The coming of Famine/Tribulation

Mat 24:15 “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place”

When Biden becomes President there will be a period of grace where there is a return to normal with covid under control and outlook for great economic recovery. But suddenly in the first or second year, a period of great financial, stock market, debt, currency, and civil strive never seen before. Famine and tribulation is coming soon. Prepare yourself.

The church will not escape trials and tribulations. Her special rights and status would be removed and the mega churches wealth, tax free status, and abuses would be questioned. Liberal churches will further decline due to financial calamities and critical theories.

The recent storming of the US Capital by the protesters has resulted in the spin by the Christian Left to highlight the event as some great sacrilege, and the opportunistic attempt by the liberal media to limit the rights of the protesters in the various on-line forum. The extreme spin and exploiting the events claiming that Trump should be impeached for supporting the insurrection is based on animus rather than evidence for Trump never asked his supporters to do so. The attempt by the liberal far left is a road of no return for hate will be gain only further hate.

Alas, the election of President Biden will not bring in the utopia so imagined, but a deep prolonged famine/tribulation, starting after a period of grace after Biden becomes President. It matters not whether Biden or Trump for the time is at hand. The real sacrilege is not the protesters storming the capital, or the left wing BLM occupying cities, but of hospital beds being full, and Covid patients dying en-mass around the world before world wide vaccination.

We know that tribulation did come upon Jerusalem described in Mat 24:15 and the Romans killed millions of Jews because of the Jewish insistence to be faithful to the God of Israel, and to oppose the abomination of pagan gods which is the roman temple of Jupiter with its hexagonal corners now standing in the holy of Hollies. The abomination stood there ever since with different faiths building their temple on top of it. When the liberal Christians insists the status quo of the abomination remaining and Jerusalem being divided, they are aligned to the Spirit of anti-Christ. For as long as the abomination remains, then Jesus Christ is not coming back again until the new temple has been built. There is no peace in Jerusalem until the Jewish worship is restored at her holiest place.

The European Union, the British, and the US, are the descendants of the Roman Empire. They fell and rose, first Europe, then the British, and now the US. In the last days, just as tribulation killed millions of Jews in Jerusalem and the subsequent uprisings, and again more than 6 million Jews in Europe, there is arising great famine/tribulation in the Western nations, and in the Middle East to loosened the hand of the enemy upon Jerusalem after 50 years of the Jews returning back to Jerusalem. The period of grace of 50 years is over. We are heading into the period of judgement, God’s judgement, which is the removing of God’s hand of grace.

In Dec 2017, almost 50 years to the day that Jerusalem was returned to the Jews, the United Nations declared that Israel was to be separated again, just as the Romans did to remove the Jews from their Holy Land in diaspora to all the nations where millions were killed for maintaining their Jewish faith. They have forgotten that the days of the Gentiles was over. It was not going to be a repeat of AD70. The Trump presidency was a sounding of the trumpet of God, that the God of Israel would no longer protect the nations which is under a curse and domain of Satan because this is a fallen world. Hence, grace was lifted from the nations. The Covid 19 is no coincidence. It was the act of the enemy but the virus was always there, for we have forgotten the hand of protection of God because of Jesus Christ, until it is lifted, and we cried where is God!.

Trump called Washington a swamp. He is actually part of it, the worship of wealth and power. The whole setup of Washington, is based on the Freemason worship of Satan personified in the Sun God and the all seeing eye which is why the ancient pyramids were created to focus its powers. It has control over Washington, London, and Rome, symbolized by the obelisk to the Sun God. God is shaking the nations, to loosed the powers of Washington, London, and Rome. The City of London has already been shaken by Brexit which will decrease her influence. God is bringing down the kindoms of this world, who have the spirit of the anti-Christ in their pursuit of power and wealth, and taking away Jesus Christ from the Cross.

The flames in Washington is not an insurrection as claimed by the socialist left, but it is only the start of tribulation/famine. The Covid 19 virus has punctured a hole in the already very weak US economy where the Government is buying trillions of bonds and printing money. The next 20 years will see incredible strive not because of Covid but because the impact of the economic and stock market and currency downfall will spread like a contagion force.

When the Capitol Hill in protest strife and flames, with the mainline liberal media taking the opportunity to ban the Right, we see a civil conflict that is destined to become worst. There is no longer the centre, but the left and the Right moving further apart, each claiming the truth, but neither having the truth. For the truth is about love, and causing no harm, and not about our rights which often has been abused to limit the basic rights of others. Hate and racial identity politics takes away the individual. Biden may have won, but he may not able to use the fiscal weapons so used by previous Presidents, print more money. Liberal Socialism will beget a response of the Right bringing conflicts and disunity.

Tribulation is coming, because the world is under judgement because of what it did to the apple of God’s eye, which is Jerusalem. When the hand of God’s grace in Jesus Christ is lifted, diseases comes in, bringing great economic disasters. A stock market, housing, and sovereign debt crises is coming to many western nations that will mean great tribulation for many, whose life savings will dissapear. Many will grow hungry and in despair. There will be strive, poverty, violence and anarchy greater than 1929.

The fifty years period of grace plus 3.5 years from 1967 (the partial return of Jerusalem to the Jews) is almost over. The next 3.5 years will see great strife followed 3.5 years of hardship, and then a slow decline of many nations. It will be famine/tribulation. A period of grace and normalcy will follow the first 12 to 24 months of Biden before the rain starts and it will not stop.

Covid 19 has brought down the nations, and her economies, the smallest of virus killing millions. But the real sin of the United Nations is against Jerusalem, the attempt to divide Jerusalem, and letting the abomination remain in the location of the Holy of Hollies. The storming of the Capitol is just the start as unrest and strive comes through the nations of the world.

I believe that God is saying to His people, to Christians, to prepare for famine, to fast and pray like never before, store up the essentials of food, and medicine for the time of lack is coming where many will loose much. For in this time of famine/tribulation, the greatest Christian revival will come. And the church will be cleansed through trials and testings and become the bride for Christ return.

Mi Kamocha – Who is Like You

Ashira Ladonai; ki gaoh ga-ah (x2)
( I will sing to the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously)

Mi Chamocha baelim adonai
(Who is like you in the heavens, O Lord}

Mi kamocha nedar ba kodesh;
(Who is like you, glorious in holiness)

Nachita v’chas-d’cha am zu ga-alta (x2)
(in your mercy, you lead the children whom you have redeemed)

Ahira, ashira, ashira
(I will sing, I will sing, I will sing)

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