The gates of Hades will not prevail

The trial and the verdict of the CHC case is over, and the judgement passed and those sentenced in prison for a short while. But the grace of God is so amazing. The church is still perhaps 10 to 15K strong and have a large ownership of Suntec. CHC had started from a cell group in the late 80s. Some churches i know are still well below 100 after 1 to 2 decades but their focus is solely on the social justice gospel rather than standing on the solid Rock.

The grace of God comes because despite all that has happened, Jesus is preached as God incarnate, the risen Messiah. The gates of Hades will never prevail as long as the church stands on Jesus the eternal rock. If we are a church that preached only the law and no eternal salvation, in God’s eyes we are greater sinners for there is no redemption in self.

A few years back, a few friends of mine said that if the Ark of the Covenant was found surely it would prove the authenticity of the bible narrative. But I really wouldn’t want the carry the Ark incorrectly lest struck down, nor be tempted to open the Ark. When the law was given, 5,000 died at Mt Sinai. Before that, though they were a rebellious lot, non died under the Abrahamic Covenant in the red sea crossing from Egypt.

What was really happening in the churches in Singapore is that they are transgressing with a powerful truth for the law came through Moses but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. This is exemplified by wearing white against the Pink Dot which is actually declaring ourselves righteous in our own flesh whilst we are the real sinners depriving the basic rights and freedom of others. There is no honor in hypocrisy when weekly our churches are frequented by foreign speakers yet our holy rage comes against the once a year foreign sponsorship of Pink Dot. Ironically, the NCCS only helped removed a sponsorship that had a negative effect of making the Pink Dot looking like a picnic outing for the Western elites and bankers!

When we open the Ark of the Covenant to preach the Ten Commandments, and the staff of Moses a reminder of the rebellion against the anointed leadership of God, we take away the golden cover with the two guardian angels, the mercy seat upon which the blood offering was poured out. Without grace and mercy, judgement comes. Once, the lid is open when we insist to preach the law, the power the law to bring forth the sin in our hearts because of our flesh comes to the front.

There are churches who will bypass Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection. They are like the Philistines who camp in Canaan coming directly from Egypt without passing through the red sea nor the river Jordan. Without death, without the blood and the waters of cleansing, what is left is flesh, the carnal self. God working in Christ is preached but not Jesus as God and Savior. But the Holy Spirit of God, the lamp stand is being removed from these churches that despite all their effort, it will be a struggle to survive and to hit against the rock just as the mainline churches in the US is declining now over 5 decades. The tares is being removed.

There is a trumpet sound of the Shofar, a reflection of Christ the lamb that was sacrificed that Jesus is coming back. The call came out of Jerusalem in 7 June, 1967. Singapore has a special place in God’s heart as the Antioch to Asia. The Spirit of God was poured out so powerfully thereafter in the Anglican and Methodist church and God removed many of the leadership who were stopping the evangelical charismatic revivals. Even the National Council linked to the WCC was removed. And today, God is doing a new cleansing work in the church of Singapore, that the Gospel may go forward throughout Asia, not of the law, but of grace and truth.


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