The Body of Christ needs a New Reformation of Grace, Power, and Humility

Today 15 June 2020, the Supreme Court in the US has dealt the final blow on the Christian Right’s attempt to deny basic rights to gays. The supreme Court decision meant that gays could not be sacked just because they are gays. With the court so stacked with conservatives, it was the last chance for the Christian Right to bring a clear case of denial of basic human rights to the courts which in normal circumstances would not even be heard. The church has been deceived by the devil and the optics would have looked bad whatever decision the Supreme Court would have made. Ironically, the charisma magazine called one of the supreme Court judge as engaging in treacherous deception when the charismatic evangelicals are so easily deceived by Satan because of their own hidden sins needed to be placed on the gentle gay lambs.

The church is not necessarily the Body of Christ because the Body of Christ are those who are in Christ, who believed that Jesus Christ alone is Lord, God and Saviour above all other gods. Only in believing by faith that Jesus death and resurrection makes us a child of God in Christ rather than works of love or being part of creation. The weeds have so cluttered the church until darkness reigns and there is no power to heal nor to save. The church itself is steeped in darkness that it cannot be saved but by the light which is Jesus Christ. Instead of fighting the demonic realm these exgay groups are fighting themselves whilst thinking they are fighting the Satanic realm.

In John 8:44, Jesus was talking about the people of faith with their Ten commandments and some say summarised into two great commandments. In essence, we lie when we say we love God but reject His Son Jesus Christ as the Lord, God and Saviour. When we reject Jesus as God above all gods but claim otherwise, we belong to Satan, the Father of lies.

John 8:44 you are of your father the devil and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand with the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

I am reminded that a year earlier, on Sunday May 19,2019.the City Harvest Church invited the US anti gay preacher Christopher Yuan to do the sermon for its Sunday service. The same old mantra, love the sinner hate the sin was preached, ironically at a church no more than 10 years ago proclaimed that no funds went to support Sun Ho, their pastor’s singing crossover to Hollywood. The ensuing Court cases proved otherwise. Should we love the church but hate their sins.

One of the great sins of the church is self righteousness where we go to the temple daily and place our own sins on the gay gentle lambs. We take clobber verses and say these refer to gays as sinners but they are referring to straight men in particular in religious pagan worship of Satan. Why? Because there is sin in the church.

The church hierachal had become Babylon by the 4th Century AD. Ie the very root of the modern day church is defiled by colluding with demonic forces. Sin is within the very heart of the ancient walls of church. The wheel of life at St Peters square, the womb at the centre of church is joined with the phallus of the Egyptian Sun God of Old, joining the earth and the spiritual “heavens” . The church is in perpetual ungodly sex. This is the same Sun God whom the God of Israel had defeated now at the heart the church hierachal in plain sight.

Therefore, without hesitation the crusades were used to destroy the Eastern Orthodox Church at Constantianople and later tens of millions were killed in the Counter Reformation in Europe. The church has fallen, and fallen indeed and blaming gays when the abomination is not homosexuality but satanic worship deeply embedded in its very power structures and life of the church.

As part of the Counter Reformation, Liberalism was introduced targeting elite educational institutions to weaken the Protestant church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ so well encapsulated in the five solae. So the devil binds the church. Black becomes white in the mantra of the Jesuits where the ancient church performs the most hideous of tortures yet pushed for social justice. The Protestant Church in Europe is at its death bed soon to be followed by the mainline churches in the US. It took 500 years, but the Jesuit counter reformation had won, and their victims are not even aware.

In the clobber verse lev 18:22 it is said that “you shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination”. The verse 18:21 before states “you shall not give any of your offspring to sacrifice them to Molech, and so profane the name of your God: I am the Lord”. So the context is the violation of the first greatest commandments that the Jews should worship the God of Israel, for the common practise of Baal worship would be the men having sex with the priest thus being filled with the demonic spirit. When churches mistranslate this to apply to gays, the abomination of pagan worship enters the church, and defiles it. In the OT law, when there is false report, the lie will come back to the church four fold.

Some churches actually worship Satan very openly when we pray to various deities, the demonic spirit will come into the deities and religious symbols we bow down to. When they left Jesus hanging at the Cross and declare that the bread and wine is transformed to the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ, this is a pagan ritual of human blood sacrifice to appease the gods and gain power.

The mega churches is trying the import the anti gay teachings from the US where the battle is all but lost. The final defeat at the Supreme Court ruled that one cannot be sacked from a job simply because he or she is gay with reference to the 1964 Civil Rights law. The Christian Right reacted with angst because this was their last attempt to take away basic rights for gays.

Not only have the Christian Right failed, but moral law demands that what is sowed shall be reaped. Therefore when we seek ill will of others, we will receive four fold in judgement. When the Christian Church seeks to and has take away basic rights of gays, there is then no excuse if others take away the basic rights of Christians including the rights of very existence.

