True Love is Jesus not the law

As the “Love Singapore” and “True Love Is” groups pushed their anti-gay agenda even more aggressively now targeting gay youths, the irony is that gay youths are the most free from the closets of religion that binds many to religious laws. The Christian Right is scared because their hypocrisy and fake religiosity could be seen easily and the world has become a much smaller place where young people could connect and are not easily fooled knowing that they are not alone.

Gays are not coming out as they used to because there is no need to come out just as straight people don’t come out to realise that they are straight. Once the battle is lost, the counter argument is also true, the anti-gay aggenda of the church is immoral, and has caused the lost of many lives.

What is an abomination? The Christian Right would point to Lev 18:22 that one must not lie with a man as with a woman as an abomination, but the religious landscape and motivation were because the people were having sex orgies with the temple priests to join themselves to Satan in Baal worship where only men participated in the religious life. They were not gays. Neither were gays the modern day abomination whom the church is trying to blame, but the church herself where Babylon, the great harlot is in Rome, and the abomination of the church joining with the power of this world is happening daily.

Let those of the Spirit of God understand and see the truth. This is the abomination of the abomination, not gay sex due to same sex orientation but unnatural sex of joining oneself to demonic powers. Gays are scapegoat to be blamed for the real abomination. The universal church in Rome never stopped worshipping the mother pagan goddess of ancient Rome, just that you don’t see it even though all the “scared” symbols are obvious. They are masked by a form of religion. They have power but not from the God of Israel but the morning star.

The Catholic churches and Love Singapore have to keep 377A because the bible talks about retribution for the harm done especially in the name of Jesus, in the name of God. When 377A is finally removed and one realised that there is no greater breakdown of straight marriages nor reduction in abortions, then the rule of natural law demands justice.

The call for the 377A to be abolised immediately is not mindful of the incredible harm and many deaths that the law supported by the Christian Right and first established by the British Monarchy under Henry the Eight for 500 years nust surely be taken into account. The increasing voice and the hardening of positions of the Christian Right to stop the removal should be welcomed just as Pharoh hardened his heart when asked by Moses nicely to let my people go. Removing 377A now just wouldn’t do justice not without leaving Egypt with lots of Gold and Silver, and Egypt suffering the great lost of her firstborn.

The people of Israel were under bondage for 400 years of cruel slavery without pay. If Pharoh had let the people go, yes, the Jews may have immediate freedom but no compensation for the lost, nor judgement upon Egypt. So the hardening of the hearts of Pharoh so that full judgement and deaths come upon Egypt can come.

Which religious laws are broken which we should now make it a state criminal offence? Not the Ten Commandments which points

a) Pagan religious worship of idols which can be seen at corner of the streets in the myriad of temples thus violating the first three foundation motives for the motivation of the law in Exo 20:2,3

  • No other Gods other than the God Of Israel (Exo 20:2)
  • No other representation of other gods in form and kind (Exo 20:3)

b) Not to murder when there are 10,000 abortions in Singapore each year,

  • No murder (Exo 20:13)

c) No adultery when the laws of adultery by straight people is removed without any whim of protests by the Singapore National Council of Churches which has a loud voice against gays.

  • No adultery (Ex 20:14)

d) No stealing when gays are the citizens of the lands as well, denied the right to love and be loved, as well as many rights to own property as they are not married.

  • No stealing (Ex 20:15)

e) False testimony by denying the anecdotal and scientific evidence that some are born gay and will have same sex orientation whilst the 95% are straight. The literature by the Christian Right and by organizations such as Choices, and Exodus and the like caused much harm, confusion, condemnation and self-hatred.

  • No false testimony (Ex 20:16)

The moral argument fades away because it is applied to gay people that they cannot be together and not straight people only because of their sexual orientation. The immorality here is that the straight people with their rampant adultery and abortions are the epitome of the immorality which gays are now blamed for. Young people could see through the fake notion of love and True love that the Christian Right is presenting.

The Christian Right insistence on the religious laws in Singapore is foolish because they are not Jews, nor they worship Moses whom the law came through. We worship Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Truth and Righteousness came through Jesus Christ. The first miracle of Moses is turning water to Blood. The first miracle of Jesus is turning water into Wine.

The gods of Egypt were defeated by God through Moses but their power still remains to bind the modern church. We put gays in jail, but the Charismatic Evangelicals should have the Holy Spirit annointing to reveal to them that the church itself is in a closet. As long are we worship Moses, we are joined to the Universal Church Hierachal. The universal church like all earthly institutions are ultimately succumbed to the power of this world whom it must pay hommage to maintain its power and growth for a 1500 years. Martin Luther tried to bring the church out of bondage, and we cannot remain free if we chose to be under the law instead of the grace of God.

In many ways, the greatest immorality the universal church has been trying to hide is that the womb of the church has been poked  by the phallus from above. You can see this at the very centre of the church on the seven hills. For 500 years, the foundation of the Ten Commandments, thou shall have no other Gods have been broken at the very heart of the church where the womb of the church, the 8 wheel circle, joining the Oblisk of the gods of Egypt. The eight stalked wheel is also symbol of Isthar, the mother Goddess of fertility related to Baal.

In Egypt, the land went dark because God defeated the Sun God to let the Jewish people go free. But the Sun God got the revenge with his oblisk poking the church every day for the last 500 years. It joins at the centre of wheel of life, the occultic 8 pointed star/femine symbol for life or the womb at St Peter’s Square. The Vatican Oblisk has not been ever toppled. A giant sex act is happening every day in an attempt to join the heavens and mother earth, yet they blame gays.

When we based our Christianity on the law, we blamed others for our own sins, the straight sins of idol worship, adultery and abortion which plagued the church. We put gays to jail wrongly. There is always the Gentle lamb that is the scapegoat for the church, and the British moranchy under Henry the 8th who first set out laws against gays because he killed too many of his wives.

The 377A anti-gay law will go but not today, perhaps in 3 to 5 years time during which the church will rise up against gays but the higher you go, the bigger the fall. The fall will return the church to the True love which is Jesus Christ. The charismatic evangelicals have been duped to support a cover up to blammed gays for immorality when the greatest immorality is in the sight of all who can see. The abomination of abominations of the Great whore of Babylon is right in the power centre of the universal church, the exact place where millions of pilgrims visit each year. They standing on it, the “scared” femine wheel, the centre of the church. They are blaming gays for the abomination. If the evangelical charismatic church is one with the universal church, then judgement under the law will come to it. It will not be because of gays and however white we may want to wear our garments.

It is time for the charimatic evangelicals to see that they have been taken for a ride, and deceived by the powers of this world. The anti-gay aggenda is a deception to put the church under the law, and to hide the greatest deception that the universal church itself is in adultery. True Love and true Grace is Jesus Christ, and it is on this Rock that Satan will be defeated. The Gates of Hades will never overcome the true church of Jesus based on the Grace of God, in the saving Grace of Christ Jesus, totally unmerited, totally underserving. If we have nothing to boast, how can we boast of ourselves, but boast of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour.













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