Slippery slope of gay rights

The fear of “importing” the culture war is ironical for the culture war has been happening with the Christian Right Gay keepers scrubbing anything gay. Why the war is necessary? Because it takes effort and warfare to restrict the basic rights of gays because gays are innate.

Surrounding the red dot with nations both legalising homosexuality and to the extent of allowing gay marriage, dark clouds surround. The notion of a western cultural war is all but debunked as Taiwan, Nepal, India and Thailand moves towards full gay rights.

Through their western based anti gay crusade against gays wearing white, the fear of the slippery slope of gay rights is coming true, and it is not that everyone will become gay!

It is a slippery slope because once gay rights becomes legalised, no straight marriages are impacted nor would there be more abortions, but the church is put into a closet where all their actions, speech and motives are judged. All their sins are magnified. The slippery slope is that the church is viewed as sinful hypocrites. Just as our voice is used in judgement against gays, the voice of the church will be silenced.

Just as gays are put in closet, the slippery slope is that the Christian Right will be also put in the closet but a measure of four fold. This is the law of God:-

1. The voice of the church will be restricted. Media Restrictions in Facebook, twitter, YouTube for church sermons and the Gospel message.

2. Judgment on the church. All our sins are multiplied 4 fold and exposed. The spiritual power of the angel of judgement invades the church where all their sins are in the recent revelations of the numerous adulterous relationships that the great evangelist Ravi Zacharias would involved in the last 30 years whilst being ant gay.. All the doors hiding the skeletons are exposed to the nations.

3. Donkeys will prophesy against the church. Just like the BLM is blaming the plight of blacks against anything white, the church will be blamed for everything, and as the socialist left is rising, the church will be persecuted just like they had persecuted gays by blaming them for all the ills of society. It will be 4 fold judgement on the church. Just as they blamed gays for the destruction of marriage, the church will be blamed for all sort of ridiculous things.

4. The special rights of the church will be restricted. Just as the church seeks to ban gay organizations for the last 50 years, the special rights and priveleges of the church as charities will be taken away. The churches will be audited and any financial corruption will quickly lead to persecution.

The slippery slope is a four fold judgement on the church even though gays being 5% of the population is not very significant. As gays achieve their basic rights, the church will loose much more.

The slippery slope is coming of gay rights that as gays come out of the closet, the church will be put into a closet. The descent will come so naturally and quickly because it is a moral imperitive. Persecution is coming against the church because the law, the Word of God will not pass away, and judgement starts with the church. What ever the church has sowed against gays, it will reap. And we already begin to see it in the US with the Equality Bill.

The Christian Right has led a cultural war against gays for the 100 years. The war will now be coming to the gates of the church. A giant lock and chains will be placed at the gates of churches… For they have harmed the little ones.

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