Judgement is coming upon the nations part 1

The news of the resignation of an iconic Prime Minister in an Asian country shocked many after a week of intriguing battles and treachery. It was indeed a backdoor coup. As my liberal friends go out to the streets to join the protests, I am reminded that those who come to divide Israel will be herself divided.

The former PM was anti Israel to the core, calling the faith based terrorism in the Middle East as a direct resultant of the creation of the State of Israel. He has called Trump the villain for relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem.

We are reminded not too long ago that some liberal activist took pictures together with the now ex PM as the epitomy of democracy. But perhaps he was also a villain who had extended in 1981 blatantly awful race based discriminatory policies whose destructive impact will bring down the nation 40 years later. One by one nations who wants to push Israel out to the sea will be thrown down.

When any government cheats the people so deeply with widely discriminatory racial laws, there will be no end to corruption. Government funded Higher education facilities and Public service occupations will be almost totally reserved for the large majority race/faith as a policy. Therefore, the minorities even receiving excellent results are denied entrance to universities loosing talent.

Many Liberal activists are deeply hypocritical. They worshipped democracy which in some countries only benefits the majority and goes against basic equal rights and amplifies racial and religious privileges of the majority. The ex PM was also using Israel as a beating post for politics. But the time of the Gentiles is over and what is sowed, will now be reaped, a hundred fold. Judgement is coming.

In Dec 2017, at the UN, the nations of the world railed against the US for the indirect declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. As they are trying to stop the return, the Holy Spirit of God is lifted from the nations, there comes disunity and conflicts within their own countries. Judgment comes when protection is lifted.

When Israel was re established as a nation in 1948 after more than 1878 years from the ransacked and destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in AD 70, there was widespread consternation because the original owner has returned and ownership affirmed by God’s word. Millions of Jews were killed by the Romans and now ironically their descendents in the European Union are now the main antogonist for the return because these deaths were unavenged and judgement is coming upon Europe.

The initial state of Israel was just a few small cities along the medditeranean, yet the very next day, the surrounding nations of faith attacked Israel with their combined armies to try to push Israel into the sea. They failed and Israel grew bigger with each war.

The mainline churches and many nations including the nations of former Roman empire have been trying their best to break up Israel into 2 nations including separation of Jerusalem. Whem Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the SEA nation ex prime minister called him a villain.

The real villain is not Trump but the nations at the UN, the nations of faith, and even the mainline churches. When they declared their adament support to divide Israel and Jerusalem, they became the villains against the God of Israel even the church hierachal.

When the people of the ancient world sinned against God by their occultic and demonic worship and sex with the demonic angels, the Holy Spirit was removed and calamity came. So when the nations rejoiced and voted against Israel with the US mainline churches with their anti Israel BDS, the Holy Spirit is lifted. Ironically, the Holy Spirit is now lifted from the mainline churches ie as they boycott and reject Israel, the God of Israel boycotts them.

Without the grace of God, we live in a fallen world without protection. This world belongs to Satan and his cohorts. They are deeply religious beings and entitities of faith knowing the Bible inside out. But it doesn’t save them because they are fallen and will try to bring as many people with them to hell. They seek to destroy God’s creation.

The gatekeepers in Singapore who wear white tried to prevent God’s judgement by their anti gay campaign. If God had judged Singapore, He would have done so a long time ago. We have 10,000 babies aborted each year and pagan worship at almost every street corner. The National Council of Churches chose to blame gays but judgement is also coming because we live in a fallen world where we blame the other for our own sins.

Judgement comes not because God sends the diseases but because His hand of grace is lifted in the world when the nations with one voice declared their intention to break up Israel. When God’s hand of grace of hand and mercy is lifted, there comes the destroyer who will come as a thief to steal our lives, our peace and our health. With one common voice, the nations will cry under the weight of judgement.

God uses Trump to sound the trumpet out of Jerusalem that as they try to split Jerusalem, the spirit of disunity, conflicts, sickness, and diseases will come and breakdown mighty nations as the Holy Spirit is withdrawn and the thief comes in the night.