God will use the LGBT community as a Wash Pot

At Pink Dot, what scared the Christian anti-gay activist was an unsaid declaration by each in the gay community – “I am who I am”. I am ready to make my voice known and be heard.

It was claimed by the Christian anti-gay activist in Singapore that “there is diversity of experiences in the LGBT community – not everyone believes in the same thing or behaves in the same way”. They had conveniently defined gays into Activist, Moderates, Seekers, and Overcomers based on their anti-gay agenda. This is of course a lie, for the vast majority if not almost all of the GLBT Community knows what is like to be denied basic rights, denied the opportunity to love, with the Church leading the charge to throw the key away and put them in the closet.

It is true, not everyone believes the same, but 99% do have a strong angst against the Christian Right in Singapore, because deep in-justice is not a matter of opinion but a practical reality where gays are denied to right to be, the right to love, and share life long relationships with whom they loved. To define gays simply based on same-sex attraction and attendance of Pink Dot is to deny gays of individual sacred worth and dignity. The remaining 0.9% are gay activist who will call out the church for coming against love, God’s love. The church can only deceive 0.1% but not for long.

In essence, True love is love, and just as the Father Heart of God loves Gays, the pain, the lost, and anger of stolen lives is what drives the angst against the church. Just like straight people, gays are not merely defined by their same sex orientation, but are no different from straight people, people of individual worth and dignity.It is the individual experiences and injustice experienced by the gay people that is the reason of an almost universal resentment against the church and not because of any few activist.

It is not surprising that the two communities that Hitler put in prison were the Jews and Gays, nor were the church at the turn of the 20th century entirely for the Jewish community. Hitler hated Jews because he was obsessed with the occult, and the power of the occult allowed him to rule over Germany. The forces of the occult is against God’s people because the Jews is a reminder of the seed, Jesus Christ. Hitler hated the gay community, because he wanted a perfect race, of straight people. God used Gay people, a brilliant scientist in the UK, to finally dent the war effort against Hitler. It was the Jewish scientist who helped in the Atom bomb to end the war.

When we put people under condemnation and in jail for no other crime than love, there is so much deep harm that the heart of God weeps for the gay community. Satan deliberately misled the church to put on self-righteousness to place the sins of the straight community upon the gay community. That is why the “Defend the Marriage” and Focus on the Family do not fight for laws banning adultery and abortion but rather fighting to keep gays in prison under S377A. Every year, 10,000 babies are aborted in Singapore, and all they cared about when defending marriage is a pink dot. They called it struggling with Same Sex Attraction but in reality it is the straight community that has been struggling with sex and adultery.

The Christian Right in their anti-gay agenda and activism had concluded that gay people belong to activist (they had even mentioned Free Community Church !!), Moderates (“live and let live people”) whom the activist is directing their LGBT “agenda” and who may have attended Pink Dot,  Seekers who pursued solution to their “unwanted” same-sex attraction, Overcomers – those who has overcome their same-sex attraction! through the Church. The Christian Right is to target the “seekers”. But really, the above grouping only exist in the disillusioned minds of these anti-gay activist. The silent majority of gays didn’t attend Pink Dot because it is too crowded, and Pink Dot whilst a celebration of Coming Out and that “We are Ready” to be counted, is also a reminder to many middle-aged and elderly gays of lives lost and lived in the agenda of the anti-gay Christian Right. The gay activist are really not the group of less than 100 liberal christians in the Free Community Church who will live and let live but those who are gravely wronged by the church.

The so-called “overcomers” I frequently had conversation with from the ex-gay movement have now became ex-ex-gay, reversing their exodus realising that just as straight people has an innate sexual attraction for the opposite sex, their attraction is for the same sex. Many of them now became strong activist against the church who had imprisoned them. Hence, the Overcomers are the ones who overcame the Christian Right and are now advocates for the Gay Community.