Christianity Today claims that the Supreme Court judgement extends gay rights and undermines religious freedoms. This is a half truth. The judgement is about basic rights not to be sacked because of your sexual orientation. If the Supreme Court decision was against gays then any company could use this decision to sack gays. It is amazing that the Christian Right could even bring this case to the Supreme Court.

Ironically the lost of religious rights by the Christian Church is not entirely wrong. When the church abuses its rights at every turn, it will eventually looses its special rights. That is the plan of Satan to destroy the church and it is using the persecution of gays by the church. One day, the special rights of the church as a tax free haven because of its community services will be lost. The churches activities will be restricted in the name of social morals.

Satan has used gays to destroy the church, for the Gospel message is now harmed by the deep hypocrisy and hate message. The name of God in Jesus Christ has been defiled and blasphemed by the Evangelical churches because the message of the Gospel of Grace is undermined by our insistence on the law and false witness against gays. The mega churches thought that their greatest enemies were gays when it is the demonic powers waging a spiritual battle in the 500 years counter reformation.

Satan’s plan of destruction of the heart of the church was very simply, to push the church off the Rock which is Jesus Christ, and instead focused on Peter, the humanistic rock, and on the Law which Mt Sinai. As the church cannot hold on to the law since it is in adultery with other spiritual gods, the church had sacrificed the Gay gentle lambs when the real abomination is the Christian church being in bed with the evil one.

There is something so ironic and wrong with the Christian Right where instead of being persecuted for the preaching of the Gospel, it is persecuting the least in the community to take away their basic rights. When we are not out there in prayer against the forces of darkness and thought that the issue is with gays when the sin of abomination is straight people having abortions and worshiping other gods, then the christian right has been deceived just like the Christian left.

The devil is known as the great deceiver and he has deceived both the Christian Left and Christian Right. For the Christian Right, deceived with pride of their own self righteousness, he has sent them on a search for sin when the true obomination is the people of faith worshiping the devil himself. Gays and Jews are but the scapegoat. For the Christian Left, they are deceived with pride for thinking they are gods able to be Co creators of heaven and earth needing only love but not redemption or forgiveness through the Blood when they are but mere dust. Their proud eyes are so deceived until the devil and eternal judgement doesn’t exist and their actions of love negates their own sin tainted souls.

Satan is the great deceiver whom the church thinks would approach as a ugly creature with horns but he comes as an angel with false light. He is the abomination. Yet, the Christian Right has been deceived to believe it is about gays. Surely, God sent the flood because the people were have sex with demons and producing half human and half demonic offspring. The Christian Left so afraid of the darkness that reflects their own face, that the real enemy who is the main cause of all the inequality and injustice is made invisible by Satan himself. So the left have been fighting for so long for equality yet the enemy is actually invisible because they have denied he even existed. Both the Christian left and right are fighting each other and fake enemies when the real enemy is hidden. It is an invisible enemy yet visible by the Holy Spirit of God.

In Asia, some churches wear white to come against the gay pink dot event. However, in the spiritual realm, as long as the gatekeepers are of the works of the law and not the grace of God in Christ Jesus, the church can never escape from her ancient links to the mother church. And the devil mocks the God of Israel every day, every hour, every second not because the church is white, but the church is even darker than the fallen world. The reason why Satan wants to destroy the church, and the Jews is so that there is no where for Jesus Christ to return to, because when Jesus comes back, the whole cohort of demonic principalities will be thrown to the lake of fire.

We should love the church, the bride waiting for Jesus to come back, but hate the sin. The yoke can only be broken by prayer and humility and the renewal of the Holy Spirit and the 9 spiritual gifts. The church is soiled with dirt and in deep darkness that even the demonic principalities resides in many mainline churches. The Body of Christ needs a revival like never before so that it can become a new Church, totally white and spotless before the return of the King. The bible says that if the strong man is not bound, we cannot take away his hold which is the nations of the world where the Gospel needs to be preached to a fallen world.

The Body of Christ must humble themselves and pray like never before for the church has been overcome by darkness for the gates of hades has overcome it when we fall off the Rock of Ages. A New Reformation is needed of a people humbled and passionate for the power and grace of God and not full of themselves but humbled just as Jesus did when He went to the Cross emptied. We need the Grace of God and Power of the Holy Spirit to break down the power the Satan and his dominions.

The Body of Christ those who are called by His name by the Blood of the Lamb and Resurrection power of forgiveness and redemption through the Cross of Calvary needs a New Reformation of the Gospel of Grace, Power and Humility. The church cannot proclaimed the Gospel of Salvation unless it saves itself from darkness into the light and power of redeeming Grace of Jesus Christ who is the light who will overcome darkness.

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