When Black is White

Lev 18:21 “Do not permit any of your children to be offered as a sacrifice to Molech, for you must not bring shame on the name of your God. I am the LORD.

The liberal Christians had a field day when the narrative of protests against abortions turned into their favorite whipping boy of white men versus lone American Indian protestor. Their upbringing was blamed along with white privilege. The boys from the Catholic school weren’t exactly angels, but the real truth was totally rejected by the Liberal Christians.

A more complete video shows:-

  1. It was the Indian American who was confrontational, walking right into the middle of the group of white boys whilst they were being antagonized by a group of blacks.
  2. A group of black protestors were continuously taunting the white boys with racial slurs and homophobic slogans.
  3. The group of black protestors were targeting the lone African-American schoolboy from the Catholic School.

The real full scene completely destroys the narrative of the Christian Left that the blacks and the American Indians were the victims when they were clearly the main aggressors. They jumped straight into the wrong conclusion with limited information because they need to change the narrative because killing the unborn is hard to defend and is tantamount to hating God rather than love.

The schoolboys were waiting for their bus. It was Black protestors taunting them, and then the American Indian seemingly taking the side of the Black protestors walking right up to them with the “peace” drum. Hence, it was a deliberate attempt to incite a confrontation and clash. All this not reported by the Christian Left even after the truth was discovered. It just doesn’t fit their theological construction.

At the end even the identity of the American Indian who claimed to be a Vietnam veteran was found to be false. It gives a lie to the oft comment by the left that history is written by the winners. The boys were the losers forever maligned by the false accusation because the Christian left who were finding a scapegoat for their sin of abortion. They found it in the white protestors.

There is no doubt that the Christian Left can do however many abortions they want to do, even though it is highly immoral, anti-God and anti-love. That is their choice and right but not the right to deny the consequences or to blame others for their sin. Theirs is the right to kill, but God also has the right to withhold the Holy Spirit of God.

When we turn black to white, turn murder into pro-choice, we are sowing hate, and blood in the land of injustice against the innocent. The Christian Left is worshipping the God Baal where people sacrificed their babies to the god. This is the real abomination spoken in the bible and not gay sex. It is sacrificing babies. Co-incidentally, the priest of Baal also had sex with the men so that the evil spirit could enter the men. So today, when the Christian Left support abortion, they open the door for the spirit of satan to enter their church.

Therefore, the liberal Christian churches are always trying to find reason for their lack of growth. Could it be Welcome? but it is actually because the Holy Spirit of God has been taken away because they continually rebel against the faith that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour and instead worship other gods of many names, and even participating in the killing of the unborn and spilling innocent blood to the ground. We must first welcome Jesus, and the rest will take care of itself. But when we instead worship our flesh then we become gods. And if we become gods, there is no need for Jesus Christ, because we have become our own saviour on earth, albeit an illusion of the religious mind.

The toll bell sounds of the constant complaints by the Christian left against the conservatives but the murder of the unborn is filling the streets and the nation. Their own hands are filled with blood. The Holy Spirit no longer contends with them. And that is the saddest part when the Holy Spirit of God leaves, because we do not realised our sin before God and man in worshipping other gods. By sacrificing the babies, they have made the choice to worship other gods and bring shame to the name of the God of israel.

They called themselves people of faith, but the bible talks about faith in the finished works of the Cross for our salvation, and not merely believing a spiritual deity. By default, all of mankind are under the power and ruler of this world whether we like it or not. We can only make our little space, our heaven on earth, where we sprinkle the salt of God’s grace and love in Jesus’ name whlist waiting for the return of Jesus Christ.

It is not that the days are getting more evil, but in the end days, time is compressed, and truth is revealed of the hearts and minds of men and who they are loyal to. The judgement of the nations are coming of how they treat God’s people, israel. For God is separating the goat and the lamb. It is not our love and law abiding that really matters, for it is all about Jesus, His Love, His Grace, and His mercy that brings us from glory to glory into a new creation.






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