Demonic group Watain banned

The Singapore Authorities banned the demonic rock band Watain, openly Satan worshippers from performing in Singapore. The liberals are up in arms citing free speech which is their god, and of course the elephant in the room is that the liberals don’t believe in Satan but the good within even though the bible talks of the Babylon the centre of satanic worship.

Some alt left clergy even quoted the bible Ps 137:9,10 as implying that the bible is no different which is totally out of context and rather silly. The lyrics of Watain full of worshiping satan and repeatedly anti-Christ could not be logically compared to an isolated verse in Ps 137 in the midst of thousands of bible verses unless you attended bible college.

Psalm 137:9,10 Daughters Babylon, doomed to destruction, happy is the one who repays you according to what you have done to us. Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.

Before we come lovey dovey for the Babylonians, we are reminded that this nation is the centre of pagan worship, open worship of Baal and Ashteroth, Satan himself. They are motivated to destroy the Jewish nation and have caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Because of the deep sexual intimacy with the temple priests, the demonic spirit throughly manifested within the community. Hence, they are one with Satan. They are no longer human per say.

Therefore in Psalms, the Babylonians did much harm to Israel, and the psalmist was calling for the complete destruction of Babylon. The liberals don’t believe in Satan and this is deliberate and is an ultimate lie. Surely they are smarter than God it seems, reinventing God through their theology but actually foolish even though thinking they are wise but easily deceived by the principalities of this world, calling what is demonic sacred.

The liberals are so angst against the pslamist calling for destruction of babylon because they abhor the judgement of God on babylon including its complete destruction. They want to focus solely on love but not sin nor judgement because they have rejected jesus Christ and His suffering and death at the Cross of Calvary. Jesus suffered much so that we need not suffer in Christ. The liberals don’t believe that Jesus needed to die to atone for our sins nor do they believe judgement day. But judgement is coming just as Babylon is judged for putting israel to captivity. God is love and that is why He sent His Son so that we can decide by faith His saving grace and accept His love. But many being wise in their own sight do not believe that they needed to be saved nor the coming judgement on the world. They had forgotten that God flooded the world in judgement, killing all except Noah who was saved in the Ark, a type of Christ.

No faith is entirely free from demonic deception, many faiths are aligned to it and some very much so even though they may not realised it because Satan comes as the angel of light. Once we are law based even the love commandments for our own salvation, we are already deceived because we can never save ourselves. The Jewish Pharisees came to Jesus to ask Him a trick question on the law. Jesus gave them nothing except to point them back to the love comandments, and the religious zealots like the liberals don’t even realised it – that they have failed to love God for Jesus Christ is the Son of God standing right in front of them, yet the openly challeged God and not acknowledged Jesus as their God and Saviour. And you need to fail once, to violate the law, and become a sinner deserving judgement and death for our sin. They can’t see their own sins and that they can’t save themselves. Love cannot save us because it cannot wash away our sins. Similarly, there is much hypocrisy for the church to call for a ban of the demonic rock group when they themselves have caused much harm especially against the gay community.

When the liberal activist supports the satanic rock group by criticising the ban, they too are worshiping the demonic principalities and are one with the vile acts of blasphemy against Jesus Christ. This is not surprising for just like the worship of Molech where children are sacrificed, the liberals don’t mind sacrificing the unborn in abortions. They are so concerned about the one time destruction of Babylon including all the children to cleanse the land by God, whilst their own hands are filled with blood of the thousands of babies aborted each year. This is sad and ironic.

Despite the many failings of the Evangelical and Charismatic Evangelical church in Singapore, God still has a purpose for Singapore as the Antioch for the Gospel into Asia. The preoccupation with gays threatens to derail this move of the Holy Spirit, but the God is so full of Grace, mercy and love. The attack on gays by the church and with so much blood spilled is an opening for the demonic powers to enter.

The demonic rock band wants to put up an altar to worship Satan in Singapore. In the spiritual, the gateway and the doorway have already been weakened that they almost entered. This is a grave warning for the church, that the church is broken and the principalities of darkness is arising in this nation because of the injustice done to the least, which is the gay community.

The National Council of Churches Singapore was so thankful to the relevant authorities for the ban on the demonic rock band to the angst of the pagan liberal activist/progressives. But the problem is not a few pesky activist or the band but powerful principalities now surrounding Singapore.  They smell blood, and it is the blood of injustice against gays, and the deep self-righteousness and legalism of the church in Singapore, where gays are blamed and put as scapegoat for the sins of the nation even though thousands of babies are aborted and no one seems to notice.

The demonic or death metal band came from Sweden/Europe where liberal Christianity have brought down the church for the last 200 years with their universalism, and higher criticism of the bible to undermine the finished work of the Cross. The ground was set by the Counter reformation of the Jesuits which had killed many millions and the infiltration to universities/ bible colleges. The demonic forces did all they could to destroy the nations that had supported Martin Luther in Europe. Even the bible was once banned because in it contained Salvation by faith alone apart from works.

Singapore remains a vital bastion for mere Christianity in Asia. It is time for Christians in Singapore to reflect where they are broken, where they have caused harm instead of giving God’s love, grace and mercy. Because out of a contrite heart will there be revival. If we are like the proud Pharisees who thinks he can follow the law, even doing the love commandments, then we are foolish indeed for our hands are like Pilate’s. We have not loved but put gays in prisons, in closets. Instead of fighting for the rights of the unborn, we focused on wealth and prosperity. It is time for Christians in Singapore to pray with a contrite heart to create a spiritual atmosphere for revival for the devil prowls around and they just couldn’t be banned from entering Singapore in the spiritual realm.








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