A Church needing discernment & knowledge

Matt 4:1 Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. 2 And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterward He was hungry. 3 Now when the tempter came to Him, he said, “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.”

In a recent debate on the End Times with Charismatic Evangelicals where they claimed China and Russia as the greatest threat to Israel, the believers could not reply to my assertions that many have the mark of the beast, for if we look closely at the US Dollar note, there is the Pyramid with the all seeing eye reflecting the Sun God, Ra and Baal. Satan is known as the Great deceiver until we fight against what we termed as Culture and the Gay community instead of the spiritual principalities. The charismatic Evangelicals ignorant view that the US was founded by Puritans fleeing from religious persecutions hides the truth that the Founding Fathers were occult demonic worshipers of the New World Order hence the occultic artifacts in the dollar note. But through God’s grace, revival came at the Great Awakening in the 18th century and later at Azusa St.

Satan offers the powers of this world including the church, power, wealth, glory. Paul’s daily battles in Rome were not against gays but against the Cybele cults, the liberal Gnostics, and the Jewish Legalists. Deception from the gates of Hades is deep, ancient, and occultic power, not gay queens. The real Queen was in Rome.

The church universal is having sex with the demonic principalities whilst we blame gays for having sex with other men! This abomination is happening daily in public at a location in the heart of the ancient church where the wheel of life or womb is penetrated by the phallus or the obelisk of the Sun God. The heart of the church lies the greatest abomination just like the time when the enemies of ancient Israel put pagan gods into the holy of holies.

It is a demonic conspiracy to put what is seen as a much greater threat ie the gay community to the bible and to Christianity. But the greatest threat is what is unseen or carefully hidden (as in the dollar note/occultic symbologies/monumets/pagan layouts) , the spiritual principalities, and our own self righteousness, and the churches own spiritual adultery. The Christian gateways see white when they see the mirror, but for 1500 years darkness has been seeping into the church until the church universal and church cults even worship other spiritual gods albeit disguised as  saints or the angel Moroni. We have blasphemed God yet blame gays for this abomination.

The notion that the truth will set us free is only the true if based on Jesus Christ death and resurrection setting us free, for we cannot partake of of the tree of good and evil, for evil will consume us. More than 30 years ago, a youth pastor friend was seeking answers to the curses used by some churches. And he found the answer in ancient Jewish texts in the library that describes the heavenly hierarchy.  He was chased then by the demons he uttered. That is why the bible reveal to us what is necessary to protect us.

When we read the bible, the OT and NT, it was not written to us in the 21st century with all the background details and specifics, but a sanitized record of events knowing that what they have written can and will be used against them. Hence, what was not specifically written in the bible but of common ancient knowledge and experience is vitally important. eg instead of calling out the pagan cult of Cybele and Baal, where the men had anal sex between men, the bible just left the names of the pagan gods/angelic hierachies out because Christians would be persecuted if their names were mentioned. When Paul talked about foolish talking in 1 Tim 5:13, he was referring to the Gnostics who were closely associated with Cybele.

The OT Jews were hounded by the surrounding hostile nations physically, and spiritually by the gods Ra, Ashteroth and Baal. The forces of darkness was in the streets and in the land. By the time of Jesus, the worship of Cybele by the Romans was an open practise and it was not gay men having sex in the streets. The forces of darkness was at the entrance of the temple because there was no Holy Spirit, no Ark of the Covenant by the time of the 2nd temple for over 400 years by the time of Jesus. It is the Holy Spirit in Us, that is greater than the Spirit of the World if we indeed believe by faith in Jesus Christ.

The NT Christians were likewise hounded by the law based Jews, the Roman rulers, the forces of darkness represented by Cybele, Ra, Baal, and Ashteroth. Most of the details and specifics of the Roman Ceasers and the spiritual demonic principalities and the practices of the cults against the early Church were left out of Paul’s writings because it would implicate those holding the bible manuscripts if caught. Eg the cult of cybele predominant in Rome would have killed off the early Church. The bible text was all written by a church in underground and deliberately focused on the Gospel Good News.

In the actual context of the bible reflecting a persecuted church by the hierarchal earthly and spiritual powers, yet unable to detailed specifically their enemies but hide the message and meaning is the main reason for the error of interpretation by evangelical Christians to interpret the Bible just looking at the text, rather than looking at what was taken out to avoid a death sentence. 

The person reading the bible in the 1st century in the original language and historical/religious/power context would have understood what was unwritten. The bible was written in fear, and those who hold the manuscripts also feared for their lives. Hence, much of it is coded as not to reveal the names  directly. They had a reason to fear, for by the 5th century, the gates of Hades, the Sun God, the mark of the beast had taken over the church hierarchal. Cybele became Virgin Mary. The Protestant Reformation came a thousand years later in 1517, followed by 500 years of counter Reformation of the Jesuits.

Therefore, we have in 21st century, a church hierarchal that is in adultery with the beast, whose power/glory/wealth is obtained from the other side rather than the Rock. The foundation of the church is unrighteous mammon. Gays are the scapegoat to be blamed for the unrighteousness and unholy Union of the church hierachal. And yet, the evangelical charismatic church just want to come against gays. When the church is distracted, she could not stand up to the real darkness.

In the Pink Dot in Singapore, the charismatic evangelical church in their arrogance and self righteousness wore white, when hypocritically they linked in history to the church hierarchal where black is white. Gays are just a red herring so that the church does not battle the beast and the forces of darkness at the door of the church. When we look at our self righteousness, we look away from the Rock. In US for example, there is no abhorrence by the evangelicals of Morons worshiping their pagan god, and is a false church because all the sin is put on the head of gays.

The victory over Satan is won at the Cross as long as we behold the Cross and not look at the apparent sin of others we deemed much greater then us. When the Gatekeepers in Singapore wore white against gays, they are setting themselves for their own fall. We have fallen from grace, when we do not realised our own grave sins and the abundant of God’s grace in our lives. May we like Paul, realised that we might be the chief of sinners.

The evangelical charismatic church in Singapore recently celebrated 500 years of Reformation. What is hidden, just like what is hidden and unsaid in the bible is 500 years of counter Reformation. The Gates of Hades is very near. The Anglican Church in England and the Episcopal Church in the US, the centre of counter Reformation efforts against the Protestant church is nearly collapsed with only 5% attending the Anglican Church in UK. The church of the Reformation has lost. And all the church in Singapore cares about is Gays.

Satan’s attack on the church in Singapore is so profound with the spirit of deception because the Church is at the centre of the Anglican South. The church of the Reformation in Europe and Britain is near the End. The Church must return to the Word of God with Christ as the foundation stone to survive and for revival to come lest it be deceived by Satan to fight an unwinnable war against gays where the church will be known for her hypocrisy and hate instead of reflecting God’s grace, mercy and love.

The early Church knew the end is near, death at any time due to persecution and spiritual principalities/pagan cults, but the Charismatic Evangelicals of the 21st century church does not know what is white or black nor the grave danger of failing their calling to be Antioch to Asia, because the darkness and deception is so much deeper and ancient than the church had understood nor the light of the church could overcome it. So much is hidden as to deceive the church to deny the church of their calling to Asia. Darkness is arising, and the churches crusade against gays will bind the church to judgement. It is time for the evangelical charismatic churches to wake up and not be deceived, for the enemy is in the courtyard when we wear white not realising that judgement against the church is coming.

In 1 Tim 1:12, Paul at first glance appears to be worried about women having authority over men. But the word for authority here is authentein which is linked to the Cybele worship of the goddess where men were emasculated. The woman here refers indirectly to worship of Cybele. How much has Sol and the Marian worship  authentein the church?

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