11:11 judgement starts with the church

The world is at the 11th hour at 11th division ie 11hr and 55 minutes before the Coming back of Jesus Christ the Messiah. But the last 5 mins will be the longest of time for grace to be abounds multiplied by the fullness of time ie 10 x 5 = 50 years.

Judgement is starting with the Christian Church just as they have the horrendous attempt to convert gays to straight, conversion therapy is coming to the church. Just as the church has put gays in the closet, the church will be trapped into the closet four fold. The church doors will be locked spiritually and non can go in or out.

Christians have always imagined that they will be persecuted by the anti-Christ but forgotten that they are not Jewish and the universal church herself has been in spiritual abomination with the spirit of darkness since the 4th century. The roots of the modern church is not the church of Jesus Christ as the Rock but that which is founded on a sinful human institution with a desperate claim of being descended from St Peter, 250 years after Peter died. Two thousand years of the church is coming to an end for the spirit of division and cleansing is coming just as they had wanted to divide Jerusalem. The universal church is nothing more than ancient Rome. The Reformation did come, followed by 500 years of Jesuit Counter Reformation.

The time of persecution and tribulation was meant for the Jewish people is over with the end of world War II, and with foundation of Israel in 1948, app 50 years from the bud being formed at the Zionist Council in 1897. Once formed, the 11th hour started in 1897 and Satan had tried to destroy the Jews in the next 50 years because once the nation of Israel is formed, the return in certain.

Surprisingly, the fates of gays and Jews are interlinked. That is why Satan tried to destroy both Jews and Gays in Nazi Germany, because they are both End Time players.

In this End Times, God is planning for the freedom of those who are outcast and living on the hedges. That is why the Holy Spirit of God is moving through the nations lifting bans against gays despite protests by the Christian Church and people of faith. Gays will “destroy” the church because of natural justice of putting people in closet will result in judgement.

It is like stopping water flowing down from the top of the mountains. As gays are coming out naturally when young, the weight of this coming out is like a large melting ice cap which the water will flow down increasingly. The more weight, the more justice is demanded and recompense. It is not a cultural war, it is a call for recompense against a guilty church.

When I was attending the mega churches, some churches like City Harvest thought that they would go through persecution and tribulation. Whilst, others such as New Creation believes that we would have been raptured. Both are right because the church would not go through direct tribulation as seen in the holocaust but the church would be the first to be judged, and then the nations would be judged with great divisions and financial collapse because they have touched Israel, the apple of God’s eye.

The US is a nation extremely blessed and priveleged, the only nation currently in the world with an unlimited credit card, ie being the reserved currency in the world, they can print money and chalked up 30 trillion in debt, bonds and stocks. US is blessed because it supported Israel including its creation in 1948.

God doesn’t judge the nation for just any sin, even pagan worship of the church hierachal. His judgement in Joel 3:2 relates solely on how each nation has treated its chosen people, the Jews of Israel. It is not gay marriage neither is it failure to love God or our neighbour. The more frightening consuming fire is reserved for nations that touches Israel.

Seventy years on from 1948, we reach the time of judgement, just as judgement came for the Jews in AD70 or 70 years after the birth of Jesus. Obama is a liberal Christians who is anti Israel whilst the Christian Right is so busy attacking gays that they didn’t realised their own nation, UN, EU, and the nations surrounding Israel are subject to judgement.

How could US, so blessed a nation forgets the reason it is blessed, Israel. Consider how times have changed:-

1. May 2011, Obama declared that the borders of Israel should be pre 1967

2. UN resolution 2334 in Dec 2016 which seeks to divide Jerusalem. US under Obama refused to veto.

3. French middle east peace conference, 15 Jan 201, 70 nations called for Israel to be divided and settlements abolish.

God’s ways are always full of grace and mercy and even when judgement is announced, there is a period of grace. This period is over for such great darkness is coming of conflicts within nations tharlt would bring to collapse most middle east countries, Europe and the US.

The church will be judged first, and we will see the collapse of special rights and priveleges for the church, and at the same time, deep division and financial distress will rain upon the nations.

The judgement on the church is not persecution but a deep cleansing in preparation for the end time revival. A significant portion of the church is compromised and joined with the evil one and no longer standing on the Rock alone which is Christ.

In fact, the wheel of life at the womb of the eternal church, is joined daily with the phallus of the Sun God in a sexual act at the city on the seven hills. This is the unholy abomination and sex with demonic forces that the church is trying to hide whilst blaming gays.

The faith hierachal has its power from the evil one. They have to re enact the cruxifixion every communion because spilling of blood is a occultic act to bring power.

God will use the weakest in the community ie gays who will “destroy” the church because the churches will loose much because the sin committed against gays, and the churches seen as self righteous hypocrites. Many will condemn the churches and all special rights and charity status removed.

Judgement is coming and will start at the Christian Church, for God will cleanse all the pagan idols from the church, and the intertwined of demonic forces so predominates the church and hidden in occultic symbols. The church will be judged first because Jesus is coming back for a church that is holy and pure.

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