Year 2017 – Jubilee, Year 2018 – Justice/truth

Year 2017 has been an incredible year of Jubilee. Lives that were stolen, of gay people was allowed freedom in gay marriages in Australia and soon Taiwan. Jerusalem, the temple mount which was stolen from the Jews was declared as returned to Israel when Trump declared it as the capital of Israel. The Word has gone out, the Word has spoken and will not return void. The liberal western media and the people of faith have refused to mention the gross human rights violation of Turkey, Iran and the Middle East nations, even against Christians. There is going to be great internal conflicts coming soon that will divide these nations for the truth of their sins will be revealed that justice and righteousness will flow. The veil is going to be torn soon in the Middle East showing the truth, the darkness and oppression of the pagan worship.

In Singapore, the National Council of Churches (NCCS) whilst still publicly condemning gays, have no formal position on Jerusalem despite it being mentioned hundreds of times in the bible as belonging to the Jews. In the bible, when homosexuality is mentioned, it relates to an abomination, the action of anal sex in the worship of pagan gods rather than same sex orientation. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be the families ie women and children mentioned in Sodom and Gomorrah, and they would not be after Lot’s daughters. Anal sex joins themselves as one with the demonic priests. God destroyed the city because they were no longer “humans” being throughly possessed and owned.

As the mainline media and liberal Christians kept repeating the number of protestors killed by the Israel armed forces, they excluded the fact it was a very violent protests. Indeed, the extreme violence and hatred have marked their 100 years of battle where they never gave any grace even though they actually resided on the God’s promised land to Israel. The terms “occupied territories” were repeatedly used when they were actually camping in the first place on stolen land. The rightful owner has come to take it back and they throw stones at Him. Did God hardened their hearts? For judgement, Did God hardened the hearts of the leaders at the United Nations, so that they all voted to divide Jerusalem? This is so that justice may come.

In Matt 21:33-46, the vineyard here is the promised land. The Jews took the land, and killed Jesus Christ the Son of God, hence was evicted from the land in AD 70, until the time of the gentiles was over. Now, the Son is coming back again the 2nd time. The Jews have returned to the vineyard but it is still occupied by Gentiles who are now determined not to allow the Son to come back by destroying any evidence that the estate had once belonged to the rich owner, and replacing the lookout tower by their own tower to worship other gods! Surely, there will be a double portion of destructions upon the united nations as a matter of justice and righteousness.

In 1947, It was so difficult for the Arabs residing in the Palestine region to declare a Palestinian state, because hitherto there was never a Palestinian people but a no man’s land being divided by various nations. And these nations for the next 70 years tried to push Israel back into the sea despite being 100 times larger than Israel. The time has come for judgement after 70 years upon these nations. They had lost their claim in the several defeats. The call by the UN to go back to the pre 1967 borders is a denial that the war has been lost and Jerusalem belonged back to the Jews and never an occupied territory. The Palestinians became a political tool by the Arab nations who wanted a maximalist position, ie destruction of Israel. Year 2018 will be a year of justice against the surrounding nations of Israel.

We see Turkey (Ottoman empire) and Iran (Persia) going further to shift the embassies to Jerusalem for the Palestinians. They can retrospectively claim Jerusalem as the capital of a new Palestinian state but this is a political rather than a historical assertion. As they took the lead like the chariots of fire hunting the Jews across the red sea, the waters will fall on them first. The Ottomans never recognised the Palestinians as a separate people/state when they ruled it for 400 years until 1917.

The year 2017 is a year of Jubilee,the following year 2018 onwards will be a season of justice with supernatural earthquakes against Rome where Babylon resides with her ancient gods. Part of the fertile grounds of WW1 and in WW2 the rise of Hitler was the 200 years of liberal and progressive Christianity of the Jesuit counter-reformation in Germany which concerned the likes of Karl Bath. When the centrality of Jesus Christ as God, lord and Saviour is removed, what is left is a vague professing form of Christianity with religious ideals of love devoid of salvation. When we undermined the historical truths of the bible, we no longer see Jesus as a Jew and the Jews, God’s chosen, resulting the mass killings of the Jewish people throughout the 2,000 years of modern Europe. Life looses its value without understanding the value of the Cross.

