Thy Kingdom come

In the last 70 years at the UN, an attempt has been undertaken to bring down walls amongst the nations in the spirit of ecumenism. Driven by the World Council Churches pantheism, the unwritten goal is to replace the Gospel of Salvation in Jesus Christ to a form of salvation on earth with the social gospel. The walls between nations must be first brought down for a religious new world order. The walls proposed by Trump and his intention of reducing support for the UN is undermining the New World Order.

The religious christian right is also being distracted to fight petty battles with gay rights when the countdown for the return of Jesus Christ is getting nearer and the harvest field so great in Europe, India, China and Indochina. Ironically, the New World Order resulted in a globalism whereby the world is closer making it easier for the Gospel message.


The goal of the new world order is a spiritual Pope to be the bridge between god and man, indirectly replacing Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of Lords. God is defined as the mystery creator god where all religions are one without walls. They wanted a king, to be the bridge between man and the all seeing eye of the ancient mystery religions, the moon and the sun gods who came against the God of Israel in Egpyt. Though unsaid, their ultimate worship is the great deceiver of mankind who had deceived Adam and Eve.

When Jesus said to worship God in Spirit and Truth, it is to worship God by the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit who will exalt only Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and not by our own religious theology and good works. The truth of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ to return to the domain of the God of Israel is contrasted with the worship of pagan gods.

The worshipping of God in truth is a message to the Christian Right that abiding in religious laws does not save us but make us more self righteous because we cant meet these laws and so we persecute those we deemed as greater sinners eg gays. It is all by His grace.

The doorway to the kingdom of heaven of the God of Israel is Jesus Christ. The walls to these kingdom cannot be breached by good works and being people of faith per say. The goal by some is to create a new heaven on earth, a new world order, to the bring down the earthly walls because they cannot bring down the heavenly walls to reach the eternal heavens.

The UN has led the effort of globalization to bring down the boundaries and walls between nations for an earthly heaven. The exodus of people is meant to bring down the walls of Europe and the US, to make the World One. In the US, illegal immigrants are even called undocumented immigrants!

Love becomes the cry and the vehement declaration that we are all God’s children despite some christians not believing in creation but in a mysterious evolution. Faith in spirituality, in a higher power replaces the faith in the God of Israel, and faith in Jesus Christ. The wise have become foolish because their minds are deceived by a spiritual darkness.

In the bible, there is no morality in faith per say but which God you belong to. God sees us not only who we are as a person, but whose we belong to. In John 3:17, Jesus condemns us for our unbelief that He is the Messiah, the doorway back to heaven. It is not that we read a different bible, some Christians do not pray to Yahweh the God of Israel, a very personal God, but to a another god.

For some, there is no devil, for in essence they are in the one god for them. Thinking that they are wise, they made the Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ of no effect but they are ultimately deceived by the devil. We are not to fight some christians in words and in angst for they are to be most pitied, thinking themselves wise and moral but ultimately not realising that they are worshiping the beast and doing his bidding.

An effort was made to wipe out any reference to the God of Israel and replaced it by creator God by pushing Israel into the sea. But the army of Israel prevailed despite the repeated denials by the religious left that God has favorites (meaning that God did not choose Israel to be the nation to bear the seed of the Messiah).

When Israel got back Samaria and Judah, blibical lands in 1967, they were accused of being occupying powers when ironically the ultimate world power and colonial masters in the UN were the Romans and her offsprings, the British, the Russians, Germans, Dutch, Portugal, Italians, the colonial masters of old. When Trump declared his intention to build walls, it was symbolic against the new world order at the UN and European Union.

The Romans destroyed Jerusalem in AD 70. The ultimate aim of the new world order is to prevent the full return of Israel to Jerusalem and the promised land of Judah and Samaria, thus preventing Jesus from coming back. Why did Hitler a type of anti Christ poured out scorn against the Jews and gays, the same spirit we see in many people of faith in the middle east? Because the return of the Jews back home to Jerusalem, and the heart of the God’s grace in Jesus Christ extends even to the least, the Gay community is the heart of the Gospel.

Grace has been given to Israel by the walls of protection. That same space is given for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed as salvation to the nations both to be salt on earth and to be a bridge to the kingdom of heaven above, to bring the heavens down against the principalities of this world.

The christian church is effectively in tribulation when the Gospel message of eternal life is being watered down by regressive theologies in the US, latin america and Europe, and the Gospel message of salvation in Christ is rejected by the world masses in India, China, Indochina and Europe because of the strong spiritual principalities in these countries. Christians are persecuted in the middle east by faith groups like never before.

We are having a war in the heavenlies. There is an increasingly intense spiritual warfare for the souls of the nations for by the grace of God the doorway of salvation is closing soon after 2,000 years. We have left at most 50 years, or a full lifetime of 120 years from 1948.

Jesus is coming back soon to Jerusalem. So let us be continually in prayer, and worship God in truth and in the spirit. We need not come against others because our warfare is in the heavens to bring the message of God’s grace, mercy and love in Jesus Christ. Ironically, the New World Order resulting in globalism would ultimately enable the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to be spread around the world as it brings us closer through technology and open borders.