God is love AND righteousness

It is commonly said that Love is of God, and God is love. Period. But this is not blibical. In John 3:16, it does not end with “For God so loved the world”, but ends with “that He gave His only begotten Son…”. It was not sending His Son for a holiday but to be sacrificed at the Cross of Calvary so that God’s righteousness can be fulfilled. To declare that God is love, period, misses the most important point  the balance between God’s love and His righteousness.

The impact of the early church was in the numbers that came at Pentecost. When God’s love and righteousness met, the Holy Spirit came. When we based on the love commandments alone, we will end up tired for the Holy Spirit is not there and it is hard work. There is no fire, and the disciples will only remain a small group in the upper room.

The call today is for Whosoever Believes both that God is love, and that God is righteous and Holy.

It is often said that God is in all of us and some even wants to breathe in God as a meditative prayer. Unfortunately, the Holy Spirit is like a wind that comes and go which cannot be controlled. By the time Jesus came, the prophetic presence of the Holy Spirit was absent for more than 400 years even though they were dilligently following the law and the love commandments.

When God finally came, they did not see God incarnate in Jesus Christ, in fact wanted to kill him because of blasphemy for claiming to be God. For God will not come in the image we wanted Him to, on our own terms. He comes in His own terms.

When the Holy Spirit finally came upon the disciples, they became the temple of the Holy Spirit born again by the cleansing of water for their sins and the blood of the lamb making them righteous. They received Christ righteousness and His holiness thus became righteous and an undefiled temple of God. That is why to say that “everyone have God” is presumptous at best and bad theology. Even then only the few at the upper room received and not all in Jerusalem. For God is both love and righteousness that only whosoever believes will be saved and beome the temple of the Holy Spirit.

God doesn’t come on everyone because He respects and gives us a choice to believe for it was Adam and Eve who chose Satan thus urshering in so much destruction and death. Therefore, God gives us a choice to choose His Son. We reject His Son when we say God is love and all are saved because we are in essence denying the fall of Adam  and the need for the Cross, for God’s redemption of our sin in Jesus Christ and the blessings and presence of the Holy Spirit which comes from it.

What quenches the move of the Holy Spirit? Not any sin per say but spiritual adultery. The Holy Spirit comes to exalt the name of Jesus Christ and no other name. When a church says they are praying to a god of many names, they are in fact saying that there are many messiahs, many gods where by men could be saved. The Holy Spirit would have nothing much to do with these liberal church because Jesus Christ is not exalted but put down. The Holy Spirit would seldom honor and glorify such places with His power and miracles. But He is still there, waiting and tarying.

The love of God  is not the defining measure but His grace is, for Grace exemplies both the Love of God and His finished works at the Cross. Both the legal requirements of the law and demand for righteouness is fulfilled at the Cross.

When the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples, they became much bigger than themselves because it is the Holy Spirit within moving amongsts their midst to do the great commission. They had only one mission, definitely not to preach the Jewish law or the love commandments which led to Jesus’ death but that Jesus Christ is God and Messiah , the way, the truth and the life to God. Jesus became the bridge that linked mankind to God.

We are not creating the Kindom of God on earth through good works of love, but the mere cleasing of water and righteousness by His blood urshered in the Kingdom of God in the hearts of the believers. The kingdom of God comes in by the choice we made to believe.

Even in our sins, the Holy Spirit is ever present for God’s grace abounds except for sin leading to death which is unbelief and worshiping other Gods instead of Jesus Christ.

Gen 6:3 And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty days.

Before the flood, when the corruption in pagan worship of Baal/Nimrod was so prevalent including sex with demonic angels resulting in demi gods, the grace of God was so great until the Holy Spirit tarried until just before the flood. Only Noah and his family remained pure. The Holy Spirit was then taken away from mankind. The first baptism of the Holy Spirit in Acts 1:1-9 represents the coming back of the Holy Spirit on the masses which hitherto only fell on the prophets of God and very rarely.

There are very few gay churches and unless they are exceptionaly located. In general, their growth is very slow even after 20 years even with abundant resources. Many are in decline even though there are no competition or alternative. The need is so great for the message of the Gospel to the GLBT community. And the reason in many cases is because the Holy Spirit is no longer there despite them repeatedly asserting to “breath in God”. Just like the upper room, the Holy Spirit comes in not because we are a people of faith or because God is love, but because we are His, we are bought by His death and washed by His blood. The Holy Spirit comes because we are His and He is mine. Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine.

The Holy Spirit comes in for Whosoever who believes, not in God per say or that God is love, for that Jesus bought us at the Cross, thus making us sons and daughters of God. The Holy Spirit to reaffirm our sonship so that we can cry abba, Father. We are at one back with God at a personal level. When the Holy Spirit came, He did not join back the entire humanity to God as in first creation but He joined back those who are His who accepted Jesus Christ as Lord, God and Saviour through Calvary.  God is looking for GLBT churches who doesn’t strive to do work or even be loving, but churches who welcomes the Holy Spirit to do the work  and we be at rest for Jesus work at the Cross, “it is finished”.

The heart of the Father aches today. The doors of churches in general have been shut to gays and they have in turn shut their hearts to God, to Jesus Christ knocking at their hearts.

For the church has blasphemously redefined salvation as being straight and not engaged in homosexuality, when the real sin is unbelief and not sexual orientation. Go down any street in Singapore, and pagan worship is everywhere yet the church only comes against gays for satan has deceived the church so that the church will harm the little ones and destroy their faith. Satan is using gays to destroy the church because the church is destroying the faith in christ of innocent multitudes thus quenching the move of the Holy Spirit.

The move, the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit is everything like air we breath in making us live. Conversely, for the many gay churches who has rejected Jesus as the way, the life and the truth, there is no life because there is no Holy Spirit despite them regularly  repeating God is love and God is everywhere.

The old hymn says “Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine, O what a foretaste of glory divine. Heir of salvation, purchased of God, born of His Spirit  washed in His blood”. God is building new churches where whosover believes will be saved irrespective of our sexual orientation not because God is love but because we have accepted His grace and love bought for us at Calvary and confirmed in the resurrected Christ and affirmed by the coming and presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He did all the works, we need only to rest in His finished works.










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