Christmas 2017 – light in a coming darkness

When President Trump declared Jerusalem, the capital of Israel because of her ancient links, the town of Bethlehem decided not to turn on the lights for the festive decorations. Many have forgotten that Jesus was born Jew and the gentiles have occupied Judah after successive mass deportation by the Romans. As the world celebrates Christmas in 2017 rejoicing of successive UN resolution effectively dividing Israel and Jerusalem, the light is turning off soon, and darkness coming.

The UN resolution against Israel ownership to Jerusalem on 21 Dec 17 was a one sided victory (128 for, and 9 against), a declaration of defiance against Trump’s decision to call Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It would have been something so obvious with the bible mentioning Israel historical and religious connection to Jerusalem hundreds of times. It would take a bible college degree to deny it.

The nations of the world have forgotten that Judah and Jerusalem were the Promised Lands given to the Jews by the God of Israel. Hence, by denying the Jews the right to Jerusalem including the temple mount, they are coming not against Trump but against God. This is after 2,000 years of gentiles having a free hand with the worst atrocities to kill and deport millions of Jews from Israel, and then killed millions later in Europe.

Just as in the days of Egypt, God is not mocked, and is not slow in hearing nor coming to the aid of Israel. He is waiting for His love and grace constraints Him. For that moment in history, Trump became a type of Moses to confront the powers at the UN, and the nations collectively refused, hardened their hearts in jubilation as they collectively vote against the US (14-0 at the security council, and 128-9 at the General Assembly). The people of faith, and the church hierarchical rejoiced at the UN decision.

The God of Israel doesn’t really need Moses, he doesn’t need Trump. He could have just come down with His mighty legions of angels against the nations and their gods. But God sent Moses because God is a righteous God, and will only judge us by our very response, proclamations, and decisions. Hence, His judgement would be unequivocal. Therefore, the UN vote is a big trap, to determine where God’s judgement falls based on their very on voting decisions.

At the end 128 voted against Israel, 9 voted for, and 35 abstained.

  • The nations who supported Israel includes the US and some small islands, the notable nations who had abstained includes Canada, Mexico, Philipines, Argentina, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Australia.
  • The notable countries against Israel in the UN vote includes China, Russia, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, India, Turkey, Ukraine, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, Jordan, Tanzania, South Korea and South Africa.

The nations who have voted against Israel especially when this issue concerns them not like South Korea and Japan are playing with volcanic fire.

On the face of it, it was a humiliation for the US who said that they will be taking down names just like Santa Clause of who is naughty and good. But really, US is not the judge, but the God of Israel is. There is no turning back. By their own decisions, the nations of the earth will be judged for dividing Jerusalem and Israel.

One of the judgement against the nations will be darkness and loss of the first-born ie something so precious in each nation including their highly valued houses and stock markets. There will be a lost of wealth. Just as they divided Israel, there will be great political, race, and religious divisions that will rock the nations. There will be wars, earth quakes, famines, and storms that will demoralised the strongest nations. Darkness will reign. At the meantime, there will be peace in Israel, just as none were lost when the Jews came out from Egypt despite being pursued.

In the midst of judgment coming soon, there will be a light, the fifth and the greatest wave of the Holy Spirit to move amongst the nations to point the people of faith to the resurrected Jesus Christ with mighty signs and wonders. (1st was at Pentecost, 2nd was at Reformation, 3rd after Zionist convention in 1897/Azusa St revivals, 4th after the return of Israel to Jerusalem in 1967).

Darkness is coming. Grave darkness. But along with it, the light and the wind of the Holy Spirit revival of the last days. The last and fifth rain of the Holy Spirit revival is coming.

Come Holy Spirit. Come Emmanuel to your Holy Temple in Jerusalem. For all nations, and all people of faith will one day bow down at your feet in Jerusalem.