MLK day

On the day of rememberance of this great liberal clergy who bought equality for the black folks in the US, I enjoyed the song “we shall overcome”. But it is one thing to have equal rights but another to move on when we have lost much. After 50 years, things have changed with even a black President but the stats on welfare, adultery, abortion, substance abuse, wedlocks, and incarcerations are not good.

It is very hard to move on when we have suffered much. The mainline churches keep bringing up racism still as an issue, but the real issue now after 50 years of equal rights is within, to forgive and to recognise our own darkness, pain, frustrations and woundings. This the Cross of Calvary why Jesus had to die. The black community and clergy in particular are notoriously anti gay because gays are the other, lower than them, and a scapegoat for their own sins.

MLK was both a Saint and a Sinner. He was monitored because the FBI director hated him but he was protected by the then President Lyndon Johnson. The next President John F Kennedy did not release the vast evidence of King’s rampant infidelity even though it was the talk at the White House.

After 50 years of MLK’s death, he is portrayed as a great Saint by both liberals and conservatives. But by 1967, MLK’s popularity was fast declining because after achieving civil rights for blacks, he moved on on targeting the war in Vietnam symbolised by his now infamous sermon in 1967 at Riverside Church in New York. He was greatly reviled when he tried to link the civil rights with anti-war.

In 2018, President Trump ordered the release of more than 19,000 Kennedy era documents. The chant of the 60s that the truth will set us free became a reminder of the explosive truths that threatened to tarnish the legacy of MLK which were hitherto rumours of rampant adultery. The mainline churches and newspapers tried everything to deny the truth for their theological construction was undermined.

The Black churches who has been so anti gay could not just brushed off MLK’s rampant adultery by equating him with King David of the bible who had many concubines. Why? Because the church has strongly insisted that marriage is between one man and one woman in their anti gay crusade. By the measure the Church judged, so the line will be measured back.

The Word of God is simple. When the church in her anti gay aggenda kept insisting that marriage is between one man and one woman, it sets the standards of what is sin for it will be judged by. Therefore, MLK was indeed an unrepentant sinner. If the church has not been anti gay, then it would have been a different story for the manner you judged becomes law unto yourself. If one uses the letter of the law, then he himself will be judged thus.

Christianity Today and the mainline churches/newspapers whose editorial claim the moral high ground against Trump were not consistent in not reporting that MLK was holding hands with many girlfriends in public including Joan Baez. Nor were the damming FBI internal transcripts were ever mentioned since they are so fond of evidences. Liberals suffer from selective truths as much as the conservatives.

The discovery of FBI transcripts in 2019 reporting his deep darkness in bed is not unbelievable and collaborated by several other autobiographies but does not detract from his legacy even though the mainline churches will avoid mention. MLK’s lasting legacy was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Act of 1965.

Why did Christianity Today and the mainline churches did not report that the last night MLK was alive was not with the woman he was married to? His deep darkness was an open secret yet totally ignored at that time and in time will be forgotten.

In one incident, King was with another woman in a hideaway apartments whilst his wife was berating him for not spending enough time with her. But the mainline churches dare not report the truth lest it deconstruct their kindom. This is hypocrisy when you see how much they hate Trump and reported his affairs.

There is a higher percentage of black churches against gays because there is rampant adultery and abortion happening in their community. The black church has been living in sin and blaming the gay community and blaming racism. Gays are the Other, the bottom of the heap, the scapegoat.

More than 50 years after the racist laws in the US were abolished, the mainline Churches still repeatedly mentions racism as a major issue even blaming for the Trump election win in 2016. It’s always the sin of others which may have been true some 50 years ago, but now blame for the failures of the black kindom to progress.

They have overcome the laws of the land on racism, but the internal darkness and hidden sins of communities are much more difficult to address and better be blamed on gays. Black supremist groups have even risen which are often anti Jew. Other Black groups have risen such as Black lives matter against racism and police violence but the real question is whether we consider our lives important. The high crime, abortion, and drug abuse rates come from within our hurt and wounded hearts.

Another irony is that many of the mainline churches are white. Why keep leveraging on the sins committed against the black community, because the white mainline Church has much to hide. They have allowed demonic occultic beliefs to come in (which seems contradictory since they do not believe in Satan) and killing the unborn. Blood is on their hands and they try to wash it away by highlighting the sins of others.

The only reason given by the liberals was that the evidence was rigged since the then FBI director was against MLK and wanted to blackmail him. But these were FBI field notes of actual conversation transcripts. If the evidence weren’t clad solid why bother to blackmail MLK. Yes, the FBI was against MLK and therefore they tracked and bugged him. That doesn’t negate the evidence but only shows how MLK was audaciously careless of his conduct when he knew he was being tracked.

MLK wasn’t the only one implicated but the whole cohort of liberal activist and clergy engaged in heterosexual sex orgies and adultery. He was holding hands with his many girlfriends publically amongst the clergy who should have called him out. Many would have died by now after 55 years. There is deep denial and deceit in the mainline churches to protect their Saint.

It is not that the Conservative black clergy is any different from their liberal counterparts. They are so busy condemning gays as sinners and a threat to society because there is deep darkness within. In the 60s, even the liberals were anti gay with MLK struggling to keep his gay organiser Bayard Rustin due to opposition from the Southern clergy.

When Adam and Eve ate the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, they develop a subconscience and hid the sin within because they saw darkness within. Ie they auto transfered their sins into the hidden folder. That is what eating the fruit does to you and this is religion.

The activist sang “we shall overcome some day…” and that truth will make us free, but we can only really overcome by the Blood of the Lamb because what we need to overcome is not only the external systems of inequality, injustice and poverty, but also internal darkness and healing for our woundings. MLK was one of the best of us, yet a sinner needing God’s mercy, grace and salvation.

Otherwise the promised kindom of civil rights will be stumbled by abortions, substance abuse, poverty, born out of wedlock, incarcerations, adultery and rape which had plagued the black community ever since.

The MLK tapes only shows that he is human like all of us and should not take away his legacy. Women came to him in droves because he was a powerful alpha male. It’s only that he had more time and opportunity to sin spending most of the time away on the road to preach his message of freedom and overcoming. Yet, he could not overcome the darkness within.

We can only let God’s grace, and mercy enter when we realise we could not help ourselves nor find peace. MLK reminds us that God could use anyone who listens to God’s still voice to do His will and great works even those whom many will consider totally immoral if they really knew who the real person was.

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