When light is denied

John 1:5 and the light shines in the darkness, and darkness did not comprehend it.

There is deep darkness in the Persian revolution led by the mullahs and people of faith. Thousands of gays has been slaughered with minimal human rights yet little condemnation from the mainline churches in the US lest it contradicts their theology that all religion is about love and leads somehow to God. They denied the truth. The mainline churches are so eager to ban Israel yet not ban Iran, Iraq, and Saudi for persecuting Christians because they do not see the suffering body of Christ.

In the recent downing by Persia of a commercial passenger jet, many Christians tried to blame US aggression and even claimed that previously the US had done the same.

When the Iranians finally confessed to the shooting down of the Ukrainian aircraft (after much of the Western world had concluded this as a matter of fact), we see mainline Christian postings equating this as similar to the shooting of an Iranian passenger aircraft by a US warship many years earlier. But not mentioning the context when the context matters significantly even when both are deep tragedies. At the end, we see that mainline Christians may be worst than conservatives in merely quoting events but not reflecting the context. The only similarity is deep fear.

The two incidents were not more different than it could be for elites to even equating them in the same page

1. The missile launcher in Persian was located at a fixed point some 40km from the airport with constant commercial air traffic for the passenger plane for which its radar could routinely observed the path taken. Whereas the warship was moving and hundreds of km from any airport with very infrequent overhead flights.

2. The missile launcher was thousands of km from the border where aircrafts or cruise missiles may attack. This is unlike a ship which can expect attack at any moment. A 150km radar distance can be covered in less than 4min for a fighter jet.

3. The US ship was actually under attack from Iranian gunboats at the time of the missile launch and the attack on the passenger plane was initiated after repeated unanswered radio identification calls at a time when an attack was expected from an Iranian F14 jet plane. All the mitigating factors were not mentioned at all.

4. The Persians only admitted to downing the plan after iron clad proof of the launch of the missiles, radar lockon detected. Ultimately there was even a video of the shoot down. All the whilst the Iranians claim it was a lie and many mainline sites urged not to speculate.

5. The flight path showed it was climbing and not descending upon the Iranian base as a cruise missile would. Actually, two missiles were fired not one, 23 seconds a part. The excuse of heightened tension used by some clergy is indeed delusional.

The Iranians and the previous US administration entered into an nuclear arms that was really hard to enforced. Israel proved as much when it uncovered troves of documentation indicating Iran’s intention to continue an undercover program. It is the same fear of not knowing what will happen that had downed the jet plane.

Despite the tough talk, the Persians fear an all out war because the mullahs and people of faith will loose power. There is deep darkness in the land, and these darkness is permeated in the people of faith because it is all centred about themselves how to abide by religious laws. The mainline Christians do not see the darkness of this faith regime, because there is also deep darkness in the body, hence the eye could not discern the light.

Satan offered the world powers a measure of power and glory if they bowed down to him. The church hierachal is the center of much power and wealth albeit unseen. And what is being religious but bowing down to these spiritual entities as an ancient homage. Mainline Christians claim all religions are about love because they could not see darkness because they are in darkness despite claiming to be the body of Christ not by the Cross but merely following the works of Jesus.

Persia wants to destroy the light of God out of Zion. But the light will soon overcome it for the day of Gentiles is over. The end game is near not by the US but the God of Israel.

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