Sky lights up on Jerusalem day, sound the trumpet

The attack by many hundreds of rockets firing upon Israel within minutes marks Jerusalem Day of 10 May 1967. It is 54 years from 1967. The attack was by Palestinians but the focus by the biased media is on Israel aggression with few in the liberal western media mentioning the massive scale and intensity of the rocket attacks nor the supply of the rockets by Iran. Turkey who is the Ottoman of old who once ruled Jerusalem is also eager to teach Israel a lesson. As her enemies surround Jerusalem, peace is not an absence of war but a coming defeat of her enemies. There will be seemingly a return to a sense of peace soon in Jerusalem for the real war will not be in Israel for the times of the gentile is over.

God has put an iron dome around Israel and Jerusalem. The arrows of her enemies shall not go through by night or day for the times of Gentiles are over. But in return, rocks will fall down from the heavens on the surrounding nations. For the coming calamaties will be crushing.

Iran and Turkey are notoriously anti gay where gays are hunted and killed by their faith based governments. You seldom see the liberal western media criticising such violent faith based actions. But the battle for Jerusalem is all about faith. Israel and most churches does not understand the time and season until they see the hand of God coming against her enemies from the North West, North and the East. They thought that peace is an absence of war when peace is a return of Jerusalem to the Jews and her enemies who had conquered and destroyed her gates and taken her citizens away be totally judged.

Ironically, the liberal Western media calls it the occupation of Jerusalem by Israel. But the historical truth is that Rome had invaded Jerusalem and killed millions of Jews, and the 2nd Jewish temple desecrated by various nations as the hexagonal temple to Jupiter and when the mullahs invaded, they built their own temple on top this sacred place 600 years later. There is no peace in Jerusalem until Jerusalem is returned and her walls rebuild, and her faith based invaders expelled.

The peace upon Jerusalem of 50 years from 1967 is over. The period of grace of 50 years is over. Therefore, the next phase of judgement is upon the nations who came against Jerusalem and had occupied her. The rocket attack is a an opening of the judgement seal not of war in Jerusalem herself (for the times of the gentiles is over), but just as the nations attempted to divide Jerusalem, the spirit of economic calamities, internal conflicts, division, and judgement is coming upon her enemies by the God of Israel.

This is just the start. As the rockets are fired, they will break the seal of the revelation at Mt Zion. The fire in the burning bushes is a sign that the spiritual hosts and mighty army of angels is coming down. There were scenes of dancing by the Jews in the background of the burning bush. Soon the fire of the God of Israel will consume the nations. The spiritual significance bring us back to Mt Sinai where the all consuming burning bush appeared before Moses to let my people go. Now the same consuming fire is coming after 2,000 years.

If the new Biden administration, Rome, and the United nations do not let the people of Israel go and return to Jerusalem but insists on dividing Jerusalem, deep darkness is coming upon the nations. It is already happening with the first horse of diseases which was triggered by the UN resolution against Israel in 2017. The triggering and escalation of violence against Israel and Jerusalem is the opening of the seal of the second and third of the Four Horsemen to come against the enemies of Jerusalem.

The enemies of Israel sees the opportunity with Biden at the helm of the US to launch the rocket attacks and pushed for a separation of Israel as desired by the liberals in the US democrats. But the more they pushed, the more is lost. The timing of the rain of rockets is prophetic.

1896 First Zionist Council

1917 General Allenby entered Jerusalem taking over from Turkey

1948 (+50 years from Zionist Council) Israel is founded.

1967 (+50 years from entry into Jerusalem and 70 years from Zionist Council) Jerusalem is fully under Israel.

2017 – (+50 years from return of Jerusalem, +70 from founding of Israel, +120 years from Zionist council) declaration by UN for separation of Israel. Thus ushering in judgement upon the nations.

The EU, and the UN is again making a grave error in a declaration that Israel’s reposessing of East Jerusalem be stopped.

The white horse has come with its arrows of diseases. Now the other horses are coming of internal divisions/economic collapse, followed by famine thus weakening of the powers of the nations with the pale horse. The horses represents events that God has allowed to occur for the power of the antichrist has come to consume Israel lest it be united. Antichrist is simply a theological framework of replacement where the world religious systems replaced Christ to take the centre of glory, revelation and the way and truth to the God of Israel.

The next horse is coming…. It is important for Christians to prepare for the next stage is going to be worst than Covid because overnight the stock market going to plunge and the housing bubble and debt crises will follow. This will result in grave internal conflicts around the world as 1929 repeats herself.

The Gate keepers of the charismatic Evangelicals in Singapore got it so wrong. They thought that God will judge Singapore and send the flood because of gays, but forgotten that blibical abomination is idol worship and not sexual orientation and the greatest abomination is the world making the temple Mount in Jerusalem, Babylon. The men at Sodom and Gommorah were not gays but had wives and children and were worshipping Baal, and in their faith were subjugating the surrounding nations through anal sex, and they wanted thus with the angel of the Lord visiting Lot. Why is the church deceived? Because gays are scapegoats to avoid the deep darkness of pagan worship and their gods which remain the major principalities today. The Freemason and the templars also worship the gods of Sodom and Gomorrah but no one calls them gay.

Blow the trumpet in Zion Zion, sound the alarm on my Holy mountain. They rush on the city, they run on the wall, great is the army that carries out His word. The Lord utters His voice, the Lord’s army, before His army.

Sound the trumpet from Mt Zion Jerusalem. A new kind of War is coming but the spiritual war will be at the gates of the city of the enemies of Zion who had laid waste to her. Through Zion, the powers and principalities of this world will suffer grave violence, before the great revival once the enemy is bound.

As the world is so interlinked and declared with one voice at the United nations that Jerusalem is to be divided, so will great calamity coming, in some nations more than others. Pray that this time might be shortened by God’s grace and mercy for the incredible pain and suffering is coming for a deep and dark winter.

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