Darkness is arising

The deaths of 50, cold-blooded murders by white supremacist in Christchurch was totally shocking for it to happen in the last place on earth. it was a quiet neighbourhood far from the faith-based conflicts in Africa, and Middle East. It was the last place on earth that one would have expected this to happen. The mainline christians and the main line media quickly blame this on xxx phobia. But this is not insightful. The terrorist chose New Zealand for a certain reason, after all he was not a NZ native but from Grafton in New South Wales, Australia.

The death of the terrorist’s father due to a work related cancer changed him. He used the inheritance to stop working and traveled through Europe for many years!. What the mainline christians had failed to mention was that his beliefs were not rooted in any phobia but historical events where people of faith from the Arabs/Persians, invaded Europe killing many hundred of thousands! History has forgotten, but as he visited the ancient battle sites, somehow the terrorist identified with the grave wrongs suffered by the white Europeans.

In the live stream of the brutal and horrifying killing of the innocent at their place of faith, the terrorist wanted his actions to be a spark for others to follow. He wanted to light up the memory of ancient wrongs and incite hatred. And because it is not an imaginary phobia, but the blood of hundreds of thousands who died calling for revenge for the ancient wars in Europe due to the invasions, the blood calls out for retribution due to the mass influx of migrants from war-torn Syria (a war which again is faith-based).

The live stream also showed part of the motivation totally ignored by the liberal media, which is the ancient pagan shield for the worship of the Sun God. It is a highly demonic occult power that has filled his mind for such merciless destruction of innocent lives. He was worshipping demonic and satanic powers, and you can see him almost being possessed as he fired the automatic rounds without any hint of humanity.

Why did the terrorist chose Christchurch? to make a point that if it happens in Christchurch which is so peaceful, and away from the wars of the world at the edge of civilization, it could happen anywhere. No one is safe. Secondly, he was able to do his evil deeds because the spiritual atmosphere in New Zealand is very weak.

The force of darkness has been rising in New Zealand, due to the increasing liberalization of the church which has denied God as the Creator, and Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Saviour. The numbers of the Anglican churches have dropped very drastically. New Zealand was once a country of over 97% Christians, and now less than half are Christians, and only a number attends churches. When the spiritual environment is weak, darkness can enter unimpeded.

Similarly, Europe has become post-Christ due to the Liberal theology being preached for more than 500 years from the days of the counter-reformation. The Nazis gained their power and influence from the occult and demonic worship leading to World War II. The stand of the Christian evangelical church is broken in these countries and darkness is arising that is motivated by the large-scale immigration, extremist faith, the occultic and white supremacy leveraging on the ills of the past.

Darkness is arising, both economic, financial darkness, and the streets filled with violence and hatred, for the covering of the Lord is lifted due to the fall of Western Christianity. And the darkness will be so deep, that the people in Europe will return to Jesus Christ en mass. remembering the first time when they had escaped from the iron grip of the church hierachal.

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