The coming

2 thess 2:3 let no one deceive you by any means, for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing that he is God.

Just as Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died and rose again in Jerusalem, the counterfeit, the lawless one, quickly built a temple in the place of the holy of Holies. It was the temple of the god Jupiter (son of God Saturn ie Satan who is depicted as pan, the half goat with horns) built by Hadrian after the fall of Jerusalem. Hadrian forced the Jews to worship him and expelled them from Jerusalem.

When Paul wrote Thessalonians, it was perhaps around AD50. The falling away came in AD70 with the destruction of Jerusalem, and the temple of Jupiter was built 65 years later in AD135. The worship of the Emperor continued on, and the sun god was the grantor of power, hence the halo and crowns to the Saints once Constantine adopted Christianity as the state religion, with Sunday as the worship of the Sun God, and 25th December, the birthday.

In other words, Jesus Christ was subtly replaced, and put back on the Cross to be punished and  crucified over and over again every Sunday. Behind it is the worship of the Sun God Ra and Ashteroth, and Saturn, the six pointed star representing Satan or the Hexagon.

Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians predicted accurately that the Emperor who is the lawless one filled with the spirit of Satan sat on God’s throne in the holies of holies in Jerusalem, and later the Roman Emperors with their worship of the Sun God. The God Jupiter is the Son of the ultimate God, Saturn who is a personification of Satan. The world calls it the tree of life or the wheel of life (which is actually at the centre of the church hierachal) but it is actually the Hexagon of Saturn bringing us back to the Garden of Eden, the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The evangelical charismatic churches have been claiming that the day of the Lord, the coming back of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, will only occur after the lawless one has come. They see it as the future, whereas the truth is that the lawless ones have come and have been sitting on the throne to be worshiped as God and later in Rome as the Co redeemer. The falling away of the Christian church has occurred 1700 years ago. The lawless one is not one person but many who sat on the throne and worshiped as God with the power of the Sun God with the gates of Hades at the centre of the church.

Sunday after Sunday, we see the charismatic Evangelicals preaching that the strong man has been defeated at the Cross because the captives are free, but the irony is that the demonic principalities has a great hold on the church hierachal, and there has been Reformation and counter Reformations. And Christ is being poured out in the church hierachal where the bread and the wine becomes the actual body of Christ, ie Jesus is being crucified over and over again in occultic symbologies.

Therefore, we have such a self righteous charismatic evangelical Church that they do not see that they wear black not white, for the ancient hierachal church has fallen a long time ago. They still think that the lawless one will be coming and they be raptured well before, rather than the church has fallen being part the institutionalised faith hierachy with many  anti christ throughout the history replacing Christ as God. For the last 2,000, Jesus Christ has been replaced in many churches as the direct access to God the Father without intermediaries until God becomes a God of many names.

The strong man, the anti Christ is defeated in the sense that those who proclaim Christ as the Lord and Saviour are no longer slaves to the strong man. The power and authority is found standing on Jesus Christ, on the power of resurrection and the blood of lamb making us righteous and a child of God.

2 thess 2:8 and then the lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.

For Paul, once the anti christ appears. Surely Jesus Christ will come back and take His rightful place to finally defeat the enemy. But the timing is based on the days of the Gentiles being fulfilled. When the bible was written, nobody knows the exact time because nobody knew the exact trigger point. And the days of the gentile came to an end with the First Zionist Congress in 1897 ushering in the greatest Holy Spirit revival and Satan’s desperate attempt to kill all the Jews in Nazi Europe in the Holocaust.

There have been many anti Christ in history, not only because they claimed themselves to be God and to be worshiped and had replaced Jesus Christ as the point of grace and salvation, but they sat in the centre of the temple of God, the stairways to the heavens.

There was two falling away as predicted by Paul. The first was the falling away of the Jewish nation in AD 70 to AD135 when the 2nd temple was destroyed, and Emperor Hadrian, a type of the anti Christ built the temple of Jupiter in the holy of Holies and sat on the throne at the centre of the temple as God to be worshipped by the Jews. The second falling away was the rise of the Emperor Constantine, who made Rome and the Sun God, the centre of power and worship merging Christianity into it in AD 324 at the Edict of Milan and later formalising the takeover of Christianity by Rome in the Council of Nicaea in AD 325.

It was not gays who had caused the fall of the Roman empire as often claimed by the charismatic Evangelicals. It was a immoral nation steeped in occultic practices and worshiped the enemy, destroying the 2nd temple in AD70, at first persecuting Christians but by the 4th century, consumed the churches as part of the Roman institution. The fight has always been the five solas, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Solus Christos, Soli Deo Gloria, Sola Scriptura, in totality. Just as Rome destroyed Jerusalem, they too fell by the hands of the barbarians. It was not gays.

The physical and spiritual battle for the last 120 years since the First Zionist Congress in 1897 is one of the return of Israel to Jerusalem, and the Holy Spirit revival. The charismatic Evangelicals has blamed gays because the real anti Christ(s) are within the church hierachal and major faiths who now revealed by the very fact that they opposed the return of the Jews to Jerusalem because when Christ comes back, on the day of the Lord, judgement will come upon Rome, and Washington, and the centre of political and faith powers around the world.

So we have the mega churches in Singapore declaring every Sunday that the strong man is defeated, and that immorality is personified by gays. And when the anti Christ comes, true Christians, will all be raptured before the tribulation against the anti Christ and people of faith. The real truth is that one cannot separate the wheat and the weed (mat 13:27 to 30). Even the day of Lord, Sunday, is in actually in honor of the Sun God with all the saints having a halo in their head and their pagan symbols filling the church hierachal. So when the Christian Gate keepers wear white, they may be gray or even black. Gays are just the scapegoat.

It is with great irony that a former senior pastor, Derek Hong, of the church of our Saviour once said that Satan will used Gays to destroy the church. Historically, the only openly gay Emperor was Hadrian and it was him who built on the Temple of Jupiter, expelled the Jews from Jerusalem, and then changed the name Judea to Syria Palaestina after the Bar Kokbha revolt by the Jews due to Hadrian putting his own statue at the most holy of Holies and demanding to be worshiped as God. Therefore, the church is in for a time of tribulation and judgement, and gays will be the trigger for the harm caused by the church. Just as the church put gays in the closet and threw away the key, this will happen to the church.

Gays are always the scapegoat of the church as immoral because the evangelical Church dare not look within for many great evangelical pastors have paid homage to the church hierachal just as Satan offered Christ, power, glory and honour. In the end, lawlessness of the Evangelical church will be revealed and judgement will start within the church.

Jesus Christ is coming back. In the last days, there will be a very long period of judgement and tribulation against the nations and the church hierachal for what they have done to the Jewish people. The weeds will be separated out from the wheat in God’s judgement and tribulation against the nations. The centre of the church is not wear white but full of weeds which slowly entangled the church for the last 2,000 years.

As Christ is, so are we. It is time for a Holy Spirit end time revival before great tribulation and judgement reigns across nations and people of faith so that they will let the Jewish people go back and return to Jerusalem to rebuild the 3rd temple of God before the return of Jesus Christ.

For I am building, a people of power and I am building a people of praise. That will move through this land by My Spirit, and will glorify My precious name.

Jesus we enthrone you, we proclaim you are King, standing here in the midst of us, we raise you up with our praise. And as we worship full your throne and as we worship fill your Christ, and as we worship fill your throne, come Lord Jesus take your place.

Come Lord Jesus. Come.

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