Whosoever believes

John 3:14 Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, 15 that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.”

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Jesus did not come for a hieracheal religious system. He did not come so that we can better follow the law better, even the way of love. There would be no need for Him to die at the Cross to be lifted up in John 3:14 because Jesus was totally sinless and innocent. He didn’t deserve to die. At the end, it is not what we do, for all of us are dying, bitten by the snake, because all are destined for death for we have sinned before God and man. Good works of love could not cover our sin. The learned who would often say that a loving God could not send them to hell or send snakes, have forgotten that God allowed His Son to go to the Cross. A righteous God could not just overlook our sins. Love alone could not wash away or forgive sin, because the law does not pass away which means that judgement for our sins cannot be negated.

Many would deny major events in the bible eg a loving God wouldn’t have killed millions by the flood they claimed, and yet called themselves people of Faith. I called it unbelief. If they could only feel the pain and suffering Jesus chose to bear at the Cross when He holds the world in His hands and could have sent legions to destroy the Romans. There was no other way to redeem our deaths.

Many modern bible colleges negating Jesus as God, and undermining Jesus’ death and resurrection are nothing new. It’s flawed humanistic theology that is rooted in ancient heresies.

The word “believes” comes from the greek word “Pistis” which means to have a faith and a certain confidence in a matter of fact. In luke 4:17-21, Jesus declared that He is the Messiah of Isaiah 53. The Pharisees knew exactly what Jesus was talking and wanted to throw Him over the cliff. But Jesus walked right through them in luke 4:30. For those who did not believe and receive Him, Jesus became a question because they have rejected the answer in their hearts. If believe meant living according to the love commandment which was also a Jewish saying, the religious pharisees would have loved Him instead of trying to crucify Him because of blasphemy.

The context of “believe” in John 3:16 is that the Jewish law based religious leaders had rejected Jesus as their Messiah, ie God and Saviour. It was blasphemy to them. Thereafter, from luke 5 onwards, after Nazareth, Jesus revealed Himself very indirectly and asked questions only and talked in parables.

Once a church rejects Jesus including replacing him with the law even the love commandments, He doesn’t reveal Himself but becomes a question. At the end, no truths were given to them because they did not believe. And without the Holy Spirit, the church dries up which is what is happening in the US mainline churches.

His own did not believe. But those who believed, just as they accepted Jesus hanging on the Cross for them, received eternal life, just as those who saw the bronze cross with the snake on it are healed. Only those who are so sick yet think themselves well and need no healing will die a spiritual death in hell. It is pride for they are rejecting the Saviour’s hand of salvation.

Thomas turned up at the upper room even though he doubted. He was at the very place to see. But greater blessedness for those who believed yet did not see. ie even Thomas needed to come to Jesus to see. Even with doubt, our salvation comes with the right heart to make the effort to see Jesus thus putting us at the right time and place to believe.

Satan doesn’t care too much about the western mainline churches nor the church hierachal because they are within his palm and not a threat nor expanding a Christ centered Christianity.

They have an appearance of love, religion and holiness, but Jesus Christ is replaced at the very center. Yet, God is still working very much in these churches but one day in time, the Holy Spirit will depart. This already happened in part in 1967, the very day Jerusalem was taken back from the Gentiles. Just as the first Christians waited in Jerusalem, the power of the Holy came out from Jerusalem. The mainline liberal churches in the US has been declining ever since 1967.

The Roman Catholic Church fell in AD306 when Constantine became Emperor. Soon the Roman pagan gods were ingeniously intertwined with Christianity. The Christian faith is the main antagonist against gays because they themselves are not straight. They are mixed up and corrupted. They are in adultery with the fallen one when Jesus should have been their only bridegroom, now they go through the Saints and the Holy Fathers. Jesus is still hanging there at the Holy Cross and they drink his actual blood and eat his body every week just like in the occultic. But God used the supremacy of Rome to extend Christiandom through the Nicean Creed and protection of Christians as Arab invaders soon started their murderous invasion three hundred years later.

The era of 120 years of mainline Christianity is almost over. The churches are not progressing  having an average church attendance of less than 60. Because they did not believe, and so the Holy Spirit was taken from them.

In order to hold on to some credibility, mainline churches kept going back to history claiming the morality and righteousness of the founding fathers and pilgrims. The foundation of US was not really Christian. George Washington a great occult pagan worshiper. So the Episcopal church was never fully consecrated before God as Holy and righteous but full of skeletons and satan worship. They found thousands of skeletons in the house of Benjamin Franklin, a founding Father, a grandmaster of the demonic freemasons.

The church of England is no better with the 377A laws rooted in ancient laws enacted by King Henry the Eight after he murdered his wives. It wasn’t about justification by faith but about heterosexual sexual abuse. But God uses the ungodly for His purpose and will to come against Rome. However, the same hypocrisy is shown by the Global South.

Even worst are the Jesuits and the Catholic fathers who continued on the Sun Worship in their hidden symbols and appearance of religiosity. But the Holy Spirit works in the most sinful places because it is about His love, grace and mercy. But the time is almost coming to an end where after 1500 years, the darkness of the church will soon be seen by all.

The charismatic evangelicals claimed that Rome fell because of homosexuality. It actually started falling when Constantine became emperor bringing the gates if hades to the very centre of the church. It was spiritual adultery. But when we stand on the solid Rock,  the forces of darkness will not prevail.

Martin Luther challenged the church to return to the justification by faith more than 500 years ago and the devil have since did everything to destroy this Protestant movement through the Jesuit led counter reformation and the introduction of liberal theology in the institutes of learning.

We live in a much broken and fallen Christianity where the gates of Hades is so near. For the last 120 years, since the Azuza Street revival, the Holy Spirit is moving to bring cleansing, revival, and the exaltation of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The Rock is returning.

The devil is like a roaring tiger trying to bring the church back to the condemnation of the law. That is why the gatekeepers of Singapore are so anti-gay because Satan has influenced them knowing that the blood of the innocent will undermine the standing of the church.

Satan is trying to destroy the charismatic church by deceiving the church into killing the innocent. You never hear the church in Singapore calling an end of abortion which kills 10,000 every year, yet their only cry is against gays to put them in jail. It is a spiritual blindness that stops the evangelical charismatic church so that revival can be stopped by sin, the sin of self righteousness and insisting on the letter of the law against the innocent. When innocent blood are spilled, judgement comes.

The church in Singapore is like David not going to war but killing the rainbow Gentle lamb. They are fighting not a cultural war but with groups of people who are intrinsically born with same sex orientation.

Faith is a choice where one is required to believe in contrast to sexual orientation which is not a choice. When one is insisting that sexual orientation is a choice we are taking away the choice to believe for Christians in Asia.

The only way that the church could overcome is standing on the solid rock of the finished work of the Cross and the standing of Jesus Christ as Lord, God and Saviour. Our very being is all of God’s grace. How can we boast of our works? And wearing white. If the world knows us by our hate and hypocrisy then the Great Commission is lost indeed.

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