My heavenly mansion

Some Christian friends were commenting on Pope Francis humble lifestyle as compared to the mega church pastors in Singapore. They have a good point but the Pope position is one of an elected institution whereas the mega church senior pastors grew their churches out of nothing much.

As i reflected, i don’t even have a house but a small rented room whilst some of my gay christian friends are so very privileged even more luxurious lifestyle than a mega pastor’s wife. I can only look forward to my mansion in heaven.

Actually, the Pope not only have a big mansion but a massive palace. There is nothing wrong having a mansion, but as Christians we should have a heavenly focus. Our mansion being prepared in heaven not as a reward but because we are a child of God if we were indeed bought by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Ww are often slow to highlight that despite all the expectation and humility, the Pope is very much anti gay. At the heart of it because the church want gays to be celibate because the Church hierachal in Rome has no blibical basis for a celibate priesthood. Its only for the maintenance of power. Otherwise, just like many mega churches, the leadership would be handed over to their children.

There is a certain sense of false humility in the church hierachal whose power comes from its 1 billion adherants never mind the alleged links to the Mafia and rampant child sexual abuses. The churches in Rome have stores of gold taken from colonial times from the Americas and hordes trillions in wealth. The mega churches are not in the same league as the church hierachal.

The wealth of the hierachal chuch is tied back to the church rather than her princelings. When the Boston diocese was taken to tasks for child sexual abuse, it was declared in court that their holdings run into many hundreds of million.

There is also a certain sense of deep irony of some christians who commented on the good salary of the mega church pastors whilst they themselves earn an even higher mega salary, live in luxury, and drive expensive European cars. Many hold senior positions in capatalistic companies whose aim is profit whilst the mega churches bring the Gospel of Salvation to the masses.

The truth is of the angst against the mega church pastors is that the mega church pastors preached eternal salvation through Jesus death and resurrection something which is abhorent to many liberals despite calling themselves Christians.

There is also deep hidden jealousy how the charismatic evangelicals grew many mega churches from the 70s out of nothing much when the US mainline had declined massively in numbers from their heydays. For instance, City Harvest grew out of a cell group of a dozen out of the late 80s to 10k in year 2000 whilst some churches even struggle to maintain a 100 attendance even after a decade.

The irony is that the Episcopal Bishop Spong declared that the church must dished the Gospel of eternal Salvation and virgin birth or die in decline when it is the Episcopal church who has declined because of their Christless inclusive Gospel. When the Holy Spirit doesn’t move in Churches who reject Jesus as God and Savior, it is hardwork to grow.

The greatest gift is not only humility but to have an eternal hope, the hope that some GLBT churches do not believe in. I really have very little in this life. Jesus is preparing for me a mansion in heaven where my abode will be with angels and where i can dwell in the house of the Lord forever. There will i have peace.