The bell tolls thrice before midnight

Our God is a God of grace and mercy. He is long suffering and patient waiting for our hearts to change our minds. He gives us every chance to change our hearts or alternatively to really confirm our stance before judgement comes. Midnight is coming. The day is over. The bell tolls thrice, each time the nations affirmed their stance against Israel.

After the flood which destroyed mankind which was by then already corrupted by seed of demonic angels, God set a rainbow of many colors in the sky. It is a reminder that God will give grace even though there is grave sin, evil, and injustice. The rainbow is formed in the light of the day when God’s rain cuts through the light. When there is darkness, the rainbow no longer can be seen,

The surrounding nations have been against the Jews since they entered the promised land, three thousand years ago. There have been wars, invansion, deportations, and abominations in the Holy of Holies. The destruction of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, in AD 70 was the final death knock with the Jews sent to the farthest place on earth in the diaspora. The nations of the world and the people of faith wanted to totally destroy the Jewish people, because they bore Jesus the Messiah, and are God’s chosen people.

After two thousand years minus 50 years, Jerusalem have been declared the capital of Israel by Trump citing historical and ancient links. The nations of the world, the people of faith, even the mainline liberal churches calls this madness. They bear the burden of sin, or judgement in their conscience. They have oppressed the Jews and taken their peace for two thousand years.

The third day is coming, Jesus is coming back, and there will be a return of peace to Jerusalem and Israel. Many spoke of Trump’s decision as madness, but they know not that peace is coming to Jerusalem but madness to the nations and many people of faith.

The bell toll thrice, each time when the nations come together to confirmed their stance.

1. 23 Dec 2016 – United Nation Security Council proclaimation that the Jewish settlements in Judah is illegal and against international law. (14 nations voted for, 0 against)

2. 13 Dec 2017 – In response to Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the OIC declared East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, hence dividing Judah and Jerusalem. 57 nations voted in the affirmative. None against.

3. ????

The are three candles, the light of two have been extinguished. When the bell tolls the third time, the third candle will be extinguished and there will be no light left but darkness and we have the 3 complete witness for judgement. Hence, the witness is confirmed and perfected by the witness of three.

The real madness is not that Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but our evil heart in not seeing the harm that the nations and people of faith comitted against Israel for 3,000 years just because they are God’s annointed. The third day is coming, and it is the day of judgement even as peace reigns over Jerusalem after two thousand years. The real madness is coming in many nations of divisions, floods, famine, earthquakes. Darkness will cover the nations for one day, and it will be a long day.

May the God of grace and mercy protect Singapore because of Jesus Christ.