Christian right cults infected

Matt 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

In the latest coronavirus outbreak of a South Korean cult Church, Shincheonji Church, some in the West were curious about why it was called a cult Church, eg is it 60% Christian etc. Coming from their liberal background, the question hides a fear that their own churches are also cults in the sense that it does not really believe that Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life to God.

In the End Times, there are too many false prophets, many clothed from the mainline churches with a reverend title and a divinity degree. There are many as well in the Christian Right cults.

Most mainline Church believe they are created co-creators with the divine ie they are putting themselves nearly on par with Creator God essentially discarding eternal salvation and 2nd coming of Jesus Christ by becoming little saviours themselves. Are these churches cults as well or are they New Age occultics?

Why was the Korean Church considered a cult, because they consider their leader, a messiah of the 2nd coming even though the rest of their theology might be very orthodox. These infection of self righteousness till even declaring themselves as the Messiah, essentially God is utter abomination. Ironically, the cult messiah leader, Lee man hee cannot even save the church from coronavirus.

It is said that gay rights is banned in South Korea because of its Conservative Christian nature. The truth is that they are hiding many hundreds of Christian Right cult churches who worship their leader as Messiah of the 2nd coming of Christ. These Christian right cult churches have hundreds of thousands of worshipers. Hence, they put all their sins of idol worship against God on the gay gentle lambs. And they come to the West and South East Asia hiding in an evangelical mantle which they are surely not.

I am reminded of the virulently anti gay Christian news organization called Christian Post which used to have an active branch in Singapore with the support of the then local churches. I ever wondered why it was so anti gay until recently where there was a fraud judgement against it in the US. It was linked to David Jang, a Korean pastor with a 2nd coming messiah mantle ie he apparently believed he is the messiah. If there is deep sin, how do we wash our hands, blame a scapegoat. That was why the Christian Post is so anti gay because it is infected with heresy

We could not really blame the Christian Post or the Korean cult Church or the mainline churches of being heretic in taking the glory and honor from Jesus Christ as Lord, God and Saviour. The mother church, the Church hierachal has been doing thus for 1500 years. They added the additional layers of the father, the saints, Mary before we can reach Jesus Christ who is kept hanging at the Cross, being punished forever and not come down. Gays are blamed again as the antithesis for sin by this church as a covering for their own occultic abominations.

The cult mega Church Shincheonji (new heaven and new Earth) has over 200,000 followers and over 74 churches alone. They are trying create their new heaven on earth just like the liberals are trying to do as “co-creators with the divine”. If the church attendance is half, it would mean 100k or possibly 15x the total attendances of gay churches such as MCC.

The liberals have made it a fact that gay affirming churches means they are liberal churches. This is a lie for when we are affirming, we may also be evangelicals because all are equal at the foot of the Cross, needing the saving grace of Jesus Christ whether straight or gay.

The Korean cult Church was formed only in 1984 whereas MCC formed in 1968 is 15x smaller in attendance. If a heretical cult Church can be so much bigger than MCC, how powerful would a charismatic evangelical church with a truth and justice focus be? Perhaps the far left teachings of some gay churches are no much different from cult churches.

We have an infected mainline Church that dethrones Jesus and rejects the finished works of the Cross. Instead of believers of Christ, we used the term people of faith not defining in which spiritual deity the person belongs to. This led to the ridiculous assertions by the liberals of how moral Romney is as a “true” person of faith by standing up against Trump when Romney worships the angel Moroni in the guise of a pseudo kind of Christianity. The infection of the Jesuit counter reformation teaching where black becomes white has infiltrated to the very foundation of mainline Christian to void the Protestant Reformation.

The Christian Right in Singapore knows that they are under spiritual attack. Before the charismatic evangelical revival in 1970 when the Anglican Bishop received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in a Bangkok hotel whilst attending the liberal Christian Conference of Asia, they were themselves liberals. Their eyes opened to the spiritual warfare and deception.

In Singapore, the wall was built and gays were the scapegoat to be blamed for the sins of the community and the Ten thousands of abortions. When the wall breaks, the flood will come in for the river of justice will come. But they didn’t realised all are infected spiritually and are prone to the sin of self righteousness when the apparent sins of some such as the gay community is spinned to be so big as to cover the sins of others.

Ultimately being gay or straight is innate and we make ourselves the worst enemies by putting the innocent ie the gay community into the closet for our condemnation. When gays are finally out of the closets, the church will have to pay for the injustice. This is the law of God, and the penalty maybe that the world no longer could hear our Gospel preaching. A church without voice is a church without power.

As the coronavirus spreads throughout the world, it is indeed ironic that the trigger would be a Christian Right cult in South Korea.

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