In WW2, Hitler who was an anti-christ, hated two groups the most, Jews and Gays. It was a demonic hatred. When the nation of Israel was founded, soon after, homosexuality was decriminalised in Israel whilst until this very day, the Arab countries have very harsh penalties against gays, a fact which is ignored by western gay activist and liberal churches in the name of ecumenism.

Year 2017 marks a year of Jubilee for gays championed by the liberals. But it will be the last campaign for from 2018 onwards will be a unreversible decline of the anti Israel mainline liberal churches. The first 50 years from 1917 to 1967 was a revival and supremacy of liberal Christianity with the massive output of liberals from the mainline theological colleges which by then all but denied the historical truths of the bible, and Israel’s special place. The next 50 years until 2017 represents a slow decline of the mainline liberal church. Eg the Episcopal church has 2 million attendance in the 60s is now struggling with less than 600k in 2017. The evangelicals may not be growing in percentage terms but they are not in free fall. With their incredible disdain for Israel, there is soon no oil in the mainline church, and will be a slowly diminishing amber for the next decades although they would never admit it. Their voices condemning Israel will soon be a silent protest.

The  Year 2017 was a year of Jubilee for Jerusalem, and for gays in general. When Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, it is a return of what was lost to the Jews and they have waited 1947 years. The world and the united nations may reject it, ten thousands may demonstrate against it, the liberal mainline media may call it a tragedy and a detriment to peace,  but it is done event in the heavens. What was lost was returned to the rightful owners. Similarly, for the gay community, the announcement of gay marriages in Australia and Taiwan, marks a crossing of the gay marriage movement from the West.

When Jubilee happens, of freedom from bondage through God’s grace, judgement follows for perpetrators who have denied freedom for the outcasts. Justice must be done, and this righteousness which flows down is what Amos spoke of, to right the ancient wrongs. And what follows of Jubilee for the captives, is often judgement for the captors, who have stolen and robbed the least. Israel is just a tiny nation, and the gentiles have rolled the dice to divide her garments. Yet, no longer, for that day of incredible judgement is coming in the name of God’s justice and righteousness.

This is the day of the 5 virgins who had not prepared for the coming of Jesus, not because they were ignorant, but because they were arrogant and had rejected Jesus as Lord and Saviour, and had never believed that Jesus would come back. It was arrogance and a denial of history, and prophecy. So too, this very day, the United Nations and the people of faith never thought it possible, nor contemplated Jesus coming back. They see the signs and the seasons, yet their hearts rejected the warnings. Hence, they were cast out and suffer judgement.

The mainline media thought that Christians are looking forward to armageddon spoken in the book of Revelations where the armies met in the battle of Megiddo. In reality, the battle of Megiddo did happened in 1918 with the defeat of the Ottomans finally allowing the Jews to come back to the Promised Land. The Ottomans killed 1.5 million Armenian Christians (under reported by the liberal media) but God turned it around and used the fleeing Armenians to usher in a charismatic Pentecostal revival in the US and the defeat of the Ottomans. We have 100 years of return. Turkey is trying to rise from the ashes of the defeat, but the next battle will be within Turkey itself for their sins are unforgiven, and the final justice and righteosness will flow.

Year 2018 will be a time where ancient Truth prevails, where the ancient wrongs will be revealed, and righteousness and justice prevails. God will move a supernatural flood across the nations. The first flood killed everyone except Noah and his family. This flood of the truth will bring much disputes and conflicts between families and within nations, for the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ will be revealed. It will be a time of incredible upheaval. The veil will be torn soon.

Millenium Prayer Cliff Richard

Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, On earth as  in heaven

Give us today our daily bread, and forgive our sins, as we forgive each one of those who sins against us,

And, lead us not to the time of trial, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the Kingdom, The power and the glory

Let all the people say Amen, in every tribe and tongue. Let every heart’s desire be joined, To see the Kingdom come

Let every hope and every dream, Be born in love again, Let all the world sing with one voice, Let tge people say Amen.