There are very few “seekers” nowadays because through knowledge, and widespread Internet sharing of testimonies, they know that they are not alone. They do not need to be alone. Fifty years ago many thought that they were the only gay in town, but not nowadays. They have come to accept what they know and experienced as innate. There were many seekers 30 years ago, but almost none today, for most under 30 have embraced their sexual orientation and had never “struggled” in any way with same-sex attraction just as straight people they had accepted themselves. I am who I am.

The Christian Right perceived that many gays are moderates – live and let live. They must be having a guilty conscience for this applies to an increasing majority of straight people who live and let live by accepting GLBT people and not the gay community. Why are gays needing to “live and let live” when incredible injustice and harm are done against them by Christian activist? Are they to forgive and live and let live? when most lives are stolen and lost! the loss of lives, the loss of friendships, the loss of relationships and enjoyment and happiness to experience that relationship. Most gay people, harbor incredible antagonism against the church and it is not due to the activist pushing a “GLBT agenda” but because of the incredible harm and suffering being in the closet. It becomes personal.

In the desert at night, in the Australian outback, you would hear a resounding chorus of crickets. It is not a few loud cricket but each individual sound and experience makes up a most incredible background noise. The gay activist aren’t the loudest voice against the church although the Christian Activist may think otherwise, it is every gay people whom the church has denied to right to live with freedom, dignity and love. They are driven by their own experience and angst against the church who has stolen their lives from them. And each will speak in their separate diverse ways, but all pointing against the deep hypocrisy and injustice perpetuated by the church in the name of Christianity.

The GLBT community is much weaker than the church, only 5% compared to 20% in Singapore. But it is personal, each driven by a deep sense of injustice, by basic rights and humanity stolen in the name of faith. The church has sinned, they have robbed the poorest in the community. Who has stolen the sheep from the poor family cried King David when challenged by Prophet Nathan. The church has taken the precious lives of many. The judgement of the law is 4 four fold.

Judgement is coming upon the church. And God will use the GLBT community as a wash pot. They is no escape as the church will be condemned from all sides, and it will be continuous upheaval and turmoil. It is no longer about gay marriage which will come, as it will happen soon in Thailand and India following Australia. The law will not passed away. The church has sinned gravely under the law. It is not for the church to say “live and let live”, for the flood cries out for justice. The cry for freedom, “Merdeka”, has long been proclaimed since the first Pink Dot in 2009. The cry is now we are ready – ready to live with dignity, honour, and to love with true and innate love, no longer living the churches’ fake agenda,

It is the Christian Activist who are pushing their own “anti-gay” agenda to put gay people in closet. But the closet has been broken more than a decade ago, and what is left are many people who realised that they have been conned to believe a lie of the Christian Right. In essence, there are only three types of gay people, 1) Those under 30 whom most are out, 2) Those between 30 and 50 who came out late, and 3) those above 50 who had been in closets all their lives. The earthquake of gay marriages have come in most parts of the Western Christian world. But as those who had been in closet lament after seeing the lives of youngsters living the full life of acceptance, it is that angst and deep injustice that will drive each and everyone to be a needle to prick the church.

The coming condemnation and judgement against the Christian church will not be fair. It is not one to one, for whatever the harm caused, there will be four fold retribution. For example, the church may have done certain sins eg sexual abuse of minors, but the media and public condemnation will be so hyped up that wave and wave of condemnation will come against the church. As we have called out the small splinter in the eyes of gay people as a large log of sin, so too will the small splinter in the eyes of the church will appear as an entire forest of sin for the public in Singapore.

The door is going to pounded soon at the many entrances of the church. The church may deny the ground swell of the very broad gay opposition against the church and blamed it on the gay activist. But listen carefully, it is tens of thousands of voices. They will not let the church go without being fully accountable. For the loss is too great to bear. The blood cries out for those who had perished.

It is not the coming out of young gay persons at Pink Dot whom the Christian Right calls as “activist” that the church should be worried about, it is the the tsunami of judgement where those who had been wronged seek recompense just as the Catholic priests grossly violated and sexually abused minors are now coming to light daily. There can be no escape for God is using the GLBT community as a wash bucket against the church.


























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