Trump bans the stranger

Trump’s executive order banning visitors and immigrants from 7 countries has caused issues at the airports with protests even though at the end a handful were impacted. The irony is that multitudes of feminist and gays who protested in the streets of the US would be hauled up and would not be seen again if they did so in many countries of faith in the Middle East, the actions justified in the name of faith. Trump is shaking the UN new world order in the making for 70 years.

The countries banned were carefully selected based on the rampant footprint of violent faith based anti US and anti-Jewish elements. So they are not innocent strangers as nations. The liberal christians seldom remembers that many countries of faith ban visitors from Israel because of their Jewish faith nor the mass executions of gay people in these same countries in the name of faith.

The concerns of faith based armed violence is not unfounded. An example is a recent attack by faith based violent armed resistant groups supported by Iran against a Saudi ship (probably mistaken for a US ship) with the suicide bomber declaring death to xxx, xxx. Iran has stated that in 20 years, Israel will be no more. This contradicts the notion that all faiths are about love when many are based on harsh religious laws especially when one converts to Christianity.

The order was pandering to Trump’s support base and is also a trap to expose the hypocrisy of many because at the end it would highlight the following:-

  1. The nations banned are where Christians are persecuted.
  2. The previous administration have been actively involved in many of these nations supporting the various faith resistance groups to push for regime changes.
  3. The nations banned have significant footprints of violent faith based resistant movements, many of the same elements in 911.
  4. The limit on refugees based on factual assertions by armed faith groups such as ISIS that they have inserted their elements in the vast refugee exodus.
  5.  Iran, is an exporter of faith based violence with mullahs calling for downfall of the US and an end to Israel. Gays there are executed en mass.
  6. The order was written in terms of protecting the constitution, and basic equality based on gender and sexual orientation when these faith based resistance movements have a violent disposition against gays and Christians, with very little equality for women

Therefore, the order whilst may be claimed to be motivated against certain faiths was written based on facts that these faith based violent resistance movement are totally against US freedoms, women and gay rights. Hence, the order is a trap meant to bring protests and court challenges to ultimately bring into focus the anti human rights of these violent faith based resistance movements which makes some Christians look like hypocrites for indirectly supporting these faiths armed movements.

Trump was the focus. But it is likely that he did not write the orders which were crafted by veterans of the culture wars. The culture wars by Obama for the last 8 years whose policies were seen to be very anti-Christian increasing refugee intake multiple fold, and supporting Syrian rebels. Ironically, without western support for regime change, the rebels would not have lasted long thus preventing the exodus of refugees to arrive in the first place.

The Jesuit Pope tried to come in saying that to be Christian is to accept the refugees but the Catholic Churches have not fully opened their own doors to house, camp and feed these masses, nor held religious services of the other faiths on the sacred grounds of St. Paul. Trump would be no match for the Pope who is a political and religious genius.

The fundamental biblical question is that in the bible, the Jews would not have accepted hordes of refugees from pagan worshiping nations bringing their own worship into Israel unless they joined with Israel and abide by the Sabbath and worship to the God of Israel in the House of the Lord.

When Jesus talked about helping the poor stranger, the hungry, the outcast, the prisoners, it was always in the Jewish context, having in common their worship to the God of Israel. Therefore, it was supporting their own brethren of faith.

The Gentiles were rejected because they were not of Abraham but through Christ they are allowed into the Holy of Hollies, and became a child of God grafted into Abraham. Hence, the call by Christ is that we were once strangers to the God of Israel now made a child of God through Jesus. Therefore as a child of God, we are no longer strangers in Christ having a common baptism into the body of Christ. It is in this context of Christ call to help the stranger because they are no longer strangers but family. We were once strangers now grafted into the blessings of Abraham as the stars above the sky because of grace.

Indeed we are all strangers longing to return back home, one day to God in heaven. It is this uncertainty that makes us cause harm via the religious laws which are without mercy nor grace, and to abide by religious good moral works hoping that it will take us home. But Jesus came down, so that God is no longer a stranger to us, and that God Himself would bring us back home if we truly believe that Jesus died and rose again to bring us back by the Ark through the stormy and dark clouds of life.