The Aftermath – Gay Marriage Australia

What was the aftermath of the gay marriages in Australia? straight people didn’t become gay, nor were the divorce rates, adultery, abortions increased. It was always a non-issue hyped up by the Christian Right to make a “moral” stance. But the moral stance was based on self-righteousness, and not on the bible.

  1. There was no prohibition of gay sex in the Ten Commandments.
  2. The mentioned of it in the wider text of the Torah was related as an abomination of practices related to the pagan worship of baal where straight people would have anal sex with the temple priests, to join themselves with the demonic deity.
  3. Christians has never followed the Torah, which was officially disassociated as a required practice from the entire church since the Council of Jerusalem in AD50 even though the first church was a mix of Gentiles and Jews.
  4. The bible is a testimony of the “Heterosexual Lifestyle” with men having multiple wives, affairs and hundreds of concubines. There is no one clear instance where there is two gay men attracted to each other and having sex, and this was condemned. What is mentioned in the bible is abominations which is always tied to worship of demonic gods and their practices.
  5. The Romans had their public worship of Pagan God Cybele filled with man having sex with man, and with the priest castrated hence becoming a woman. It was no same sex relationship which Paul was condeming rather blatant pagan worship not much different from the Jews worshipping Baal. Everything was in public.
  6. The bible is a testimony of “heterosexual lifestyle” of adultery, concubines, one man to dozens of wives rather than gays.

Therefore, to invoke the bible and the Torah to condemn gays is a false testimony, and a lie against the context and the religious practices in the Bible. And the Christian Right campaigned vehemently just like in Singapore against gays, putting all sorts of labels eg gay lifestyle etc when the straight lifestyle that was an issue with its adultery, divorce and abortion. Pagan worship still fills the land yet no condemnation from the church.

A false witness in the court results in 4 times the judgement. And we can see this happening in Australia and Singapore:-

  1. Christian bookshops are closing down rapidly in Singapore and Australia.
  2. in Australia, in a mega hi-fi shop, despite having ten of thousands of CDs/DVDs, there is not even one Christian CD. Indeed, they were even playing a song condemning Jesus Christ.
  3. There are very few Christian titles in bookstores.

The voice of the church used against gays in the public, is a opprtunity lost to proclaim the Gospel of jesus Christ which is now seen as hypocritical, and self-righteous. As a result, the voice is removed from the public square.

When the church speaks, slowly and consistently, few will listen because the message is tarnished, for the church is known as anti-gay. And because of the very strong anecdotal evidence, that gays although a very small minority are naturally same-sex attracted, this truth is now put up against the Gospel of Jesus Christ which requires faith in the risen Christ. The message is corrupted when they see how the church treated gays.

The voice of the church although very loud within the church walls, is no longer listened to in the public square. This is a great tragedy and because the church is so occupied in putting the sins of the straight community onto the gay community which forms only 5% of the population!.

There is hardly a Christian Bookshop in the city. The voice of the Gospel through books, bible, DVD, CD, are now fading away. In the ancient times, the scribe copied the word of God, word by word, because they are afraid to add to the sacred word. because to do so would be blashphemy. What the church did in their anti-gay campaigned is blashphemy because it added to the Word of God, and distorted the Gospel message, so much so, that the ears of the world stopped listening. This is a tragedy.

Where there is a void, the Spirit of the Anti-Christ comes in. Churches like Hillsong doesn’t realised it is not just a matter of different opinion, but as they go out to affirm injustice and tried to prevent gay marriages thus imposing upon themselves the penalty of causing harm for two thousand years.

Now the stone is cast and despite claim of “wide ranging” ramifications by Hillsong, it is definitely not the ramification that the church had forseen that the voice of the church in the public square being muted, The sound switch is just being turned off, and so however loud the church speaks, fewer people listems in the media, radio, internet, bookstores, DVD, CDs etc.

There is no “moving on” as suggested by Hillsong, because the Word of God will not pass away, and there is four fold judgement for the sins of the church. There has been so much blood and death spilled. Because the church had not condemned the real cause of the abomination in the bible of pagan worship rather than same sex relationship, pagan worship will increase in Australia and they will cast a curse upon the church calling upon the demonic realm.

In the streets of Sydney and her suburbs, there are many more shops selling “New age” and “Pagan idols” than there are Christian bookstores which hardly exist. The ramifications are wide ranging indeed.







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