Brokenness in our ministry to Gay people

In this world, there are very few Gay Christians, and even if they called themselves thus, are based on the law/love commandments of how and what they can do for God devoid of the acceptance of Jesus as the God and Saviour, and acceptance of His death and resurrection by faith at the Cross. The churches in Singapore do not realised that God doesn’t care whether one is straight or gay but whether one belongs to the light of His Son Jesus Christ, or whether in darkness belonging to Satan. Therefore as the church is busy closing their doors to gays, they are just left in darkness.

Considering alone the Chinese population in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Guangdong, Hong Kong of 30 million souls (assuming 5% gay), we have 600K, where there is hardly any ministry or churches that accepts GLBT tribe with the Word that God loves them, and accepts them, and not against them being gay, but that all mankind sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and must accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. They all talked about love and aligning with God’s love, but few gay ministries would declare the New testament message that the law/love commandments cannot save us, but it is all by God’s grace and mercy in the person of Jesus Christ. As the last days are coming, God is sending out His Word to those not in the cities, not to the highways, but to the hedges. Jesus Christ is coming back and desires that non should perish. His Word is going forth to the last tribe, in hedges.

There is a tendency for many to use 2 Cor 4 as talking about brokenness or loosing heart. But the brokenness here is about having the ministry of reconciliation, the ministry of the New Testament versus the prevailing law/love based OT Judaism. And it goes to the heart of the GLBT ministry, that we do not lose heart or be broken:-

  1. Our lives, ministry, and the Gospel of reconciliation is through God’s grace and mercy. We may have failed, but since it is by mercy and grace and not of ourselves, then God will revive the ministry again. (2 Cor 4:1)
  2. We have stayed true to the Word of God, and have not used deception nor our intellect as per those religious groups who has succeeded because they have a tendency to change the message to meet the acceptance of the crowd. ie in this world where there is a lot of humanism, we may preach a Gospel of love devoid of the power of the Cross because it appeals to people of what they can do to reach God. (2 Cor 4:2). Few GLBT churches have remained faithful and not distorted the Word of God.
  3. Even if we have failed, the GLBT people are perishing anyway (2 Cor 4:3-4). ie, it those who do not accept the Gospel of God’s grace and mercy through Jesus Christ, it is not a rejection of us, it is a rejection of God (2 Cor 4:5), and they cannot see the Word because they are under the god of this world, ie Satan, and will perish in eternity, In the GLBT ministry, even if they reject the Word of God, we don’t lose out because it is them who are perishing. The false preachers which are many may preach a love and acceptance to all, but all are perishing without accepting Christ as God and Saviour.
  4. The GLBT peoples do not see the light that is in Christ, the light to see God, not because they are broken but because they chose darkness, to be aligned with the pagan/demonic forces of this world. To be broken is not to be in darkness, but to realised we cannot do it ourselves, bur dependent on Jesus Christ.
  5. The spirit of anti-Christ, false Christianity of the some, and the deception of those under the law – they are trying to crush the message of God’s Grace and Mercy to the GLBT community – not only to know that Jesus loves them, but that they need to accept His love and His death at the Cross for their sins. In 2 Cor 4:8,9, we are hard pressed by the movement of this world to reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but not crushed, nor totally defeated and completely struck down.
  6. The ministry of the New Testament will be preached to the GLBT population which does not accept Christ in the vast majority (due to evangelicals) because we carry around the body of the death of Jesus Christ ie, we are always mindful that Christ was tortured, suffered at the Cross for Us, so that by his sufferings, and stripe, we may received the life, and resurrection power from the edge of defeat. Therefore, Christ ministry is a ministry of resurrection power. (2 Cor 4:10-14) and not in the works of the law nor the love commandments.
  7. So in the end (2 Cor 4:16), we do not lose heart, not because we have “love”, but because everything is by God’s grace and mercy, totally undeserved, and because our ministry is a ministry to bring life from death, through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

And it all goes back to John 3:16, where God gave His only begotten Son, in the context of John 3:14, where the Son must be lifted up at the Cross as a sacrifice. A focus on love even God’s love for us has no power nor meaning when it is devoid of the Cross, and the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. If Jesus hadn’t die or resurrected at the Cross, then His coming would be of no avail. Without power there is no church.

Therefore, although we are thoroughly broken from defeat in ministry to the GLBT community, there is no need to be crushed because Jesus Christ will raise us up just as He is risen, and it is all by God’s grace and mercy.

The fields are white unto harvest of millions of gay people. The existing few churches/harvesters are playing games not believing that people need to be saved and most of the churches are shutting their gates tight against gays. But God is sending out His messengers that God’s grace and mercy extends to those living in the hedges, and His invitation to come to His table where they will be filled and be accepted.

Ps 118:26 Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! We bless you from the house of the Lord

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