wall.