Jesus will bear our pain and suffering as victims of injustice

In the extreme victimhood mentality of the Christian Left, Jesus death at the Cross is simply reduced as Jesus being a victim of terror and violence. But Jesus was no victim rather He chose to die so that He could be victorious over death, and in doing so brought us the power over death. Indeed, declaring Jesus is a victim of terror and violence completely misses how Jesus saw His own death:-

1. Jesus cried for it was His own Jewish people that rejected and killed Him, mostly people of faith. Hence, there would be later grave tribulation for killing the Son of God which happened in AD70 onwards with the death of 2 million Jews and diaspora to the nations.

3. Jesus Christ did not deserve to die because He was totally without sin and was totally righteous. He was a victim because He was totally undeserving of death and not just because He was a victim of terror and violence. Hence the two thieves beside Jesus was deserving of death and were not fully victims.

3. Jesus was not a victim because It was His decision to die for us, to drink the cup of suffering. It was mankind motivated by Satanic deception that put Jesus at the Cross. Satan thought that He could destroy the works of Jesus by putting Him to death and even worst using the Jewish people. Jesus became a victim, the victim for our sins, so that we can escape from becoming victims ourselves to Satan’s deception.

4. From the Cross, Jesus looked far into the horizon and saw the hundreds of millions of harvest field His death and resurrection would bring. If Jesus had not been a victim as claimed by the Christian liberal left, we would still be in our sin. Jesus was no victim, the Cross was a necessity because mankind was doomed to suffer eternal violence and terror in hell.

At the Cross, Jesus was not a victim of violence and terror, but indeed if we should call Him a victim, a victim for our sin. Jesus chose to go to the Cross, for He could have sent His legions of angels to destroy the Roman garrison in Jerusalem. To declare that Jesus was a victim of violence and terror is an indirect denial of the finished works of the Cross, God’s saving grace and a denial that mankind is in sin and deserving of death and eternal hell.

When we say that Jesus is a victim of violence and terror, we are negating our individual responsibility but put the blame of causing Jesus death to the Romans and the Jews. If Jesus was indeed a victim, each one of us is equally responsible.

Jesus would be most saddened that after going to bible college, on Jesus death, some Christians would put it down to simply a victim of violence and terror, totalling diminishing His finished work at the Cross. This is the deception of Satan who did not forsee that Jesus’ death would take from Satan, the keys to hell and release the captives.

Jesus was no victim, but He was the sacrificial lamb. To attribute Jesus death as simply a victim of terror and violence is a subtle denial of Jesus perfect sacrifice as gentle lamb. It is His blood that washes us clean. There was no other way.

Jesus chose the Cross because there was no other way for mankind to comeback to God the Father. Jesus heart and eyes was on the multitudes. The pain that He felt of their sufferings that could only be alleviated through God’s grace which the narrow road of salvation would provide.

The self centered and sin denial focus of victimhood so pervasive in mainline Christianity has and will destroy Christianity because it will become no different than any NGO or civil organization promoting good without the centrality of Christ as the Saving Grace and resurrection power. Its self centeredness will consume us instead of acknowledging that it is us who are the sinner who put Jesus to death, and only in Christ that we are redeemed and cleanse by the blood of the lamb receiving our righteousness. The mentality of victimhood of the Christian Left will cause so much harm, terror and violence as we now see in BLM and Antifa bringing anti Christian socialist terror.

We are killing Jesus over and over again in our hateful revenge rather than letting Jesus be our sin offering and redeemed what we have lost 4 fold. We cannot find our own sanity and peace with revenge and a deep victimhood self righteousness. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Indeed the Christian Left mentality of extreme victimhood will not bring peace rather it will drag nations into civil wars and socialist liberation theology which itself is an endless cycle of hate, self righteousness, terror and violence. The left movements of BLM, and Antifa are anti Christ socialist movements powered by revenge and hate which will eat itself up and destroy nations.

Yes, we are legitimate victims eg the gay community who has been robbed naked by the Christian Church, but Jesus was naked at the Cross. In Christ we are clothed in a new perfect Righteousness when we chose to forgive on the basis that Christ has forgiven us of our own sin. We are no longer become victims because all our pain and suffering is put on Jesus Christ at the Cross of Calvary. Jesus Christ more than fully paid for all the terror, violence and injustice, we have suffered. Jesus Christ is the only one who can bear all our loss, our pain and sorrows, and be our recompense for all that we have lost. He did it all at the Cross of Calvary, and resurrection power.

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