A soon dawning freedom and justice for gays

Gen 20:15 You shall not steal

Gen 20:16 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour

One of the most natural principal under the law is whatever you sow is what ever you will reap. As the Christian Right focused on the law, they come under the judgement of the law. The devil is trying to focus the church on causing harm so that judgement and darkness could come on the body of Christ. The gay community is very small, and the Christian Right much larger, but the harm and animus done to the gay community will one day greatly impact the church. And that day is dawning.

Why didn’t the church leave gays alone when they don’t openly condemned the pagan and demonic worship of spiritual principalities at every street corner and even within the church where great herecies and even demonic worship occurs in the inner courts and ancient churches. Just like Hitler targeting gays for the concentration camps, the church just couldn’t leave gays alone. The church has every right and generous freedoms yet choose to attempt to take the very little that gays have. But as gays come out of the closet, more and more gentle lambs have been accepted and embraced.

In the Pinkdot event in Singapore, the Christian Right has attempted the stop the event being streamed online gathering more than 25,000 votes in online forums. But what seemed innocent and a right cause by Christians is one of extreme animus against gays, when thousands of churches have been broadcasting their sermons online some with overseas speakers every week. Yet, for the one GLBT event for the year, the Christian Right attempted to stop the event.

The attempt by the Christian Right to prevent the online streaming of the Pink Dot event will plant a deep root of antagonism against the churches where one day even the smallest excuse will be used to limit the online broadcast of the Gospel messages. Just as hatred is sowed there is a four fold judgement. Just as the Christian Right used the excuse of drag Queens against the broadcast, they are setting the stage for the Gospel to be treated as a hate message. This is a great tragedy. For the Gospel of Grace has the power to save, deliver and heal, not from being gay but against the spiritual darkness and principalities.

The Catholics banned the bible for some 300 years with only the priests allowed to interpret rightly. The Christian Left does the same with only those graduated from their liberal colleges considered a learned interpretation. The Christian Right instead of perpetuating the freedom of the Gospel as a result of the printing press of the 16th century, destroys the Word in the spirit, by preaching Mt Sinai instead of Mr Zion. Just as the Pharisees went after the woman in adultery, the Christian Right went after gays. But this is far worst than the Pharisees because homosexuality is not condemned in the Ten Commandments. Why? Because when the Bible talks about abominations and same sex acts, it was always in the context of religious acts of worship by straight men thus violating the very first commandment of not loving the God of Israel. They were not gays!

Since the gay community is not left alone but persecuted by the church for the last 1900 years, the church even amazingly claiming that they are threatened by gays, a time is coming when the gay community will be a big torn at the side of the mega churches. Just as the church will not leave the very small gay community alone and limit their basic rights, God will use the gay community as a sharpening rod for the church. There is coming a season of deep pain and suffering for the church because there is so much blood in her hands. They shall call upon the Lord and raise hymns of worship but the Lord will not hear them for there is very deep injustice by the very hands raised to worship Jesus. The blood of gays cries out for justice and vengeance.

Without any remorse nor conscience, the church will even dare to complain that they are persecuted by gays and their basic rights denied, but no one would listen because they have cried wolf too many times by claiming that gays are after them. When the real persecution comes, it will come in the form of a limit of the generous rights for the church and a deep firewall where the churches message will not be heard. They will pray and bind the principalities for a great revival but their sin against the gay community will remain unforgiven until they could come before God with a contrite and humble heart. Without deep repentence, the church will fall.

The rod is surely coming upon the church for God loves the church. Just like a little kid, it is totally without discipline and self control, going off to pick fights rather than focused of the Christ centered ministry of reconciliation. As they tried to convert gays into straight people through physiological torture, the same torture of the spirit and soul is coming upon the church.

The church is so focused on gays, but do not see the real coming darkness. The entry into occultic darkness and black magic with warewolfs is seen in the many movies. Yet there are no complaints from gate keepers. But everywhere they go, they could only see gays. What the nations need in Asia is a mighty wind of the Holy Spirit revival against the rising darkness which the church could so blindly see as pertaining to the gay community, when gays should be left alone by the church. It is a battle that the church will never win because being gay or straight is innate. Yet the real darkness will come and overcome the church because the church like David did not go out to do battle with the real opponents but instead took away the gentle lamb so dear to the poor family when King David could have everything in the Kingdom. Just as King David could not leave the poor lamb alone, the church could not leave gays alone.

The church has focused on OT judgement and condemnation against gays. Why? It is Satan’s plan to bring back the church to Mt Sinai. The NT Word of God is the Word that feeds, brings healing, restoration. Word that endures forever is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The church has forgotten her first calling and commission in the Gospel mandate.

Many in the gay community have lost everything. Their lives are gone. The right to love and be loved. The circuit breaker of 2 months is so short when many lived a lifetime in the closet. The judgement, condemnation and false witness against gays by the church have destroyed their soul and spirit.

The church is so much against gays with the greatest of animus when the could just have left gays alone, because the very existence of gays is a threat of judgement upon the church because being gay is so innate. When gay right comes, the church knows in their deep conscience that their deep sins will not be forgotten.

The church has stolen from the gay community their entire lives and have proclaimed a false witness that gays are sinners rather than the abomination of worshipping the demonic deities. Hence the door of darkness is opening and the church will have no power to overcome it. For Satan has deceived the church whether the Christian Left or Right. Gays are just the Trojan horse.

Many of my gay Christian friends have died, but their lives matter and should not be forgotten. They were good people, gentle people of utmost faith in Jesus Christ. Yet their soul were tortured by the false witness and condemnation by the church. Many more in the Gay community have suffered or are suffering great pain and loss. It is time the church to leave the gay community alone but it may already be far too late that whatever the church does doesn’t matter anymore in any way, because once the river of justice comes raging down from once a tiny pool of water in the mountain top, it will also bring down the gatekeepers down at the valley.

The pool of water in the mountain top becomes a stream of water and then a raging river because God is raining upon the Gay community to bring freedom whence they were once in the closet. It is the grace of God in the gay community giving them the grace to accept themselves of how God created them and wonderfully made them. It is self acceptance of their innate sexuality because God loves gay people more than gay people loves themselves. For the church and community has made gay people condemned themselves as unclean. But Jesus said, go, for I have made you clean. No more shall you hate yourself.

The dawn is coming and justice is coming for the gay community in Asia and the church will be flooded for the river of justice will become a raging pool of water downstream. Passed the gatekeepers before reaching the ocean, no longer bounded and forever free. There in freedom of the vast ocean shall they be free to worship the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

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